The Dead Sea Karpman’s Triangle

For the last stubborn illiterates among us, here is the pattern that we should all keep in mind at all times — especially since October 7th:

1 –  An analysis of Dr Eli David’s vision

At the very top, Islam is depicted as an enormous mass of water looming above our heads which the drawing qualifies as “radical” clearly indicating that the drawing frees itself from the reproach of encompassing Islam in its entirety, even less to each and every Arab. However, the precaution is hardly convincing. Taking into account the mass of water involved, it is hard to accept that it represents solely the marginal and radicalised fraction of Islam. Ultimately, one gets the impression that the artist is actually encouraging generalisation rather than wishing to prevent it.

In the centre, a mighty concrete dam is to be seen: Israel and its 9 million inhabitants, arching against the sheer walls of the vertiginous Sinai mountains. Not that there might be so much water over there, but it doesn’t matter. One might look at it under the light of so-called ‘poetical licence’ — a suitable permanent pretence brought in every time they refer to these truths that aren’t real — as opposed to these untruths. In any case, if the body of water represents Muslims, there happens to be a billion and a half of them around Israel, starting from Morocco to Indonesia and the Philippines, via Tchetnia and Xinjiang (and there is even more of them Eastwards, on the way to Beijing).

Down below, the European great plain, where unconsciousness borders on ingratitude and where we don’t know whether or not to include those who didn’t accomplish their Aliyah, engrossed in their respective roles of Prime Minister, President of the National Assembly or President of the Constitutional Council — among many other things that would be appropriate to list here—an allusion to the political situation in France.

2 – A possible interpretation of Karpman’s triangle

The problem with this caricature is that it fires back on the artist himself by clearly pointing at Karpman’s triangle of persecution, an issue which might otherwise have gone unnoticed. Islam fills the role of the persecutor; Europe that of the victim; Israel filling the role of the saviour. Observers of this kind of triangle, as uninformed as they might be, are quick to gather that the true persecutor usually happens to be the saviour himself, a narcissistic pervert, careful to inform his victim, driven as he claims to be by sheer philanthropic reasons, that if he doesn’t comply to the persecutor’s wishes, the victim will only have himself to blame — quite an obvious scheme.

3 – Stay alert! Intents and purposes may grossly vary from what was to be expected.

What complicates the charade here — thus preventing us from spotting easily that the real persecutor is the presence of another mental scheme — a scheme that is likely to be most familiar to the parents, grandparents and ancestors of our good Dr. Eli David, according to which the sons of Israel invariably are the victims, and therefore it is inconceivable that can they fit the part of the persecutors (no matter how real or fake).

Yet, in Yves Boisset’s espionage film Espion lève-toi, in answering to Lino Ventura’s hypothetical question put to Bernard Fresson along the lines of “How would you figure out someone who, one day, would (hypothesis # 1) pose as a victim and the next day (hypothesis #2) as a saviour ?” Bernard Fresson’s brilliant reply could possibly be: “Instinctively, it would lead me to consider a third one”. The persecutor, perhaps? Sorry, but Jews find it inconceivable that they could be persecutors. But once you’ve gone around and around the victim and savior opposite poles, persecutor is the only vertex of the triangle left.

4 – A moral to remember from the film

In Yves Boisset’s 1982 film, set in Zurich, everyone dies: quite logically the persecuted victim, Ventura’s wife; the apparent persecutor, Michel Piccoli, of the KGB (as if by chance); and the ambiguous saviour, Lino Ventura. Only the clear-headed, self-reliant Bruno Cremer survives. Because the latter poses neither as a victim nor as a saviour, some will tend to label him as an henchman, but in reality he isn’t a part of a persecution triangle; he only has a problem to solve… which he merely does.

Coming back to the artist’s impression, it has one flaw: as with any dam, one would expect to find sluices down below to let the current through, so that on the Great European plain, cities like Paris, London, Düsseldorf, Stockholm, and even Moscow are already copiously irrigated by Islam: but that must be one of those real things that aren’t true, and which for that reason shouldn’t appear.

As for the Europeans, only recently have many adopted the status of persecuted people, with the obviously very much self-interested goal of boosting solidarity in favour of Israel: the classic case of a minority boosting up its particular interest, surviving in a sea of Islam, as a general interest, that of the West. The alpha and the omega of Western politics.

Freely expanded from an article by Tobias Langdon

Steyn Sticks to Swine: How Mendacious Mark Steyn Collaborates with the Jews of Clown World – The Occidental Observer

Complimentary bonus: “Lucie de la Mer Morte”* sung  by Nathalie Dessay, the madness aria, from Lucia di Lammermoor: Mad Scene (Natalie Dessay) (; Translator’s note: * A questionable pun on “Lucia di Lammermoor”: “Lucy from the Dead Sea”.




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  1. Thomas
    Thomas says:

    Yuck, that’s disgusting, who can (and wants to) listen to that! Now also he again arrives and pisses people off with his eternally tiresome victim story. Always the same drivel, always the same accusation. We’re sick of it! Man, go to your cursed “temple” to pray or FYS! “This is a book about being a stranger, both externally and internally. An experience that is exemplary for many human destinies. It is dedicated to all people who live somewhere in the middle of nowhere.” Michel Friedman: “Fear is my companion in life”, his ne book “Alien”. Activate auto-subs if you’re an incorrigible ethno-masochist. Satan’s “anthropomorphic” appearance

    “A child, full of fear, comes to Germany – to the land of the murderers who wiped out his parents’ families. Here he is supposed to put down roots and build a life. The child of stateless parents does what he can. He wants to be a child. He wants to dream. It wants to live. But what he also experiences is hatred of Jews, racism and exclusion – and a traumatized nuclear family that threatens to suffocate him with fear and care. With a great sense of nuance and artfully condensed language, Friedman paints a disturbing picture of adolescence in a world that is perceived as alien and dangerous. The touching kaleidoscope of an existential feeling that must be dissected so that it does not consume the soul.

    Guest in the studio: Michel Friedman, Franco-German publicist, talk show host, lawyer, philosopher and former politician. From 1994 to 1996, Friedman was a member of the CDU federal executive. From 2000 to 2003, he was deputy chairman of the Central Council of Jews in Germany and publisher of the weekly newspaper Jüdische Allgemeine, as well as president of the European Jewish Congress from 2001 to 2003, until he resigned from all public offices in the wake of the “Friedman affair”. He hosted several talk shows, for example from 1998 to 2003 Vorsicht! Friedman on Hessischer Rundfunk and Studio Friedman on N24 (now Welt) from 2004 to 2021. He has been an honorary professor of real estate and media law at Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences since 2016.

    A conversation about his professions, growing up as the child of “Schindler Jews”, his relationship with Oskar Schindler, the German “culture of remembrance”, the spiral of silence and the prevailing anti-Semitism, racism and right-wing extremism in today’s Germany, his parents’ migration to Frankfurt, his upbringing and the German language, his role at school, fear of violence, his medical studies, the influence of Sartre and de Beauvoir, his way into the media and in front of the camera, the coke affair in 2003, his CDU membership, the AfD and potential cooperation with the CDU/CSU, Hans-Georg Maaßen & Höcke, the Eastern CDU enemy Greens, CDU leader Friedrich Merz as well as German culture of debate and the reason of state towards Israel.”

    • Thomas
      Thomas says:

      From 2008:

      “The right-wing extremist Horst Mahler has been sentenced to ten months in prison for incitement of the people. The Erding district court sentenced him for, among other things, greeting his interviewees with ‘Heil Hitler’ during an interview. He caused another scandal in the courtroom.

      Now he is going back to prison. This time for ten months. The Erding district court sentenced Horst Mahler, who has several previous convictions, for incitement of the people, use of symbols of unconstitutional organizations and insult. Mahler announced that he would appeal.

      In November 2007, the 72-year-old right-wing extremist denied the systematic killing of Jews in the Auschwitz concentration camp in an interview with the former Vice Chairman of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, Michel Friedman. Mahler also greeted his interviewer with the words ‘Heil Hitler’.

      There was another scandal during the trial. Mahler, who was defending himself, denied the Holocaust again and, according to the public prosecutor, committed another criminal offense. He was later deprived of his right to speak and removed from the courtroom. He had previously tried to provoke Friedman and obstructed the trial with numerous motions for evidence, all of which were rejected by the court.

      The presiding judge, Astrid von Boennighausen-Budberg, said in the sentencing that there were no mitigating circumstances for Mahler. Suspending the sentence on probation was out of the question. In its plea, the public prosecutor’s office had demanded eleven months in prison for Mahler. The accused had defended himself during the trial.

      Mahler is one of the most prominent representatives of the right-wing scene in Germany. He has already been convicted several times for his statements. In 2007, he already served a prison sentence for incitement to hatred.”

  2. Herbert
    Herbert says:

    Since 1995, almost all US ambassadors in Israel have been Jews. It’s kind of grotesque: Jews are supposed to represent “America” in Israel?

    The positions for strategically important US ambassadors are often filled by Jews, e.g. Jacob J. Lew for Israel, Yael Lempert for Jordan, Daniel N. Rosenblum for Kazakhstan, Eric Garcetti for India, Rahm Emanuel for Japan, Philip S. Goldberg for South Korea, Jonathan E. Kaplan for Singapore, Edgard Kagan for Malaysia, David L. Cohen for Canada, Mark Gitenstein for the EU, Michael M. Adler for Belgium, Amy Gutmann for Germany, Alan M. Leventhal for Denmark, Marc B. Nathanson for Norway, Jack Markell for Italy, Randi Levine for Portugal (not Jewish, but husband temporarily president of the Zionist Jewish National Fund), David Pressman for Hungary.

    The gay Jew Pressman (aka “Madame Ambassador”), a warmonger like many of his tribal brethren, who spends his afternoons in Budapest cafes with representatives of the opposition “dollar left” without having spoken to a single member of the Hungarian government in the last two years, now explains in an interview with the “Financial Times” how he envisages dealing with Hungary: “We absolutely have leverage, that is true, and we’re prepared to use our leverage.”

    Because Hungary has expelled the Jewish world destroyer Soros from the country, because it wants peace instead of war in Ukraine, because child protection takes precedence over LGBTQ ideology in Hungary, because Hungary does not allow invaders from third world countries to enter the country via its southern border and because Orban gets on well with Trump. Does Pressman intend to deploy troops in Hungary (which is stupidly a NATO member itself) to enforce his sick homo agenda?

    The mouthy vaginal vice-president of the EUSSR fake “parliament”, the socialist German-British Katarina Barley, is implementing the Jewish-American agenda by refusing to make billions in overdue payments to Hungary and instructing German companies such as BMW, Bosch and Mercedes-Benz to leave the country for Romania, because the tax burden there is just as low (in contrast to the crypto-communist home country). The Hungarian currency is also under attack. She wants to “have it checked” whether Hungary’s right to take over the Council presidency in the near future can be revoked.

  3. Henry
    Henry says:

    The Jewish poison cocktail mixer Gintsburg (whom Putin awarded “the State Prize of the Russian Federation 2021 for the development and implementation of effective recombinant vaccines into domestic health care practice”) means particularly well with all Russkies. He, like all Jews, has only their healthy and wholesome well-being in mind: “On Tuesday, Gintsburg announced that no adverse reactions had been identified while testing the new drug on children ages 12-17.”

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