Interview with “Our Interesting Times”

I did an interview on “Our Interesting Times.” Here’s their synopsis:

Dr. Kevin MacDonald joins Our Interesting Times to discuss two of his recent articles: “Why Are Jews So Influential?” and “Will the Gaza War Threaten Jewish Power in the U.S. and Their Status as Occupying the Moral High Ground?” We talk about how organized Jewry has acquired inordinate influence in the West and this power has been abused.  We also discuss the reaction of Jews to the current crisis in Gaza and how it has revealed to many the extent of Jewish power in their societies.

Dr. MacDonald is a Professor Emeritus of Psychology at CSU-Long Beach and the author of many books including Individualism and the Western Liberal Tradition and Culture of Critique. He is also a frequent contributor to the Occidental Observer.  Dr. MacDonald’s website is here.

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  1. James Clayton
    James Clayton says:

    As is often the case, I try to cross-pollinate by posting a comment to this interviewer’s excellent podcast but up against a corporate wall. I’m not going to log-in using GOOGLE, etc.
    Here’s what I would have said: There’s no one more versed and less apologetic, obsequious on The Jews. Every reasonably bright White exposed to Dr. MacDonald understands it. Another masterstroke is his exposing us to this articulate interviewer. And we need more of the same.

  2. Alan
    Alan says:

    .The heart of the fragmented asymetrical problematic JQ .
    is not merely zionism..This is a politically correct saturnine bovine, pusilanimous assertion,.
    An oversimplification ,a simp like poor deflection. Its not just zionists.”Really?! Attention .zoomers….young people..
    ..Every article on Jews on TOO, and elsewhere ,reveals poisonous jewish networked totalitarian disruptive influence, in a myriad of ways exposes the pernicious ,smarmy schizophrenic ,often suicidal jewish mindset, ..many articles elsewhere detail their multitudes of fake jewish philanthropies.. fake charities,jewish college endowement scams,
    fronts for organized jewish crime,..the ones the jew owned IRS can never seem to exfiltrate or bust.. Europeans long before america , reviled the jew bankster s poorly hidden hand in every major european country .
    All major media figures regurgitate like clockwork,almost in unison that instant hurried appeasing and supportive comment “..its just zionists , .”.how vonvenient, how tolerant these liberal lying facists are…as if they have the power to forgive downplay the current isreali white phosphorous bombing of gaza, as obnoxious loud new york city jew supremacist funded extermination of palestinians. still say KIill All of Them! No matter what juden petersteen or
    little rat ben shapiro says, isreal and the global attitude towards the jews will never be the same .Sorry.. you just cant excuse institutionalized jewish evil, cant ,intellectualize aleister crowley or mack the knife,both of which were apparantly jews.
    As far as satanyahoo,globally despised, you
    cant intellectualize stupid and evil .**Notice that call them liberal jews, call them not really loyal to non jews,… the end of the day…
    they… as ,liberals?..statist -facists?.. dont have the power. to forgive mass genocide,sweep it under the rug,or offer mild denials whitewash the extermination of millions ..isnt that what they ..- zog,- falsely accuse Germans of ?-what they themselves do?…We also heard that the jews were persecuting evalion in canada after her trip to Germany..whsts this,…jewish precrime,?…jewish censorship , jewish persecution of fact finders again…
    The same jews who say they are anti zionists also turn a blind eye to white erasure ,they dont seem to mind the browning of america at all. .maybe some jews are currently afraid but most jews still insist on open borders,..jews arent saying one word about emperor zi organ harvesting the falun gong..sending prisoners organs to isreal, to this day. Whether some care or not, jew directed mass importation of criminal s.many of the worlds worst, plus….who voted for mass importation of anti western military aged mostly male unemployed muslims,…micromanaged dechristianization of the west? . But its a fact,.Its never was just zionists.This current cultural deracination deliberate nation state degeneration is classic talmudic bolshevist jewish agenda..Take your pick ..rothschild.. soros…the 460 jews micromanaging biden…nuland..garland..mayorkas..blinken ..bernie madoff,sam.b.fried, sam altman, ,kushner,mandy cohen,,,emhof,pritzker or satanyahoo. They arent universally reviled as the Synagogue Of Satan for no reason.

  3. Mark Engholm
    Mark Engholm says:

    You have to know the Hungarian Jew (and prototypical descendant of “survivors”) Iván Fischer to finally be able to correctly interpret Wagner, who was an obnoxious asshole in human terms, but nevertheless a unique genius at heart. Fischer says, for example, that the idea of the “eternally wandering Jew” is a mere invention of the medieval church.

    In 2016, the Wagner interpreter, notorious as an extremist “humanist”, came up with an almost phenomenal idea to further strengthen and establish the culture of welcome for migrating “refugees” and to send an inviting signal to the entire Third World: “Nobody needs to fear Germany anymore!” Tribal bro Barenboim and the foolish Shabbos Goy Rattle joined the project.

    Sadly, this concept can no longer be implemented anywhere in the West, as there is a noticeable lack of humanistic will due to the obvious consequences of those catastrophic signals, which of course can only be interpreted as intolerance and racism, which does not exist in Israel, e.g., where Wagner is still not allowed to be performed, not even as welcome to the Arab world.

  4. A Visitor
    A Visitor says:

    The new “right-wing populist” president of Argentina, who began his questionable “career” in television, rejects all accusations of electoral fraud.

    Biden and Sullivan congratulated him on his appointment, while Milei tweeted: “I hope to receive you soon in Argentina.” The meeting has apparently already taken place.

    Milei publicly waved an Israeli flag and paired his miniature native flag with the Israeli flag at his government residence.

    He says he wants to detach his country from China and Brazil and connect it with America and Israel instead: “I said that my two great allies are the United States and Israel … I have decided that my first trip as president should I be elected is going to be Israel.”

    One of his Argentinian critics described him as an “obscurantist”. Milei was already invited as a guest of the WEF conference 2014 in Panama, introduced by a Jew named Ricardo Hausmann.

    Translation: “If I’m president, write this down, I’m going to take the Argentine embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. And you know what, it was the capital that King David chose.”

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