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The Dead Sea Karpman’s Triangle

For the last stubborn illiterates among us, here is the pattern that we should all keep in mind at all times — especially since October 7th: 1 –  An analysis of Dr Eli David’s vision At the very top, Islam is depicted as an enormous mass of water looming above our heads which the drawing […]

The Race for the Atomic Bomb in World War II

We generally think that major wars are accelerators of technical progress, and the Second World War is often cited in this respect. But what happens if a major technological breakthrough that everyone knows, hopes or fears is imminent, a breakthrough that would lead to an absolute weapon capable of completely overturning the geopolitical balances in […]

La Course à l’Atome, Cause ou Conséquence de la Seconde Guerre mondiale?

On pense généralement que les guerres d’importance sont des accélérateurs de progrès techniques, la Seconde Guerre mondiale est justement très souvent citée à ce titre, mais qu’arrive-t-il si une percée technologique majeure que tout le monde sait, espère ou craint imminente se profile, une percée qui déboucherait sur une arme absolue capable de renverser complètement […]

GOOGLE, les Névrosés et les Psychopathes

Si les médias nous manipulent, il faut bien se dire que ce n’est pas par nos bons côtés, ce n’est pas par nos côtés sains, lumineux et forts qu’on peut nous mener par le bout du nez, c’est forcément par nos mauvais côtés, nos mauvais penchants, notre versant sombre, nos points faibles et inavouables. D’autre […]

Léo Taxil: Is Anti-Semitism worse than pornography and Talmudic blasphemy?

The Villain, the Dummy, the Good, the Suss, from left to right, Léo Taxil (1854–1907) whose real name is Gabriel Jogand-Pagès , Luigi Rotelli (1833 – 1891) the archbishop of Pharsale and apostolic nuncio, Édouard Drumont, author of La France juive (1844–1917), Georges Bernanos (1888–1948) In 1931, Georges Bernanos published a pamphlet entitled La Grande […]

Jules Cambon, the Sykes-Picot Agreement, and the Balfour Declaration: Exposing Jewish Machinations in World War I

The Sykes-Picot agreement map, signed in May 1916, with the proposed dividing line, once the Ottoman empire is defeated, between A = French zone, B = British zone (yellow, the «Jewish reservation in Palestine) The Balfour declaration consists of 129 words, including the date and the polite formula, so why has it not fallen into […]

823 – 2023: 1200 years ago: Agobard’s letter to Louis the Pious about the “insolence of the Jews”

It is remarkable that complaints about Jewish behavior have been so consistent through the centuries, in very different cultural and social eras. Twelve centuries ago, between 823 and 828, the actual date is not precisely known,  Saint Agobard (769 – 840), bishop of Lyon (France), who contributed to making his episcopal city one of the […]