The Enemy of Your Enemy

The vicious attack by the Palestinians in Gaza is certainly understandable given the apartheid, ethnic cleansing, and essentially establishing Gaza as an open-air prison where supplies allowed in are strictly limited to ensure an essentially starvation-level diet for Gazans. The Western media is replete with images of Jewish suffering and civilians who have been raped, murdered, or taken hostage, but we are well aware that that same media routinely ignores atrocities against Palestinian civilians, as the above-linked article notes—atrocities that have been going on for decades.

It’s always psychologically difficult to be a dissenter from the moral panic that is now gripping all the high ground of Western culture. It’s a moral panic similar to the outpouring of concern for Ukraine even though a Western victory would be the establishment of all the poisonous trends of the West, from mass immigration from the rest of the world to gender insanity.

Most of us want to be seen as the good guys. And we are. I’m fairly used to being condemned as a moral reprobate by now, since writing critical pieces about Jews will definitely bring down a deluge of hatred. But it’s never easy. We’re advocates for our people at a time of unprecedented hatred against Whites throughout the West—hatred that in my opinion can be traced to the rise of a new, substantially Jewish elite in the media, the academic world, and (via donations) politics. Jews are a powerful component of our elite, and in general they are suffused with historical grudges against the West, from the destruction of the Temple by the Romans, to medieval expulsions, to nineteenth-century pogroms in Eastern Europe, to the 1924 immigration law, to the holocaust. It is a group that is utterly incapable of attributing any hostility toward Jews as understandable responses by non-Jews to Jewish behavior.

The current Israeli-Gaza war is yet another example. As always, Jews are innocent victims, end of story. And the result is we are inundated with context-free accounts of Jewish suffering. Such accounts are the entire focus of the vast majority of the Western media. And of course politicians fall in line, knowing full well that departing from this media-manufactured moral consensus would be the end of their careers.

But what I want to emphasize here is that this does not mean that I am a cheerleader for Palestinians. The Palestinians are a typical Middle-Eastern people and all that that entails in terms of non-Western social forms—the clans, the collectivism, and Islam with its long history of hatred against Europe. I recall going to a Palestinian protest at the University of California-Irvine and coming to the conclusion that these people are not our friends.

Let’s frame it at its most hopeful: If the Israel Lobby loses its control of the political process in the US, it would mean that Jewish power in general loses. And that would have major implications for a wide range of issues, from immigration to the legitimacy of assertions of White identity.

One thing that struck me was that almost all the ~150  students who came to [Alison Weir’s] talk were Arabs. The women wore scarves, and almost everyone wore a black anti-Israel tee shirt, so the meeting had the air of a uniformed, homogeneous, almost military group, with a couple of White outliers like me. Her talk was sponsored by the Muslim Students Association. It was preceded and followed by the reading of a passage from the Koran in Arabic, followed by an English translation. The event was held in the campus Cross-Cultural Center which has offices for all the ethnic activist student organizations. Immediately following her talk, the MECHA activists set up their meeting … . (MECHA and all the other student ethnic lobbies and leftist groups are co-sponsors of Israel Apartheid Week [IAW]. [BLM in Chicago is now supporting Hamas.] …

So even though I was cheered by the thought that more people are becoming aware of what’s going on in Israel, it was depressing to think that the anti-Apartheid doings are basically just another ethnic lobby. These students identify with the left, and I rather doubt they would be sympathetic to my view that they really shouldn’t have been allowed into the US in the first place. And they would be rather hostile to the idea that Whites have interests too.

I felt like a foreigner viewing someone else’s show. Outside the lecture hall, I felt like a foreigner even more. Despite the fact that UC-I is in the heart of Orange County (formerly considered a bastion of White Republicanism), spotting a White student was almost a rarity.  Whites officially make up around 23% of the students at UC-I, well below their proportion in the state. UC-I is often called the University of Chinese Immigrants, but Chinese were not particularly noticeable. It was all manner of non-Whites, from every part of the world.

Just walking around campus the percentage of Whites seemed to be far less than what the university says. The official statistics are based on freshman enrollment, and I suspect that a lot of White freshmen decide UC-I is not the place for them and transfer to some other university.

It was actually rare to see a White student. When I got into the student union, there were two or three Whites in a total of about a hundred. Four White guys later came in and sat together–probably at least implicitly realizing that their association was based on their race. But it was eerie how Whites stood out because of their minority status–almost like being in Hong Kong or Karachi and noticing a few stray Americans.

Like the Palestinians, I had the feeling of being displaced. Only I very much doubt that the Arab students who were involved in the Israel Apartheid Week would sympathize with my feelings.

The increasing presence of such people in Western societies is a disaster. And one could be forgiven for thinking that Israel would be happy to export Palestinians to Western countries, as has been proposed for African refugees in Israel. Problem solved.

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    B. ROCKFORD says:

    Two alien “races” in violent collision. Whatever else, Europe & America must prevent a Holocaust – a NUCLEAR holocaust.

  2. F. Rogers
    F. Rogers says:

    I am sick and tired of the unrelenting news about Israel and Hamas fighting each other.

    I mean, 24/7 on all the corporate media: TV, radio, etc.

    I can understand some news about it but constant news?

    We all know who is pushing this.

    How about some American news for a change?

  3. Weaver
    Weaver says:

    Immigrants to the West sometimes joke that immigrants tend to be leftist and tolerant except when discussing their own interests. Then, they’re “fascists.”

    I notice anti-Israelis tend to believe Europe oppressed Jews. They don’t question Jewish history except when it concerns their own interests.

  4. GirlinTexas
    GirlinTexas says:

    Mr. MacDonald, I commend your efforts, and your writings/books, and TOO, have been pivotal in my understanding of what’s been happening in western nations over the last few centuries, and longer, I guess. I agree with you on the Muslims/Arabs; they are destroying Europe, as well, and they are no friends to Europeans – just listen to what the Imams say about out-breeding western peoples. And, the slogan, Islam is the broom of Israel, just may be true; Israeli NGO’s are indeed assisting the Mediterranean invasion. I may be a bit of a simpleton, but I wonder, Why would they want to rule over a world full of difficult, hostile, rather inept people? Who’s going to fly their planes? Design/engineer high-functioning, modern societies? But, when I consider the revenge/prophetic aspect of the plan, it makes more sense. Retribution and religious prophecy does seem to explain irrational, destructive behaviors.

      • Canadianer
        Canadianer says:

        What relation is there between your response and the original question? Girlintexas asked why Jews would choose to engineer a world where they rule over hostile simpletons and your response is that whites are interested in cars and there homes… what relevance does your answer have to the original question?

        • Captainchaos
          Captainchaos says:

          What relevance to an actual solution does an endless diagnosis of the problem have? Past a certain point, not even dick squat.

          Nothing changes in the West until the American ZOG is dismantled. The most likely way for that to happen that could garner mass support is Red State secession. Yet this is seldom talked about in the WN blogosphere and when it is such is usually met with nothing but the crickets chirping. This just goes to show that in WN we don’t have leaders, we have (could they be called even semi-serious?) bloggers.

          • Canadianer
            Canadianer says:

            What evidence is there that whites control the GOP and use it as a vehicle for their own ethnic interests. Wasn’t Trump a guy whose entire family married into Jewish families, was surrounded by Jewish business partners, talks endlessly about his love for Jews, and took money from Jewish oligarch donors?

            White Americans forget that if they want to control a party like the GOP — they have to give the donations, surround the politician as advisors, strategists, etc, and exert control over the politicians and their decisions.

            I see no evidence that that is happening.

          • GirlinTexas
            GirlinTexas says:

            I understand your point, but I must say, it was a “keyboard-warrior” who led me to TOO, and Amren, and a few other sources, non-mainstream, that opened my eyes. White Americans/Europeans are in a tough spot. Trump, who at least praised America, which should be the least (as in a minimum qualification) of a president’s positive attributes, does have a family infiltrated/infested with Jews, as do the Bidens and Clintons. I doubt this is just coincidence. Anyway, I comment in hopes of possibly saying something that triggers or resonates with someone who’s trying to figure out what to do. I suppose change happens slowly, then all at once, after all. I no longer contribute to or advocate for ANYTHING/ANY CHARITY that does not assist White people directly. Donate a few bucks to a local, white kid trying to get to college, etc. There are ways to get around bankers/corporations – use cash, buy local, etc. Be ready, get your kids ready for when the possibility of real change arrives.

          • Captainchaos
            Captainchaos says:

            Fuck the Republican Party and fuck Trump. The flag of Red State secession is intended to be planted on top of the ashes of both.

            Trump initially enacted a hostile takeover of the GOP with his populist message sans Jewish monetary support. People voted for Trump because of populism’s appeal, not because they were paid to do so. Money only goes so far.

            After 2024 Trump will be financially ruined and in jail. Biden will be re-elected. MAGA and the Republican Party will be in a death spiral. What will replace them? Red State secession.

        • Weaver
          Weaver says:

          The ones bribed by beautiful homes and cars can be capable but controlled by those beautiful homes and cars.

    • Lady Strange
      Lady Strange says:

      Indeed, Jews not only have a religious mentality but also a cargo cult one : they truly believe that all the achievements of the white race have magically materialized. (They’d be personally humiliated, given their own track record, to admit otherwise).

  5. James Clayton
    James Clayton says:

    I think your analysis is balanced but perhaps that’s because I have more enemies than friends– equal opportunity haters who hate everyone starting with themselves. My primary care physician due to the state of the medical system is a Palestinian refugee who has family and friends back home but she styles herself Christian within what divested itself from the Adventist wannabe Jew Health System nominally but “It’s alive” doing the one trick they’ve learned by observation and that’s driven down salaries and benefits to better than elsewhere. And that is what’s driving professional multiculturalism in Seventh-day Adventist communities like Loma Linda. But I beat this dead pony:
    RED ICE video of Jewish Family Service facilitating the migrant invasion as Refugee Resettlement:
    Seventh-day Adventist “ADRA” doe exactly the same thing:
    And they’ve been caught corrupting the medical establishment:

  6. Birhan Dargey
    Birhan Dargey says:

    the MSM USA/Global coverage of the Israeli/Gaza war is just disgusting. The main talking points keep repeating the Jewish mantra of the their eternal victimhood, the Holocaust and their religious Biblical mythical claims to those lands which ultimnately can NOT be proven and which were over ridden by History more than 4Kyrs ago. The pro Jewish rep almost weeping like demands that before any debate starts..all other reps must acknowledge the “civilians” victims of Hamas, and secondly condemn Hamas as as a terrorists group. Conveinetly blocking any debate about the antiHistorical basis for Zionism/Israel, and more than 75yrs of violations of International rules, the inhuman genocide of the Palestinian people, 24hrs without water/power/commerce/..the accelerated ilegal expansion of the Jewish settlments, bands of jews hunting palestinians in their own homes, mosuqes, poisoning their farms, etc. Hamas was ELECTED by the Gazan people, their members are not paid professional soldiers, moste of them are the sons/realtives that had their family killed, murder by Jews. is Hamas a terrorists organization? do you mean like Irgun? Stern?. Under Bibi natanyhu Israel grew drunk with power in its delussional thesis that Israel could expand into Lebanon/Jordan/Syria/Egypt and proclaim the Greater Israel project, they even RE/wrote passages in the Bible to fool the Christian Zionists in America. The current sutuatiion proves that Natanyahu is a disaster for Israel and the MEast. There will be NO peace without a viable prosperous Palestinian State. Ironically the other Arab Nations have a golden historical opportunity to put pressure Israel to make peace, by cutting all relations with the jewish state.PD I disagree with your (Dr.McDonald) perception the ARAB students/people in the USA .They are becoming more pro/America more (white) more assimilated to USA/American (white) Culture,unlike other minorities . Once the USA becomes the rational/fair/equilibrium point in the conflict Palestine (arabs/muskims) vrs Israel…and nurtures pro west upper Middle Class well educated new americanized generations, (that for now only see the USA supporting tyrants and ultra extreme Zionists) then the young arab/muslims/Christians will usher a new pro/west paradigm in their own countries. Once the Romans expelled the jews from Palestine the MEast enjoyed more than 3Kyrs of peace…even under Ottoman Rule jews/christian/Muslims LIVED together in peace..BUT everyhing change for the worse since 1948 and the anti/Historical fabrication of the state of Israel…its has been 75yrs of death, wars, destruction..NO one stops to point out that jews live rich free lives in peace all over the Middle East.Jews have been living peacefully in Palestine/Syria/Iran/Egypt/Qatar/Morocco/Argelia/Lybia/etc. since ancient (preChristian) times…without a jewish state.

  7. Tom Smith
    Tom Smith says:

    All good points that I agree with.

    Nevertheless, I still cannot help but watch the pro-Palestine protests and feel admiration. These Arabs are based. While cowardly Whites retreat after being called “racist” or “anti-Semite,” these people celebrate it. The truth is that many Arabs have nothing to lose and lack self-actualization. But it is still nice to see a group not bow to Jewish institutional pressure.

    Although it may be premature, I do think a potential alliance could form between us similar to Jews and Blacks. Like the latter, an Arab-alt-White alliance would be fluid and precarious. However, both groups see eye-eye on certain geopolitical issues.

  8. Lady Strange
    Lady Strange says:

    Thank you for this excellent article and clarification.

    Indeed, the sole consideration of the jewish victims (nothing about the Palestinians under the rubbles and burnt with phosphorus ( like the Germans in Dresden) is unbearable.

    And as you reminded us in your previous article, there’s almost a sense of jubilation at once again becoming the world’s victim focus.
    There is also the opportunity to revitalize a fanatical Jewish identity, especially after Israel’s recent divisions over Netanyahu.
    … Making you wonder whether the whole thing hasn’t been orchestrated with this in mind.
    At least that’s my personal opinion. Unz doesn’t think so on his site, but as everyone is now witnessing, Muslims are so stupid that it’s extremely easy to manipulate them.

    But it’s also infuriating to see, in our circles, this support for the palestinian ” fighters ” and their repugnant practices (atrocities of all kinds no better than the bloody antics of (( Isis)) . Palestinians and muslims in general hate whites as much as they hate Jews and have a too low a qi to tell the difference.

    Being in Europe and particularly in France with a long history of fighting against Arabs and Muslims, after the episode of the Algerian war (atrocities a thousand times worse committed against whites than those currently endured by Israelis) and with the current situation of massive immigration,
    We know better than the Americans how much these populations are contrary to our civilization and surely among the most stupid, harmful, jealous and hateful of every parasites dumped on our soil, with the black africans ( they are heavily negrified anyway thanks to centuries of slavery practice )

    Although, sadly, America is also becoming a breeding ground for these Muslim hordes, and we all know who’s to blame.

    En conclusion, As the writer Hervé ryssen said before being thrown into prison :
    ”  ni kippah, ni keffieh!!! “

  9. Ritchard
    Ritchard says:

    Great assessment of what is happening.
    I can’t help but wonder if so the called attack was a let it happen false flag to beat the war drums for for the destruction of Iran and the final slaughter of the Pals with the clueless Amerimutts cheering the Jews on.

  10. Jimmy Joe
    Jimmy Joe says:

    Revenge is a primal human need that seeks to bring justice to a suffered injustice. I absolutely support this in the case of a clearly and undoubtedly proven crime (see for example case Marianne Bachmeier). I reject revenge as a “view of life”, as with the Jews, because it leads to endless counter-aggression. These people are not able to let go of (or even question) their delusion, which lies deep in their collective psyche.

    To draw a direct comparison with the Bachmeier case: What Israel is doing is not shooting the murderer, but his children. And this has been happening continuously for 75 years. And then these people “wonder” (in all seriousness!) that the likewise Semitic Arabs pay back in the same coin. This is based on both systematic irrationality and structural malice, which can only be explained by their Talmudism, unless they also have a collective genetic predisposition to psychopathy.

    At first glance, everyone is now taking sides with the oh-so “democratic” Jews. They resemble us much more than the barbaric Muslims. The problem with the Jews is that their destructive power unfolds much more sublimely than the direct aggression of the Muslims. Jews sneak into our societal institutions and arrange devastating switches that derail all our trains one after the other.

    Before this is even perceived as a trigger by the systems they have damaged, the perpetrators have long since left the scene and rearranged the scenery in such a way that it is difficult to trace them back. They go one step further and internalize the wrong thinking in the minds of their victims, who then believe that it was they themselves who ruined everything.

      • Jimmy Joe
        Jimmy Joe says:

        A leading Zionist once threatened: “Before Israel is destroyed, it will take the whole world with it to ruin!” If we assume that the Muslims would overrun this criminal base by virtue of numerical superiority alone, the problem would continue, because just as many of the world’s corrupters “work” outside their base, especially in America.

  11. Jimmy Joe
    Jimmy Joe says:

    Jews are the only paranoid people (are these people even an organic, healthy people in the true sense of the word?). They are never perpetrators, always only victims of alleged injustice. They consider themselves as “God’s image”. So it can only be the fault of everyone else that they are constantly exposed, despised and rejected. This is roughly how these people of all harvests “tick”! One must imagine this once: They hold themselves for the navel and the gravitational center of the world!

    This center of gravity artificially created by them weighs down all others in outrageous annoying manner, so much of it is true. What is particularly dangerous about it is not only their devastating influence on all other peoples (and the natural order), in which they do unimaginably destructive vole work. But their collective delusion that they have to lead the world to the abyss (apocalypse), because everybody is taking a stand against them, the allegedly “chosen people of God”.

  12. Jay
    Jay says:

    “Why would they want to rule over a world full of difficult, hostile, rather inept people? Who’s going to fly their planes? Design/engineer high-functioning, modern societies?”

    She’s concerned that Whites may not be there to do the things that need talent. My answer was not to worry since Whites will always be enslaving themselves to make the payments needed for their lifestyle.

  13. Cotard
    Cotard says:

    The vicious attack by the Palestinians in Gaza …

    Has been written in 2021 by Mathias Miles.( Generally specialist from false flag says that any present terrorist attack is most likely a false flage)

    But of course the biggest bluff of the past few weeks is Hamas as the stubborn enemy of Israel. It is openly admitted that the Mossad was instrumental in creating Hamas, as in this article from The Intercept:

    But did you also know that Hamas — which is an Arabic acronym for “Islamic Resistance Movement” — would probably not exist today were it not for the Jewish state? That the Israelis helped turn a bunch of fringe Palestinian Islamists in the late 1970s into one of the world’s most notorious militant groups? That Hamas is blowback?

    This isn’t a conspiracy theory. Listen to former Israeli officials such as Brig.
    Gen. Yitzhak Segev, who was the Israeli military governor in Gaza in the early 1980s. Segev later told a New York Times reporter that he had helped finance the Palestinian Islamist movement as a “counterweight” to the secularists and leftists of the Palestine Liberation Organization and the Fatah party, led by Yasser Arafat (who himself referred to Hamas as “a creature of Israel.”) “The Israeli government gave me a budget,” the retired brigadier general confessed, “and the military government gives to the mosques.”

    “Hamas, to my great regret, is Israel’s creation,” Avner Cohen, a former Israeli religious affairs official who worked in Gaza for more than two decades, told the Wall Street Journal in 2009.
    Of course, as with all public admissions about Western Intelligence creating monsters that turned around and attacked them—like with their active support of the likes of Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden, the Iranian Pahlavi Shahs, or Mao Zedong—these accounts always misdirect into “blowback.” These intelligence agencies must not be very intelligent if they keep making the same mistake over and over. “Oops! Egg on our face. Sorry, folks. Won’t happen again.” But we know better. None of these former intelligence assets ever went rogue. They were always acting under orders.

    Nope, nothing to see here folks. Move on.

    According to Wikipedia, “Yassin was killed in an Israeli attack on 22 March 2004… Yassin always used the same direction every morning to go to the same mosque in the Sabra district that is 100 m (330 ft) from his home.” Of course they just added that detail so they could sneak in a 33. And of course 3/22 you should immediately recognize as a spook date associated with Yale’s Skull and Bones.

    Sheikh Hassan Yousef is credited as co-founder of Hamas. Only thing is that his eldest son, Mossad oops I mean Mossab, was apparently an Israeli spy and even wrote a book about it, Son of Hamas. And just a couple of years ago another son of his abandoned Hamas and went on to expose the lifestyles of the rich and famous that its leadership led. I guess their dad could have used some parenting lessons or better indoctrination methods. Or maybe…just maybe…he works for Israel, too? Nah, couldn’t be.

    A couple of years ago I probably would have read through Son of Hamas to point out the absurdities and lies. But now it just seems like overkill. I invite you to fill in the blanks.
    And by the way, the rockets from Hamas don’t seem to have any explosives in them, at least ones that have landed and been found. And it was awfully gentlemanly of Hamas to notify Israelis living in Tel Aviv the approximate time they were going to be firing missiles at them (yes, it’s true). Let me be clear, though, the bluff is not apparent to the vast majority of the population, which believes in the Iron Dome but knows it isn’t perfect so is also scared of the incoming missiles as they huddle in bomb shelters.
    And who is credited as the founder of Hamas? That would be Sheikh Ahmed Yassin. Let’s see…anything suspicious about this character?

  14. Jimmy Joe
    Jimmy Joe says:

    If the (very British) Pole thinks that a malformed woman is a heroine just because her belly can produce a child, I can only call this a total aberration. Even more so when such deformities are presented as a social “ideal”. This is the perversion of normality into the abnormal. We see the pathologies and morbidities meanwhile at all corners and ends. What healthy society is supposed to draw any vitality and hope for the future from this? But above all, what signal is this sending to society and its future bearers themselves?

  15. Jimmy Joe
    Jimmy Joe says:

    This murderous art product Israel meets
    every definition of insanity: incapable of
    reason & distance from its own actions.

  16. GirlinTexas
    GirlinTexas says:

    Boy, you called it, Mr. MacDonald – I had to say it. Today’s headline:

    “Global Day of Jihad: Man Shouts “Allahu Akbar” Before Killing Teacher and Injuring Others in a Knife Attack in France”

    Israel’s Broom knows exactly what America/Europe has done for Israel. “But, my spirit will rise from the grave, and the world will know I was right.” Whether he said it, or not, it’s true.

  17. charles frey
    charles frey says:

    01 Several commenters, here, as elsewhere, have expressed astonishment / disbelief, in Israel’s claim of having been taken by surprise.

    [ ” … enveloping it ! ” ]

    • Weaver
      Weaver says:

      Supposedly, they’re at carrying capacity, lack resources.

      Additionally, they want the Palestinians to win back their land. If they take Palestinians in, Israel might keep the land. Palestinians just do nothing but have kids all day. So, they might win.

      • Boris Vetrov
        Boris Vetrov says:

        West Bank Palestinians also don’t want them. By contrast Europeans took millions of Ukrainian refugees to save lives – no questions asked.
        The problem with Gazans is that for too many years they do nothing to improve their own life and rely on welfare provided by charitable Europeans and Americans.
        When Hamas needs more money they begin terrorize Israelis, Israel trying to eliminate Hamas inevitably destroys residencies and infrastructure, the world blames Israel and pours money in pockets of Hamas, leaders of Hamas enrich themselves and buy more weaponry to repeat the cycle.
        Those who too compassionate for Hamas I recommend to visualize as clearly as possible how their infants being beheaded and wives and daughters raped and then coldly discuss for while how to come up with proportional respond to the monsters.

        • Weaver
          Weaver says:

          The Palestinians truly have no opportunities.

          Israel is destroying itself by mistreating Palestinians.

          What we see is that claims of Europeans mistreating Jews might be false.

          Israel, to win, needs to just deport the Palestinians to some other location.

          Israel needs to treat those Palestinians well. But it cannot. The Israelis hate overmuch, and that hatred by Israelis destroys Israel’s future.

  18. Brian Rockford
    Brian Rockford says:

    Three problems complicate the Israel-Palestine/Zionism-Islamism picture, and therefore cripple the best realistic response: (1) Failure to see the big picture whole, including its historical context; (2) failures in accurate information and definition; (3) taking sides like football fans, e.g. between “the Jews” and the “antisemites”.

  19. Bilal
    Bilal says:

    This article started out great and you had to ruin it halfway through. Palestinians are not the problem.

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