Steyn Sticks to Swine: How Mendacious Mark Steyn Collaborates with the Jews of Clown World

War is a great clarifier. First in Ukraine, then in Gaza, war has made it clearer and clearer to more and more Whites that the West is ruled by a hostile elite of Jews and their shabbos goyim. These kings and queens of Clown World are passionately committed to defending the borders of Jew-ruled Ukraine and Israel. And they’re just as passionately committed to erasing the borders of gentile nations like America, Britain, and France.

Fake Americans, real Jews: the vampiric Clown-King Jonathan Greenblatt and the bloodthirsty Clown-Queen Victoria Nuland (image from Wikipedia)

Naturally enough, Clown World has its collaborators, they’re traitors and liars who pretend to side with Whites and the West while secretly working for the Clowns. I think that the worst of these collaborators and traitors is the part-Jewish trickster and fraud Mark Steyn (born 1959). War is a great clarifier, but Steyn is a great obfuscator, someone who has always devoted his high intelligence and literary talent to leading his gentile audience away from the truth. He reminds me of a porcine propagandist in Orwell’s Animal Farm (1945):

The best known among [the swine who ruled the farm] was a small fat pig named Squealer, with very round cheeks, twinkling eyes, nimble movements, and a shrill voice. He was a brilliant talker, and when he was arguing some difficult point he had a way of skipping from side to side and whisking his tail which was somehow very persuasive. The others said of Squealer that he could turn black into white. (Animal Farm, chapter 2)

Pied Piper Mark Steyn ponders his next porky

Steyn isn’t small or fat and doesn’t have a shrill voice. But he is a brilliant writer and, like Squealer’s skipping and tail-whisking, he uses humor and mockery to bypass the critical faculty of his audience. For example, he tried to “turn black into white” when he argued in 2021 that Jonathan Greenblatt, the vampiric Jew who heads the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), was a mere “Obama hack” who had allowed gentile leftism to corrupt a formerly honest organization. As I wrote in “Mark Steyn Lies As Naturally As He Breathes,” Steyn couldn’t admit the truth about Greenblatt’s attack on Tucker Carlson for pointing out the obvious truth of the Great Replacement:

Steyn’s priority is to serve Jewish interests, not the truth. He doesn’t want his goyish fans to recognize the truth about Carlson’s dispute with the ADL, because the ADL’s attack on Carlson was a blatant example of anti-White activism by a strongly ethnocentric Jewish organization. Accordingly, Steyn assumed his well-practised role as the Pied Piper of Zionism and begun piping a seductive tune of falsehoods. He wanted to pretend, first, that Jonathan Greenblatt is a typical leftist, rather than a typical ethnocentric Jew; and second, that the ADL is corrupt in typically leftist fashion, rather than typically Zionist fashion. (“Mark Steyn Lies As Naturally As He Breathes,” The Occidental Observer, 29th April 2021)

In his article, Steyn skipped and whisked his tail in service to the swine of Clown World as he made his way to a truly breathtaking porky (“porky pie” is Cockney rhyming-slang for “lie”). He wrote that “I wouldn’t be surprised to see the likes of Greenblatt abandon Zionism as a practical matter in the years ahead.” That was an obvious lie at the time and in 2024 the great clarifier of war has only made it more obvious. Far from abandoning Zionism after his dispute with Tucker Carlson, Greenblatt has become so rabidly Zionist that even some of his own staff at the ADL think he’s going too far:

The Anti-Defamation League CEO, Jonathan Greenblatt, sparked controversy in 2022 when he placed opposition to Israel on a par with white supremacy as a source of antisemitism. “Anti-Zionism is antisemitism,” Greenblatt said in a speech to ADL leaders. He singled out Students for Justice in Palestine and Jewish Voice for Peace as groups that “epitomize the Radical Left, the photo inverse of the Extreme Right that ADL long has tracked”.

His remarks didn’t only upset grassroots activists and Jewish groups critical of Israeli policy. It also set off a firestorm within the Jewish advocacy group. … Even before the latest Israel-Hamas war, the conflation of antisemitism and anti-Zionism has increasingly inflected the debate around the bounds of legitimate protest, with the ADL playing a vocal role. … And tensions continue to ignite between Greenblatt and ADL staff. At least two employees who spoke to the Guardian have quit in response to its overt emphasis on pro-Israel advocacy since the Israeli offensive on Gaza began, building on a pattern of departures from the organization. But the ADL has only doubled down on initiatives defending Israel and the policies of the Israeli government. It has welcomed a controversial congressional resolution that defined anti-Zionism as antisemitism, and it has called on law enforcement to investigate student activist groups for providing “material support” to Hamas, which the US government has designated as a terrorist organization. (“Anti-Defamation League staff decry ‘dishonest’ campaign against Israel critics,” The Guardian, 5th January 2024)

That article in the Guardian is dishonest too (and badly written), but it gets one thing absolutely right: that Greenblatt is a rabid Zionist and no longer cares to pretend otherwise. Here’s Steyn’s prediction from 2021 again: “I wouldn’t be surprised to see the likes of Greenblatt abandon Zionism as a practical matter in the years ahead.” When Steyn wrote that, he was being either an utter fool or an unashamed liar. Steyn definitely isn’t a fool, so only one option remains: he’s an unashamed liar.

Steyn in the Jewish World Review

Here’s another of his lies: “Unlike the head of the ADL, I have no special interest in or responsibility for the welfare of the Jewish people.” Steyn is part Jewish and definitely has a special interest in the welfare of Jews. He gives the intensely ethnocentric Jew Laura Rosen Cohen regular space on his website to promote Jewish interests. He has spent his entire career deceiving and deflecting on behalf of the Jewish swine of Clown World. As the honest Jew Larry Auster pointed out in 2005, Steyn was once positively gloating at the prospect of non-White Muslims conquering White Europe:

In a selection of my past blog articles on Mark Steyn that I posted yesterday, I just came upon a statement by Steyn about Europe and Islam that may be the most damning thing — about himself — that he’s ever written. In Steyn’s article, written last February [2005], he doesn’t merely express indifference to the prospect of an Islamized Europe (which he has done many times before), and he doesn’t merely express Schadenfreude at the prospect of an Islamized Europe (which he has also done many times before); no, he speaks of an Islamized Europe as a positively good thing for the United States.

As I discuss, this attitude demonstrates the ultimate destructiveness of the neoconservative’s world view. Believing only in the liberal idea of universal freedom (which they don’t really believe in anyway, since they are now supporting sharia rule in Iraq and Hamas rule in the Palestinian territories), the neoconservatives lack any real civilizational consciousness or allegiance, and so, because the Europeans oppose the universal-freedom ideology, the neocons have abandoned our European homeland to the Muslims, even though the Islamic dominance of Europe would obviously mean the greatest possible setback for us in the war on radical Islam, spelling the ultimate defeat of America and of its freedoms as well. But that’s the way it goes. When you have no loyalty to a concrete society and people, you are also incapable of staying loyal to the ideas that you have abstracted from that society and people. (“Steyn calls for the destruction of Europe,” View from the Right, 29th December 2005)

But isn’t just what Steyn said, it’s where he said it. This is what he wrote and what shocked even his harsh critic Larry Auster:

Some of us think an Islamic Europe will be easier for America to deal with than the present Europe of cynical, wily, duplicitous pseudo-allies. But getting there is certain to be messy, and violent.

Until the shape of the new Europe begins to emerge, there’s no point picking fights with the terminally ill. The old Europe is dying, and Mr. Bush did the diplomatic equivalent of the Oscar night lifetime-achievement tribute at which the current stars salute a once glamorous old-timer whose fading aura is no threat to them. The 21st century is being built elsewhere. (“U.S. can sit back and watch Europe implode,” Jewish World Review, 28th February 2005)

Steyn wrote that in the Jewish World Review for a Jewish audience two decades ago. As Larry Auster said, it should have damned Steyn for ever in the eyes of anyone who wants the West to survive and wants the Third-World invaders to be turned back. But it didn’t. In 2024, Steyn is still skipping and whisking his tail and turning “black into white” for his audience of deluded goyim. He’s even offering those goyim a chance to buy a “handsome limited-edition … souvenir … the SteynOnline Liberty Stick.” He goes on: “Every stick is made in the USA and shows both Magna Carta and the US Constitution. They’re exclusively available here — and I sign and number each one.”

Another clown, another lie: Dr Eli David pretends that Western survival depends on sending shekels to Israel

The expurgation of Magna Carta

In 2005, Steyn claimed that “the 21st century is being built elsewhere” than Europe. In 2024, he’s claiming that the 21st century should be built on Magna Carta. You know, Magna Carta, written in Latin, that great European language, centuries before America and Israel even existed. But Steyn is lying when he claims to honor Magna Carta. He’s just skipping and whisking his tail again. Otherwise, he’d sign his “Liberty Sticks” with this highly relevant advice: “Beware the Jews!” As Francis Carr Begbie pointed out at the Occidental Observer in 2013, Magna Carta can be celebrated today only in expurgated form:

If there is one thing our elites enjoy it is giving each other a big pat on the back and the extravagant celebrations planned for the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta will give them lots of opportunities to do just that.

There may still be eighteen months to go before the actual anniversary itself but the commemoration events are well underway to mark the day in 1215 that King John was finally brought to heel by the barons and where limited government and Western constitutional freedom was born.

In Britain the BBC will broadcast TV documentaries, dramas and radio programmes, and the event is to even have its own opera and specially commissioned symphony. The occasion will be marked by commemorative stamps and the Royal Mint will issue a special £2 coin. In America high-powered lawyers and constitutional experts will be chewing over the meaning of it all at banquets, dinners, lectures and exhibitions in Boston, Washington and Philadelphia and 800 U.S. lawyers are expected to make the pilgrimage to Runnymede beside the Thames where the document was sealed.

Across the English-speaking judicial world no single document is probably more venerated than the Great Charter. The Founding Fathers embedded it into the 1791 Bill of Rights in the shape of the Fifth Amendment that says no-one “can be deprived of life, liberty or property without due process of law”. And today it is regularly cited in newspaper editorials, political debates and Supreme Court judgments.

But amidst all the self-congratulation about habeas corpus, the right to trial by jury and how it’s wisdom shines down the through the ages and still has much to teach us, one awkward question should be asked, however churlish it might seem.

Why have clauses 10 and 11 been airbrushed from history? These were the ones inserted in the original charter to protect widows and underage heirs specifically from Jewish moneylenders by restricting the recovery of debt out of the deceased debtor’s estate.

But they are nowhere to be found in the official Magna Carta Trust website nor the US National Archive website which instead features the text of the later — and much shorter — 1297 version. (“Why the Magna Carta anniversary celebrations will be missing two crucial paragraphs,” The Occidental Observer, 19th May 2013)

If Mark Steyn truly believes that Magna Carta is the foundation-stone of British and American liberty, then he must accept that liberty depends on escaping the greed and lies of Jews. But he doesn’t truly believe it and his Steyn Stick should really be called a Swine Stick. It’s just another lie issued by mendacious Mark as part of his long and faithful service to the Jews of Clown World.

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    • Junghans
      Junghans says:

      Right on, but unfortunately it doesn’t say much for the gullible ‘goyim’ who fall for his deceptive mendacity.

      • Anne C
        Anne C says:

        Junghans, I was reminded of your comment while reading this passage in another article today:

        In 1972, “…the University of Chicago launched its massive General Social Survey—a detailed, roughly biannual survey of thousands of Americans. To date, it has asked more than 40,000 Americans, ‘Generally speaking, would you say that most people can be trusted, or that you can’t be too careful when dealing with people?’ … while whites remain more trusting than other races, that ‘advantage’ is disappearing as the nation becomes more diverse. Indeed as the nation becomes more diverse the high social trust that is an advantage in a homogeneous society becomes a disadvantage. Diversity transforms one of the great strengths of the Anglo-Saxon into a fatal weakness.”

        I’ll repeat that for emphasis: Diversity transforms one of the great strengths of the Anglo-Saxon into a fatal weakness.

        The longer article deals with how cops are using the “War on Drugs” to abuse their policing powers in a small White town in Kansas. For those interested:

  1. charles frey
    charles frey says:

    01 Tobias, notice the color of Steyn’s shirt, that he obviously preferred for this formal portrait. Like the Nile and Euphrates rivers, ITS boundaries, depicted on its flag: like the quasi regimental colours of the ties preferred by our msm and politicians, to telegraph, that they are dutifully earning their salaries and donations.

    02 Your ” Swine Stick ” should have been spelled SWINE SHTICK, signifying a ” comic theme or gimmick “. A word, that entered the English language from Yiddish.

    03 Many thanks for your observations on MAGNA CARTA, whose deletions I was never aware of.

  2. RegretLeft
    RegretLeft says:

    Steyn is a tough call; I surely like his “free speech absolutism” (his term) – his anti-climate change-operation writings have been at least financially costly to him – imposed mostly by a big defamation suit by T Mann. This article seems somewhat dated; my sense is that very recently he is a changed man perhaps due to being seriously injured by the Covid vaccine – (I think he almost died from multiple heart attacks after injections) -his subsequent writings on the Covid operation have been very strong – and cost him a lucrative position with some UK media group. And I think he has definitely stepped back from his close affiliation with all things neo-con – at least foreign policy wise. In short my sense is very much his own man and not at all merely a shill.

  3. Alan
    Alan says:

    Peering beyond the Veil. At the base of current schizoid political terminology exists an operative hydra headed deception infiltrating language that the vast distracted beleaguered public cannot always clearly define but intuitively knows .One of a plethora of examples is a term widely hated by some on the far left and the far right for diametrically opposed ideological reasons.We refer not merely to perverted political definitions but a far more insidious onerously jewmicronudged,micromanaged neuro linguistic programmed micro reprogramming.. a retooling.
    We began quite a while ago to revile the ersatz word..conservative, a word more akin to “normies” indicating utter self immolating meaninglessness, just as some may misuse , water down , abuse that term as it supposedly applies to Mark Steyn,the mendacious porcine bombastic neo jewish conservative frankinstein,.how can he sleep at night?.open borders with mass muslim and pan african immigration flooding in europe and america ?.is that in any way shape or form. .”conservative.? or is it duplicitous treasonous 5th columnist New Jew Order subservient .”con–servative?
    The pseudo neoligism”.con–servative ” applies precisely because of obviously jewish talmudic bolshevist adulteration . “,tikkun olam and kol nidre styled catacylisms preplanned for goyim.
    For the young people who dont know, kol nidre is a jew protocol which blesses the oath breaking of any contractual obligation from a Jew to a non jew…” Sound like trumpdog welshing on so many debts? it should. When Americans and Europeans became aware that their supposedly elected officials were utilizing AI rather than in an analogue human way,brainstorming some sort of collectively responsible representative human solutions and human electives to government policies.,..only horrified muffled dissent commenced. One reason more armed resistance to obvious jewishbtenofacism
    isnt ubiquitous is covid deaths with massive illegal immigration replacement still occuring. Jewish or neo jewish devolved talking heads have been the epicenter of massmedia and politics for decades ,more obviously recently centerstage prior to neo jew ,crypto jew Elon musk and AI. These technocratic kleptocratic bankster plutocrats,…kikeistocrats,..will do any evil act in any name but their own. The only exception is Jews and Palestine.Most Jews support Isreali butchering of Palestinian Christians and their half cousins the Palestinian muslims.
    .”Plausible deniability and all. Aipac,zoa,bnai brith,hias,adl,splc,wjc, all ultimately serve the ultra globohomosexual jew agenda s of WEF ,blackrock. All are tools of hyper Jewish transhumanism. Years ago one of our people was conversing with a professor of semiotics
    ,one Umberto Eco , about one of his books,The Name Of The Rose.
    Professor Eco was relating that monasteries of murderous homosexual jewsuit type monks were incessantly studying bizarre jewish histories ..the 2 talmuds and the Koran in a number of highly guarded secret inner libraries where , many assasinations, illicit perilous love affairs and murderous bloody gay sex was covered up , though a regular occurence.
    Stay with us dear readers…No one in their right mind should ever expect Mark Steyn to admit its the Jews behind the coming extermination of all analogue humanity by AI killer robots , programmed by Jews and by the paid stooges of the Jews.No one should expect Megalomaniacal neo jew brown noser mark steyn to admit Hollywood is hell.bent on demonizing and ultimately genociding white non jewish folk.No one should ever expect Mark Steyn to admit that a hostile foreign entity controls america s press”..Isreal.” America,like the FBI…means. For and By Isreal.”No one should expect Mark Steyn or Cucker Tarlson to admit it is the collective mind and the collective will of The Jews to exterminate all non jewish analogue humanity via Transhumanism. Links l. sub themes. The secret relationship between Black’s and JEWS. The secret relationship between Jews. and Islam.” 200 YearsTogether. A.Solzhenitzhen
    Disease X. From Quinine to Fluoride.
    5G EMF Radiation recouped with kill shot bioweaponized ingredients..Silent Wars.” Havana Syndrome Eustace Mullins, Murder by Injection. Distemperization. Apathizing .
    Note Default speed up of digitized technofacism.
    Normalization of drones,robots.
    Borg Assimilation. Transhumanism achieved incrementally by biochemical Neutering,drugging,de-souling ,,regendering,retooling,post multiple sources of cryogenic plasmatic gene destroying quackzine injections.

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