At the end of the day, it’s all about the Benjamins

The atmosphere in elite Jewish circles right now can best be described as “Blood lust.  Kill all the Palestinians.  Punish the universities and pro-Hamas protesters for allowing anti-Israel speech.” Nikki Haley was the star of the Republican Jewish Coalition convention over the weekend, Ramaswamy was the villain, with the Never-Trumpers in the driver’s seat:

Republican presidential candidates delivered speeches touting their staunch support for Israel at the annual Republican Jewish Coalition’s summit Saturday — and sought to peel support away from former President Donald Trump, the front-runner, who recently faced backlash for criticizing Israeli Prime Minister  and calling Hezbollah, the Lebanese militant group, “very smart.”

“America needs a captain who will steady the ship, not capsize it, and Republicans need a candidate who can actually win,” former U.N. Ambassador  said in her remarks, pointedly criticizing Trump, who has drawn strong support from Orthodox Jews, according to a poll this year by the Jewish Electoral Institute.

“I will not criticize Israel’s prime minister in the middle of a tragedy and war,” Haley added as Israel expanded its ground offensive in Gaza, with Netanyahu warning of a long and difficult war after Hamas’ attack on Oct. 7. More than 7,000 people, including women and children, have died in Gaza, according to Palestinian health officials. In Israel, about 1,400 people have died.

At the gathering of Jewish conservatives in Las Vegas,  expressed support for Israel’s right to dismiss the “myth” of a two-state solution, Florida Gov.  referred to the West Bank as “the most ancient Jewish land going back to biblical times,” and Sen. Tim Scott of Florida reiterated his calls to deport foreign students participating in “antisemitic” protests on college campuses.

Nikki Haley: Bought and paid for:

When 2024 presidential candidate Nikki Haley last served in office as the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, her family’s finances were a mess. Her parents owed over $1 million and were in danger of losing their Lexington, South Carolina home. A devoted daughter, Haley had loaned them hundreds of thousands of dollars in the past with her husband. But she could not solve all of her parents’ problems, with less than $100,000 sitting in her bank accounts and $185,000 coming in each year in salary.

Haley stunned Washington by resigning her role in the Trump administration in 2018, less than two years after taking office. A spokesperson for Haley claims that the family financial troubles had “no bearing whatsoever on Ambassador Haley’s decision to leave her position” and points to a section of Haley’s resignation letter in which she expressed support for “rotation in office.” But the same letter also suggested that Haley may have had money-making ventures on her mind: “As a businessman,” she wrote to Donald Trump, “I expect you will appreciate my sense that returning from government to the private sector is not a step down but a step up.”

Indeed. Since then, Haley’s net worth has ballooned from less than $1 million to an estimated $8 million. How did she make so much money in so little time? By following a tried-and-true playbook for politicians looking to cash in on their fame. Speeches to companies like Barclays and organizations such as the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs provided more money in a day than Haley had previously earned in a year. It’s not clear how many talks she gave from 2019 to 2021, but Haley hauled in $2.3 million from just 11 events in 2022.

Re Ramaswamy, he had the temerity to say in an interview with Tucker Carlson that U.S. interests must come first, even with Israel. Ramaswamy argued the U.S. needs to remember the mistakes of the recent past, like getting into trillions of dollars of debt for two failed wars in Afghanistan and Iraq—wars that were not well-planned and had no clear objective. Unacceptable! War is good!

We’ve already seen that pro-Hamas students and protesters at Ivy League universities were doxxed and blacklisted from jobs they had been offered at prestigious law firms. Now they are going after the administrators of the offending universities. Here’s the situation at the University of Pennsylvania where Marc Rowan, a billionaire in the financial industry, is organizing a campaign against the president and head of the Board of Trustees. According to the (very pro-Israel) New York Post:

Apollo CEO Marc Rowan’s plan to oust the leadership of his alma mater, the University of Pennsylvania, is picking up steam and could blow a $1 billion hole in the school’s fund­raising ­efforts, the Post has learned.

Rowan’s attacks on the school stem from what he believes is an atmosphere of antisemitism, including administrators’ failure to quickly condemn the recent deadly Hamas terrorist attacks.

Now so many potential and current donors are joining his effort that the $21 billion UPenn endowment could be deprived of as much as $1 billion in funding, these people say.

And Rowan won’t back down unless Liz Magill and Scott Bok, the UPenn president and the chair of the school’s Board of Trustees, respectively, are booted from their positions — a very real possibility given the surge in alumni support for his defund-antisemitism effort. …

For Rowan and now thousands of UPenn grads and benefactors, the tipping point occurred in September when UPenn’s leadership ignored their warnings that pro-Palestinian student groups were featuring antisemitic speakers during a “Palestine Writes Literature Festival.”

The festival took place during the Jewish high holy days and featured speakers who called for “death to Israel.” People who know Rowan say he was doubly horrified to learn ­UPenn student groups also supported the Hamas terrorists who on Oct. 7 killed and kidnapped innocent Israelis — beheading some infants at a kibbutz near the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip.

One of the worst atrocities in recent history occurred while school administrators remained initially silent. …

The open letter has grown to include some 7,000 current and potential donors and graduates, some of whom are on the school’s Board of Trustees, people close to Rowan tell me.

They include ­UPenn grads Ron Lauder of the Estée Lauder cosmetics empire. …

In 2018, [Rowan] and his wife donated $50 million to the school. ..

People on Wall Street who know Rowan say his efforts have certainly shaken UPenn’s leadership, with Bok and Magill calling alumni and board members in an effort to keep their jobs.

Good luck with that!

This video has a nice description of the context of the war and includes Netanyahu at the UN completely erasing Palestine from the map of Israel, and also showing some young Jews who want Gaza turned into a parking lot.

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  1. George Kocan
    George Kocan says:

    The idea that billionaires can influence universities in their mission to educate student bothers me. Such a practice undermines Academic Freedom and works as a source of corruption. I see this abandonment by billionaires as a good, an opportunity for universities to return to their real mission, forming intellectually and morally capable graduates.

  2. ariadna
    ariadna says:

    “The [pro-Palestinian] festival took place during the Jewish high holy days…’
    The Jewish calendar is against any anti-Israel protests: you can’t swing a cat over it without hitting a religious holiday and then the insult is so much more hurtful…
    When that device is unavailable there is always the big H. Note how they always mention that among the hostages taken on Oct 7 there were some… Holocaust survivors. Negligent of Hamas not to have conducted interviews to filter them out.

    HANNES says:

    How do the Jews manage, on the one hand, to incite all Negroes against white “colonialists and capitalists” and to send them by the millions as welfare parasites in the direction of Europe and America – but on the other hand to continue to plunder their diamond mines unmolested?

    A delicate balancing act, which they surely manage like a sleepwalker on a tightrope. They have devised an imaginative plot to make the stupid Negroes believe that they are “generously sharing in the profits,” and with unscrupulous chutzpah they feign “authentic interest in Namibia.”

    Elaborate advertising films are also staged for this purpose.

    The problem of the Jews therefore seems to be less the deceived Negroes than the greed in their own tribal clan.

  4. Mark Engholm
    Mark Engholm says:

    So far, so much unbelievable obnoxious-
    ness and sycophantic pandering has been
    rewarded with 0 upvotes. That says it all.

    Henry “KissMaAssinger” full brain blockade interview

    “Spokesman for ‘Jews in the AfD,’ Abramovych is cer-
    tain: Israel is detested by leftists because it is national
    and patriotic. In an interview with Editor-in-Chief Stein,
    he talks about the left’s culture of remembrance, Israel’s
    current ground offensive, and what the AfD’s position on
    Israel is.” (activate auto-subs & have ya barf bags ready)

  5. Mark Engholm
    Mark Engholm says:

    So far, so much unbelievable obnoxious-
    ness and sycophantic pandering has been
    rewarded with 0 upvotes. That says it all.

    Henry “KissMaAssinger” full brain blockade interview

    “Spokesman for ‘Jews in the AfD,’ Abramovych is cer-
    tain: Israel is detested by leftists because it is national
    and patriotic. In an interview with Editor-in-Chief Stein,
    he talks about the left’s culture of remembrance, Israel’s
    current ground offensive, and what the AfD’s position on
    Israel is.” (activate auto-subs & have ya barf bags ready)

  6. Dr. Doom
    Dr. Doom says:

    The spectacle of both puppet parties fawning over the genocidal fake jew is educational for the world and the American electorate. Both Biden and Trump are bowing before the ugly obnoxious vampire squid. However the Crayola politics that the Bagel Boyz have pushed is now biting their ass. Brown people are siding with Palestinians and ZOG is an apartheid colonial oppressor.
    Ha ha. Geopolitics is too hard for the geniuses of the Synagogue of Satan to wield effectively.
    Meanwhile these imbeciles have been angering Southern White Men by destroying Confederate monuments. Nice job.
    Have to hand it to them. They are not smart at all really. Satan was the brains behind that operation and He apparently doesn’t subscribe to ghey paedophilia.
    Too bad. So sad. Sucks to be them. Nowhere to run to anymore. China no likey parasites with genocidal grandiosity. They are on the other side of this neo-con.
    Nuttyahoo has done something that only an imbecile would do. Given Islam a common enemy to coalesce around. Nice job dumbass.
    That amelarkey spiel is right out of textbook narcissism. They really lost all sight of reality at this point. Their egos are yuge, but their brains are bird sized.
    But then, Satan doesn’t pick smart when he wants meat puppets does He?

  7. Tarrasik
    Tarrasik says:

    I think more attention should be placed on the evolutionary genetic basis for the asocial elements of Jewish behavior. I think it can resemble kleptoparasitism.

    “Kleptoparasitism, a form of competition that involves the stealing of already-procured items, is one of the most common types of exploitation between animals… Kleptoparasitism can be a major driving force in the evolution of the morphology and behaviour of the participants, as hosts and kleptoparasites respond to the selective forces exerted by each other…. Kleptoparasitism is a form of competition, and should specifically refer to interactions between unrelated individuals (either inter- or intra-specific interactions). Individuals that steal food from relatives (parents, siblings) are not kleptoparasites because increased indirect fitness may overcome the reduction in direct fitness. ” —

    If it is genetically based behavior, then it should be analyzed from that perspective.

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