The Primacy of Anti-Semitism

As I write these words, the death toll in the Gaza massacre (not “war”) has surpassed 28,000, of whom some 70% are women and children.  As I write these words, nothing has evidently changed in Jewish attitudes, of which roughly 80% of American Jews and 95% of Israeli Jews are satisfied with the brutal assault.[1]  As I write these words, nothing has deterred the pro-Israel, pro-Jewish attitude of the Biden administration or of the so-called leaders in Europe—Ursula von der Leyen, Roberta Metsola, Jens Stoltenberg, Olaf Scholz—as they offer all possible aid and assistance to the criminal Jewish state.  These facts are extremely telling, but are unsurprising for those who have long studied the Jewish Question.

Confronted with the stark reality of Gaza, we must be clear and explicit.  We must state the obvious: Israel’s actions are crimes against humanity, out of any proportion to the Hamas attack that nominally instigated it.  As a resistance movement to a 75-year-long occupying power, Hamas is legitimate in its use of force against Israelis.  All those around the world who aid and comfort the Israeli government are themselves criminals and must be held accountable; this includes Joe Biden, Justin Trudeau, and virtually every national leader in Europe.  Those who refuse to speak up and condemn Israeli atrocities are moral cowards, concerned more about their personal status and personal well-being than mass human suffering.  Such people, especially those in positions of influence, should be identified, labeled, shunned, and punished by the appropriate court of law.

And it’s not just Palestine.  Jewish malfeasance around the world seems worse than ever, and with far greater consequence.  Whether it is pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, sexual predator Harvey Weinstein, the crypto fraudster Sam Bankman-Fried, war-mongering leader of the Senate Chuck Schumer, Jewish lunatic Volodymyr Zelensky destroying the nation of Ukraine, or any number of Jewish billionaires who have used their money to corrupt politicians of all parties and all nations—enough is enough.  The time has come to take an unambiguous anti-Jewish stance.  The stakes are simply too high.

In fact, I will go out on a limb and assert here that the vast majority of social problems in America, in Europe, and in the West, are primarily (though not solely) due to Jewish manipulation and corruption.  Things are disintegrating on several fronts around the world: war, migration, economic gyrations, physical and mental illness, environmental degradation, overpopulation, runaway technology.  When things go badly, those in charge must take the blame.  And in the West, those in charge, those who have the most leverage and the greatest control, are predominantly Jews.  This is my thesis; it is well-grounded by empirical evidence.[2]

If this is so, then the overriding concern of the day, and the primary moral imperative, is to be anti-Jewish—that is, to be an anti-Semite.  Every person of conscience needs to stand up and state, unambiguously and proudly, “I am an anti-Semite.” This is not some mindless “hatred of Jews” but rather an informed and rational challenge to Jewish influence—and really their dominant position—of Western socities.  We need to say, in so many words, “Jews are at the heart of the global poly-crisis, and therefore we must, of necessity, be anti-Jewish.”  Anything less is to evade the root cause, and anything less will effectively yield to catastrophe.

This, of course, demands a fundamental change in the social outlook of most people in the West.  As we all know, anyone today who dares challenge mainstream unconditional support for Israel, or who dares to even suggest that “Jews” have anything at all to do with the malign state of the world, is immediately branded an anti-Semite, or worse, a Nazi (or perhaps a “neo-Nazi,” as if that means anything).  Such labels are obviously intended to strike fear by tarring the subject with a hated designation, thus marking them as a racist, as deserving of punishment (loss of livelihood, ‘cancellation’, etc.), and as a generically “bad person.”  They also serve as a deterrent to any potentially like-minded individuals who may be tempted to speak up on behalf of sanity and justice.  By and large, and sadly, they work.

But the time has come for this little linguistic ploy to end.  We can’t stop Jews or their sycophants from dishing out such labels, but we can undermine their effect by—embracing them.  The global situation has now come to the point, I claim, where we can, we need, we must, take a resolutely anti-Jewish attitude, openly and explicitly.  The time has come to be an open and courageous anti-Semite, and to take action consistent with this view, as I will explain.

But two further points at the outset.  I refer here to Jews as an ethnicity, as a genetic group, and not as a religion.  My concern is with ethnic Jews.[3]  Virtually all religious Jews are also ethnic Jews, but only a minority of ethnic Jews are religious.  The distinction is often exploited by those who would prefer to disguise their identity; it allows your dissembling, ethnically-Jewish English professor to say “I’m not Jewish!”—by which he means he is a secular Jew.

Secondly, I’ll state the following now, only once, simply to get it out of the way:  When I say “Jews” or “the Jews,” I do not mean literally every Jew.  In using such terms, I refer to most Jews, or the most powerful Jews, or the Jewish elite, as the context requires.  If you have a hard time grasping this fact, you need not read any further.

A Bit of Perspective

The Gaza situation is not an anomaly; Zelensky leading the people of Ukraine to slaughter is not an anomaly; American Zionists driving us all into World War Three is not an anomaly.  For centuries, Jews have conducted, assisted, funded, or condoned mass murder when it served their purposes.  For centuries, they have been social corruptors and destroyers of order.  Such realizations have produced countless “anti-Semites” throughout history.  In 220 AD, Cassius Dio wrote that “Jews everywhere were showing signs of hostility to the Romans [during the revolt of 132 AD] … and the whole earth, one might say, was being stirred up over the matter”.[4]  By 1542, Martin Luther believed that Jews had caused so much death and destruction among the Christian population that “we are at fault in not slaying them”.[5]  Voltaire was aghast: “I would not be in the least bit surprised if these people would not someday become deadly to the human race”.[6]

In the early 1770s, the philosopher and polymath Baron d’Holbach published some striking indictments:

[When] we cast our eyes over the history of the Jews…we are forced to acknowledge that this people were at all times the blindest, the stupidest, the most credulous, the most superstitious, and the most puerile that ever appeared on the Earth. …  [By Mosaic Law, the Jews] were kept…in an unsocial and savage aversion for the rest of mankind; in an inveterate hatred of other forms of worship. …  [T]he Jewish people distinguished themselves only by massacres, unjust wars, cruelties, usurpations, and infamies…  [They] lived continually in the midst of calamities, and were, more than all other nations, the sport of frightful revolutions.

If we consult Tacitus and many other celebrated historians…we shall see that [the Jews] are considered as a horde of thieves and bandits. … And even now the remainder of this unfortunate nation is looked upon as the vilest and most contemptible of all the Earth…

[The Jewish god Jehovah] is a truly savage god, made for a stupid, cruel, and immoral people; he is always furious, breathes nothing but vengeance, commands carnage, theft, and unsociability.[7]

And of course, German National Socialists were extremely critical—though, again, with considerable justification.  Because of his central role in the major events of the twentieth century, Hitler’s comments on his own evolving view, as recorded in Mein Kampf are highly instructive.[8] In the beginning, like most people today, he had no pre-conceived notions about Jews:

It was not until I was 14 or 15 years old that I frequently ran up against the word ‘Jew,’ partly in connection with political controversies.  These references aroused a mild distaste in me, and an uncomfortable feeling always came over me when I had to listen to religious disputes.  But at that time, I had no other feelings about the Jewish Question.

There were very few Jews in Linz. … I hadn’t the slightest idea that there could be such a thing as a systematic anti-Semitism.  Then I came to Vienna. … It was then that I came upon the Jewish Question.

In physically encountering Jews, and in absorbing the intense Jewish media of Vienna, many previously inscrutable issues became comprehensible to him.  “My ideas about anti-Semitism changed in the course of time, and this was my most difficult transformation.”  He continues:

What soon gave me cause for serious thought, with a slowly rising insight, were the activities of the Jews in certain fields of life.  Was there any shady undertaking, any form of nastiness—especially in cultural life—in which at least one Jew did not participate?[9]  On putting the probing knife carefully to that kind of abscess, one immediately discovers, like a maggot in a rotting corpse, often blinded by the dazzling light: a little Jew.

In my eyes, the charge against Jewry became a grave one the moment I discovered their activities in the press, art, literature, and the theater.  All protests to the contrary were now essentially futile.  … Here was a pestilence, a moral pestilence, with which the public was being infected—one worse than the Black Death.  And in what mighty doses this poison was manufactured and distributed!  Naturally, the lower the moral and intellectual level of such artists, the more inexhaustible their fecundity.

Anyone today confronted with Hollywood films, rap music, or network television can likely sympathize with such views.

Hitler was adamant; he was not predisposed to anti-Semitism, but it was thrust upon him by the reality of the world around him.  “Even if my feelings might resist a thousand times, reason now had to draw its own conclusions.  The fact was that 90 percent of all the filthy literature, artistic trash, and theatrical idiocy had to be charged to the account of a people who formed scarcely one percent of the nation.  This fact could not be denied.”

Prostitution, human-trafficking, media corruption, political corruption… eventually, “the scales fell from my eyes.”  He had an epiphany:

I now understood the language of the Jewish people.  I realized that they use language for the purpose of disguising or veiling their thought, so that their real aim cannot be discovered by what they say, but rather only by reading between the lines.  This insight was, for me, the greatest inner revolution that I had yet experienced.  From being a soft-hearted cosmopolitan, I became an out-and-out anti-Semite.

In doing so, Hitler effectively joined a long-standing European movement, dating back at least to the late 1800s.  The Ligue Nationale Antisemitique de France (‘French Anti-Semitic League’) was formed in 1889 by Eduard Drumont, and the following year, Otto Böckel founded the Antisemitische Volkspartei (‘Anti-Semitic People’s Party’) in Germany, working with Theodor Fritsch.[10]  People and organizations of that day were openly and explicitly anti-Semitic; Hitler joined them around 1910, well before he could have known what was to come.  Looking back, we now see that Jews played major, perhaps decisive, roles in both World Wars.[11]  If there is a third world war, they will certainly have played a dominant role there as well.  The time for explicit anti-Semitism has come once again.[12]

I can’t leave Hitler without addressing one further issue.  Reader, ask yourself this question: If someone close to you—a sibling, cousin, child, friend—were declared to be a “Nazi,” would your reaction be generally positive or generally negative?  Almost certainly the latter.  Now, ask yourself, “Why is this?”  If you are a Jew, the negativity is understandable, given that “Nazi” is today virtually synonymous with “hated by Jews.”  But since you are most likely among the 98% of readers who are not Jewish, why the negative reaction?  Has a “Nazi” ever threatened you?  Do you even know what a “Nazi” is?  So why the negative reaction?  Could it be that you have been indoctrinated, or cowed, by the Jewish Lobby into making a negative association?  This is worthy of some self-reflection.

In light of the above, one might even graciously accept the mantle of “Nazism.”  (“Excuse me, sir, but the proper term is ‘National Socialist’.”)  If they call you an anti-Semite or a Nazi, at least it means you are having an effect; it is a measure of success.  Wear it proudly.

The Media: Cowardly, Incompetent, or Sold-Out?

How, then, do our brave media handle these issues?  Our media—those intrepid truth-seekers, noble and uncorrupted, “speaking truth to power”—yes, how about them?  Which members of our vast media system are willing to get to root causes, to call a spade a spade, and to “name the Jew”?

I suspect we know the story.  The mainstream media, both left and right, are hopelessly corrupted by Jewish ownership and Jewish management.  I won’t recount the details here, but all five of the major American media conglomerates—Disney, Warner, NBCUniversal, Fox Corp, and Paramount—are dominated by Jewish leaders, or in the case of Fox, by rabid Zionists (and likely crypto-Jews).

Consider a few specifics.  CNN and MSNBC are the most obvious, most craven examples of Jewish compliancy.  Here we see, not investigative journalism or balanced and nuanced opinions, but blatant pro-Israel, pro-Jewish propaganda.  Everything Israeli or Jewish is implicitly good and innocent, and everything Palestinian, Arab, Muslim, or even neutral are implicitly evil.  There are few Jewish program hosts—both networks seem to prefer Gentile gays, Blacks, and women—but the guest commentators and analysts are heavily, obscenely Jewish.  If a segment has two guests, at least one is a Jew; if three guests, one or two Jews; if a panel, two or three.  It is a calculated effort to maintain, at all times, a substantial Jewish presence.  Suffice to say that never, ever, would CNN or MSNBC ‘out’ a Jew, blame a Jew as a Jew, or touch on issues of Jewish sensitivity.

Fox News is virtually as bad.  Even as they vehemently disagree with the “liberal” media on virtually every issue, they are lock-step compliant on Jewish-Israeli issues.  The worst are the prime-time hosts:  Sean Hannity, Jesse Waters, and Laura Ingraham.  All three are pathetically, revoltingly pro-Jewish and pro-Israeli.  They could hardly be more fawning if they were paid Mossad agents.  This cannot be a coincidence; again, it must be coordinated from the top of Fox.  Only Tucker Carlson was willing to slightly, barely, touch on criticism of Jews (but never as Jews, unless you count his conflict with the ADL over their hypocrisy on immigration)—and he got fired.

The three main network news channels—ABC, NBC, and CBS—are all but useless.  All three parrot the same talking points, almost as if they had the same scriptwriters.  Their evening “national news” shows are parodies of real news, deliberately designed to grab the viewer’s attention and deflect it from deeper issues.  As above, never, ever, would they criticize Jews or Israel in any serious fashion.

But wait, you say; today, thank God, we have independent news sources on the Internet, ranging from groups like Politico or Buzzfeed or Vox or ProPublica or The Intercept—and there are brave individual journalists and writers.  They, surely, are not frightened by the Jewish Lobby; they, surely, will give us the honest truth.

Sadly, no.  Once again, nearly all such sources rigorously avoid touching the “third rail” of the Jewish Question.  Jews are never named, they are never outed, they are never involved—as Jews—with anything.  Indeed, the word ‘Jew’ almost never appears in such sources, as if it were an evil talisman of some sort.  And this, even in our supposedly brave, hard-hitting, independent journalism.

A sampling of recent reportage is revealing.  Now, of course, I cannot have reviewed every word written by the following individuals; but still, the following essays were obvious candidates for a serious discussion of the role of Jews qua Jews, and yet the subject appears—nowhere.  Consider the following recent examples of an apparently studied refusal to “name the Jew”:

All these men are thoughtful and well-informed on their subjects; so why, then, do they refuse to directly address the Jewish Question?  It is the central aspect of the matters at hand.  Without the Jewish angle, nothing really makes sense.  At best, we have half the story.  Where is the full story?  Are they ignorant of it?  Do they know, and yet willfully avoid it?  Either way, the results are not good.

The last of the above-mentioned articles is particularly instructive.  Patrick Lawrence—former International Herald Tribune reporter, “media critic, author, and lecturer,” and now writer for the “independent” ScheerPost—offers us a trenchant analysis of the decline of that liberal media icon, the New York Times.  But in a 5,000-word essay, the word ‘Jew’ appears precisely once, and then in an apologetic sense.  In the second paragraph, Lawrence writes of the sadistic mockery displayed by the IDF soldiers, “a carnival of racist depravity one would have thought beyond what is worst in humanity—and certainly beyond what any Jew would do to another human being.”  This displays an ignorance of Jewish history; such behavior is certainly not “beyond what any Jew would do,” and in fact, is entirely consistent with Jewish behavior over the centuries.

Lawrence ignores the essential fact that the NYTimes is a thoroughly Jewish institution, and has been since Adolph Ochs bought the paper back in 1896.  The current publisher is a Jew, Arthur Sulzberger, as is the editor-in-chief, Joseph Kahn.  I don’t have exact statistics, but the vast majority of their stories carry at least one Jew in the byline.  If the NYTimes is biased toward Israel (even though it has been lately, and belatedly, calling out Palestinian suffering in the current onslaught), it is clearly and obviously because the organization is owned and run by Jews—this is Fact #1, but Lawrence, like every other media critic, fails to point this out.

Of course, he can’t help but name Jews along the way, but never as Jews; their Jewishness “has nothing to do with it!” as our screaming liberals might say.  Lawrence cites Max Blumenthal, David Leonhardt, Jeffrey Gettleman, Anat Schwartz, Adam Sella, Joe Kahn, Roger Cohen, Emily Bazelon—almost certainly, all Jews.  (Lawrence’s own ethnicity is unknown.)

Near the end of the piece, Lawrence laments that “we are now face to face with the destructive power of corporate media,” which serves “the policy cliques who run the imperium.”   He quotes Blumenthal to the effect that “these [NYTimes’] lies, fabrications, distortions, half-truths, and exaggerations…need to be called out.”  “Is there a truer way to make the point?” asks Lawrence.  Yes there is—like pointing to the entirely Jewish character of the Times for over a century, and its long history of “lies, fabrications, and distortions” on behalf of Jewish interests.

There is almost no pushback against this sort of journalism, apart from a few outlets, like TOO, with very limited reach—often banned from social media and credit processing. What he have is virtually nothing compared to the constant barrage of poisonous, anti-White messages emanating from the Jewish media empire.

One Solution, and Some Concrete Steps

Speaking of solutions, here is mine (disclaimer: it is not original):  Based on history and extensive empirical evidence, even a small proportion of Jews in a given nation begin to cause serious problems.  There is a threshold, a share of the population, beyond which Jews must not be allowed; and that threshold is very low.  Based on my experience, the figure is about 0.1%.  Once Jews exceed this percentage in any nation, corruption and social disruption ensue.

The USA is a case in point.  Today, we have about 6.5 million Jews in a population of around 330 million, or about 2%.  This is 20 times my proposed threshold, and indeed, we have massive Jewish corruption.  To avoid significant damage, the US would have to restrict its Jewish population to no more than around 300,000, in total.

Hence my solution: Encourage the Jews to leave.  In principle, there are many incentives that could be applied; see below for a few thoughts.  And granted, it is not likely to happen quickly.  Still, there is value in openly and explicitly stating the goal, and to begin working toward it, no matter how long it may take.

“Great idea,” I hear people say, “but what exactly should we do, who will do it, and how?”  There are several things we can do, all of us, to initiate the process.  For now, it must be a grass-roots movement—which has many benefits because it means that every person, in their own way, can take concrete action.  Don’t wait for “leaders” or “parties”; those will come with time.  Act now, as an individual or part of a small, local, face-to-face group.  Here are a few options:

First, get informed.  Become a knowledgeable spokesman on the Jewish Question.  Know your history, and learn what you are up against.  There are a handful of essential texts that go a long way toward self-education.  I myself have edited and published some of these:  Mein Kampf, Classic Essays on the Jewish Question, The Jewish Hand in the World Wars, and Eternal Strangers: Critical Views of Jews and Judaism through the Ages.  Two more classic works would include Theodore Fritsch’s Riddle of the Jews’ Success and Henry Ford’s The International Jew.  A few months of effort invested in reading these books would be hugely profitable.

Second, adopt a clear and rational “anti-Semitic” stance.  Avoid emotion and hyperbole.  Be rational and factualIdentify Jews and Jewish crimes as such, and back your statements up with evidence that Jewish identity is important, e.g., by showing that it is a common pattern among Jews.  Speak openly to friends and neighbors about the situation; show them that the situation is far worse than they imagine, and that Jews are at the root of many of our social and political problems.

Third, openly promote the goal of an America free of Jewish influence.  As stated above, the avowed goal should be a nation free of Jewish influence—which, in practice, means many fewer actual Jews. There is no time limit here; stating the goal is what is important now.  And don’t be dissuaded by claims of “that’s unrealistic”; all visionary goals initially seem unrealistic.  Press ahead.

Fourth, emphasize the nonviolent nature of this goal, and the nonviolent means to get there.  The idea is not to cause harm to Jews but rather to make them see that it is in their own best interests to voluntarily leave.  There are many ways to achieve this—starting with a popular movement that simply and openly declares an intent to reduce Jewish influence over the long run.

Individuals can also take action, to the extent possible, to boycott and sanction Jewish enterprises so as to deprive them of profits.  Granted, this can be difficult in the present day, given the difficulty of finding businesses and products without Jewish ties. But small and local businesses often meet this requirement, if only by default.  Encourage local businesses to both stay free of Jewish ties and to impose their own boycott.

Further nonviolent means will become available when the appropriate political environment comes into being—again likely beginning at local levels.  For example, Jewish malfeasance could be compensated by a “Jew tax” of some sort, as was done in the Roman Empire.  And we might consider banning circumcision as a form of male genital mutilation.  Granted, such things would be challenged on constitutional grounds; but who knows what the political climate may be in the future?  Ending dual citizenship with Israel is another obvious action, and would force many Jews to choose their true loyalty.  Non-citizen Jews could be given limited residency permits and then compelled to leave.  Non-citizens implicated in any crimes could be deported to their home countries.

Fifth, in all discussions, press for transparency.  Among our celebrities, governmental figures, and media stars, we need to know who is a Jew (or part-Jew), and we need to expose those non-Jews willing to serve Jewish interests for money or ideology (e.g., Christian Zionism).  On a larger scale, we will eventually need to identify everyone by ethnic origins; we will need both local and national databases to distinguish the White from the non-White population.  (Jews, needless to say, are not White.)  Only in this way can we measure progress on our road to a nation free of Jewish influence.

Political figures should be of particular focus.  Given the primacy of anti-Semitism, the only relevant political question is: How will you tackle the Jewish Question?  For candidates at all levels, we need to be “one-issue” guys, and that issue is attacking Jewish power.  At every candidate forum or local town hall, ask them, straight up, what they will do on this matter; e.g., by asking a question like “What is the role of Jewish influence in our foreign policy establishment?”  And when they cave in or evade the answer, call them out for being moral cowards or Jewish lackeys.

Sixth, start at the small-scale and the local.  Make efforts to create a reasonable assessment of your local Jewish populations (by city, county, or state).  Many such jurisdictions already have very few Jews (i.e. under 0.1%); declare them as such, declare victory, and then build alliances with neighboring or larger jurisdictions.

Seventh, exploit all negative Jewish news stories to the maximum.    For example, Jewish organizations and individuals have been in the forefront of pro-immigration movements—Jews such as Alejandro Mayorkas, who was recently impeached because of his role in the open-borders policy of the Biden Administration but never identified as a Jew in Congressional debates.  The same goes for pro-war movements, such as the leading role of Jews like Bill Kristol in the leadup to the Iraq war and Victoria Nuland in the coup that was directly influential in promoting Russian antagonism in the runup to the war in Ukraine. These people are but rarely, if ever, identified as Jews. Jews are often disproportionately involved in unethical and criminal actions, at all levels of society, from white-collar criminals, child molesters, sex traffickers, to master criminals operating at a global level; such people are not the main prongs of Jewish power but their Jewish identity should not be hidden as it is now. The current Israeli crimes in Gaza are textbook cases of Jewish malevolence and should do much to remove the mantel of ethical superiority and victimhood that Jews have been so adept at promoting.  When talking with friends, be sure to emphasize that these are Jews: not “Israelis,” not “Zionists.”  Call a spade a spade.

Eighth, donate money to bona fide anti-Jewish groups and activities.  As an active writer and publisher, I know how hard it is to get by, and how valuable even small donations can be.  There are good, dedicated people out there, working hard every day to solve the Jewish Problem.  They can always use an extra dollar.

Ninth, avoid all Jewish-run or -funded groups.  Jews are masters of ‘controlled opposition’: of funding or becoming members, or even leaders, of supposedly anti-Jewish groups simply in order to control them and ultimately destroy them.  There are a number of such Jews: Paul Gottfried, Davis Hawke, Laura Loomer, Chaya Raichik, Andrew Auenheimer (aka Weev), Milo Yiannopoulos.  Andrew Breitbart (died 2012) was Jewish, and his Breitbart news remains a thoroughly Jewish enterprise.

In a similar vein, be highly suspicious of individuals or groups who can’t quite bring themselves to criticize Jews by name.  They may well have ulterior motives.

Tenth, get active.  Become a writer, speaker, organizer, teacher, leader.  Everyone has different talents; put them to good use, in service of perhaps the most urgent task facing humanity today.  Each person knows their locality the best: what motivates people, what irritates them, what are their ‘hot buttons.’  Demonstrate to people in your region the primacy of anti-Semitism: its urgency, its necessity, and its effectiveness.

And perhaps a final suggestion:  Refuse to sustain Jewish supremacy.  The USA is a gigantic machine for the creation of Jewish wealth and power.  Everything that serves to benefit America actually benefits the Jews.  For every dollar you earn working for an “American” company, someone, often a Jew, earns ten.  Everything you do as a “patriot” to aid America aids the Jews because of the Jewish role in our current regime.  It takes a tremendous amount of work to sustain and grow the Jew-machine.  Therefore, the obvious course of action is to stop working for it.  Withhold your labor; withhold your wealth; withhold your allegiance.   Invest overseas (but not Western Europe, which, in many cases, has even stronger pro-Jewish laws and governments than we do).  Work for yourself, for a family business, or for a foreign firm.  Bring the Jew-machine to a grinding halt.

A Better World

Imagine, if you will, an America free of Jewish influence.  Imagine a federal government that (a) has very few Jews, and (b) is filled with largely competent, capable, well-meaning people, working in the best interests of this nation.  Imagine a government not given over to Jewish dictates and not flooded with corrupting Jewish money.  Imagine a United States not hell-bent on a Jewish-inspired program of world domination; a US military not raining death and destruction on people around the globe; no 800 military bases in other nations, many against their will; and a military budget closer to $500 billion than $1.5 trillion.

Imagine an America with closed and secure borders, and all illegal immigrants forcibly deported (Jews have always led the charge for open borders); imagine public schools and universities not steadily ramming leftist-liberal ideology down students’ throats (Jews have been in the lead promoting woke ideology); imagine LGBTQ and “trans” issues fading back into relative obscurity (where they were before Jews got involved); imagine corporations prioritizing quality-of-life issues, or environmental sustainability, rather than maximization of profits (Jewish materialism and greed rule today); imagine a stable, rational, and inflation-free economy instead of one acting like a global casino (as Jews prefer); imagine paying no income taxes to the feds (Jews inaugurated mandatory income taxes for everyone in World War II).[14]  Perhaps best of all, imagine a democracy not being synonymous with “rule by the Jews.”

All this is possible, and more.  In fact, more than possible; it is almost certain, should we decide we want to eliminate Jewish influence.

Skeptical, dear reader?  Then put me to the test.  Jews have been disproportionately influential in America for at least 100 years, with their power increasing dramatically after World War II and especially as a result of the counter-cultural revolution of the 1960s.[15]  Therefore, let us conduct a fair experiment.  Let us strive for the next 100 years to be a nation free of Jewish influence.  At the end of that new century, let us make a fair assessment of the pros and cons versus the previous 100 years, and make an honest determination which life was better.  Should it be determined that America’s Jewish century was better, so be it; let us welcome the Jews back with open arms.

But should we find that, in fact, our century of America free of Jewish influence was better, perhaps vastly better, let us celebrate our courage and our vision, and be a true inspiration for the world, showing what can be attained with resolve and determination.  It happened before; it can happen again.

Thomas Dalton, PhD, has authored or edited several books and articles on politics and history. All his works are available at, and at his personal website

[1] See the Peace Index for January 2024 (survey 8th to 15th), in which the use of force in Gaza was described as “appropriate” (51%) or, incredibly, “too little” (43%), yielding 94% of Israeli Jews who are comfortable with the overwhelming use of force against a civilian population.

[2] For a fairly thorough documentation of the facts, see my book The Steep Climb: Essays on the Jewish Question (2023; Clemens & Blair).

[3] Mixed-race Jews—as with Blacks and Hispanics—are a special case and require separate discussion.  In short, I am inclined to count anyone with at least one Jewish grandparent as a Jew.

[4] Roman History 69.13.

[5] On the Jews and their Lies (2020; Clemens & Blair), p. 180.

[6] In A. Hertzberg, The French Enlightenment and the Jews (1968), p. 300.

[7] Ecce Homo, Superstition in All Ages, and Good Sense, respectively.  For details, see T. Dalton, Eternal Strangers (2020; Castle Hill).

[8] The following passages are taken from my 2022 translation of Mein Kampf, volume one, pp. 85-97.

[9] Jews have long been prominent in ethically dubious industries, including usury, slavery, war-profiteering, human trafficking, alcohol, drugs, gambling, and pornography.

[10] Fritsch, incidentally, authored the compelling book The Riddle of the Jews’ Success (1923/2023)—a highly revealing practical study in Jewish tactics.

[11] As explained in my 2019 book, The Jewish Hand in the World Wars (Castle Hill).

[12] Ron Unz, incidentally, recently came to the same conclusion: “These days most Westerners claim to regard genocide in a decidedly negative light. So does this not syllogistically require them to embrace and endorse ‘antisemitism’? Surely a visitor from Mars would be very puzzled by this strange dilemma and the philosophical and psychological contortions it seems to require.”

[13] Although a case could be made for the serious Holocaust revisionists; men like Carlo Mattogno, Germar Rudolf, and Juergen Graf are almost completely unknown, even to Holocaust skeptics, so severe has been the censorship of their work.  For the curious, take a look at, and the new revisionist Holocaust Encyclopedia.

[14] See my Steep Climb, chapter entitled “Tax the rich!”

[15] In fact, I have argued for a precise date upon which this nation sold its soul to the Jews: 20 December 1911.  See my Steep Climb, pp. 255-257.

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    Since high school, I have cultivated a skeptical attitude towards popular culture. Yet, many years had to pass for me to recognize that a Jewish problem existed. So, what do we do? My addition to the list of remedies is for our friends and allies to become filthy rich billionaires like Donald Trump fund creative activities, for example, buy newspapers like the NY Times, buy television outlets like Fox News, CNN, buy movie studios, book publishers and so on.

    • Weaver
      Weaver says:

      Christians tend to just give it all away. That might work well when there’s a monarchy or church leader who’ll lead, but we don’t have that.

      One problem with the rich leading is they often know little about politics and culture. A workaholic or scoundrel isn’t likely to be an expert in everything.

      Trump inherited his money. Many successful people got a start with wealthy parents. But it should be possible to get that seed capital on one’s own, just a little later.

  2. Kurt
    Kurt says:

    Rick Steves is an American travel reporter who emphasizes his self-declared capitalist ambition by promoting “left-liberal” crypto-communists. Since Mr. Steves is also a “good Christian,” he not only champions the manic warmonger and pro-abortion Hillary Clinton, but also the senile moron Sleepy Joe Brandon Biden, who is flooding his country with millions of poverty-stricken refugees from the Third World. He is particularly interested in Europe, at least as long as it is still recognizable as Europe. Mr. Steves not only uncritically adopts the narrative of the Jews, but spreads it as “truth”.

    “As a man, I’m excited to have a
    president who’s a woman.” Just
    wow, what a courageous “man”!

    The “wellness-Christian” Steves gives us a taste of his almost gigantic spirit: “I think we’re 300 million people and if we lose a few hundred people a year to terrorists, that doesn’t change who we are and it shouldn’t change the fabric of our society. Frankly I think we should get used to losing—as long as we’re taking the stance in the world of being the military superpower, you’re going to have people nipping at you.”

  3. Crush Limbraw
    Crush Limbraw says:

    Logistically, here’s our problem – “As I wrote in a 2018 article, generations of Jewish media control and strident Jewish political activism have successfully subjected the 99% Gentile populations of the Western world to exactly this same sort of psychological process, with enormous social and political consequences, as we are now seeing unfold during the astonishing slaughter in Gaza” – Ron Unz

    Also, the fundamental aspect of communication begins with – who is a Jew and who is not a Jew? – – it’s not a simplistic concept.

    If we keep in mind that Christianity was a pillar of Western Civilization and dealt with the DaSynagogue of Satan (DSOS) over hundreds of years, it had to be undermined first to corrupt the west.
    This is what happens when Christianity is converged into churchianity – upon leaving the spiritual battlefield on ALL fronts, it becomes a self-focused pursuit of be-nice individual pietism, escapism, ignorant and delusional wishful thinking – all at the cost of losing the culture and the resultant society at large. In other words, what Christianity built over hundreds of years, churchianity turned it over to Satan’s servants and thus became servants themselves by default.
    “My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge!” – Hosea

    In other words, what we can clearly see materially has a fundamental spiritual basis. – – no, I’m not talking religiosity…..I’m talking REALITY!
    It took me years to finally erase the previous indoctrination of school, culture etal to begin seeing the light of truth and reality.

    Is it hopeless then for us to turn events around and restore Christian sanity? Not in the least – we just need to understand where the restoration lies – churchianity needs to be restored to Christianity! Biblical history confirms Sun Tzu – knowing yourself and your enemy guarantees victory. Right now, most folks – both secularists and churchians – know neither. Sad, but true!

    How so? Introducing Gary North – – lot to read.

    After all this, if you’re still interested – – starts at the very beginning and the links to the interrelationships between Government Religion Politics Culture – it’s a long and arduous ride – but dang, it’s been exciting! And – obviously – is picking up speed, so hang on!

  4. Will W Williams
    Will W Williams says:

    Crush Limbraw says: February 21, 2024 Is it hopeless then for us to turn events around and restore Christian sanity?

    Yes, Hopeless. Christianity is controlled opposition for Jewry.

    Thank goodness we have a courageous realist like Thomas Dalton sounding the alarm our people need to hear.

    • Mike Bennett
      Mike Bennett says:

      Good comment..! We should reject and accept Cosmotheism…worship of physical/natural laws..! Too bad that the $$$ changers destroyed the ancient pagan world, as Roman paganism/ Greek Hellenism sure designed and built nice temples…

      • What’s up Skip
        What’s up Skip says:

        Even if Christianity was a Jewish conspiracy it seems to have been taken over by gentiles and made explicitly anti-Jewish by the fourth century A.D and remained so until the 18th. The liberalising of the last two hundred years progressively softened the Christian stance towards Jews. It’s this liberalism that needs to be expunged.

  5. RockaBoatus
    RockaBoatus says:

    Kudos to Thomas Dalton for providing us with an important and very practical article.

    As Whites, we may not as of yet be able to accomplish sweeping social and political reforms in the best interests of our people, but there are a plethora of tactics and very practical things we can do to move us in the direction we want. That day may not so far off as some imagine.

    As the USA continues to unravel and implode before our eyes, there’s hope that we may one day see the goals we’ve longed for. Now is the time to stay focused and to not get diverted by all the noise and clamor of our enemies.

    There is good reason to be optimistic when one considers the kinds of racial issues that are openly discussed on a plethora of media outlets. A growing number of establishment ‘conservatives’ are now openly talking about the anti-White agenda promoted by the government and its complicit media – something they strenuously avoided just a couple of years earlier. Tucker has repeatedly talked about it, and has even come close to naming the Jew (at least in code-word) as well as tangling with the ADL which might have been the impetus for FOX to fire him?

    Either way, our truths and our side of things is becoming more and more well known and received. A growing number of Americans are considering what we have to say. There is an openness to our ideas as never before (at least not in my lifetime).

    Thus, there’s good reason to be confident that we will prevail . . . . because the Truth always prevails.

  6. WCH
    WCH says:

    A real concern for people living in Europe, Russia and now Florida is prison. All the above have laws with prison time for anyone who is openly anti-semtic. If you question the holicost you go straight to jail. So the first step needs to be ending these laws. DeSantis must go.

  7. Gordon
    Gordon says:

    Footnote 13 refers to “…serious holocaust revisionists”, but I can’t find this in the article(it appears to go from 12 to 14)

  8. Lady Strange
    Lady Strange says:

    Excellent article. But , alas, a lot of wishful thinking…
    Anyway, in that sea of malevolence, the author forget the COVID vaccin murderous farce : endanger the whole of humanity, unborns, babies, pregnant women, infants, teens ( how many disabled for life and killed ? ) with a fake vaccine designed by incompetent and murderous Jews for … profit. They would wipe all life on earth for a few shekels, he ?
    And I don’t talk about the industrial abortions who have wiped the ” fine fleur of he white race ” for 60 years.
    The crimes are so immense, it’s unbelievable.

  9. eah
    eah says:

    Some points that could be made purely in a ‘devil’s advocate’ sort of way:

    >out of any proportion to the Hamas attack

    There are no rules about that, believe it and/or like it or not — because what you see as a disproportionate number of civilians are being killed during a military campaign conducted against (what is seen as) an enemy located in a highly urbanized area, does not necessarily mean ‘crimes against humanity’ or ‘war crimes’ are being committed.

    >a 75-year-long occupying power

    It seems the author does not see the state of Israel as legitimate — he seems to be someone who believes Israel has no right to exist — obviously this must have a great deal of influence on this thinking — whereas another view is that the Jews prevailed in the struggle to fill the nation state vacuum in the Levant created by the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire after WWI, and in that sense the state of Israel is as legitimate as any other.

    >the Hamas attack that nominally instigated it

    Disregarding the obviously ridiculous and shameful Jewish atrocity propaganda (e.g. 40 beheaded babies), the attack by Hamas, which killed by most accounts >1k Israelis, was more than ‘nominal’ — it was essentially an act of war — so Israel is doing what any nation with the military wherewithal would do: trying to destroy their enemy and make sure they can never do the same thing again.

    The fact there is so much handwringing about this in the West shows how infantile and feminized the West has become — its nations are no longer virile and manly, capable of even defending themselves against their own demographic destruction by third world hordes — see Oswald Spengler.

  10. Anne C
    Anne C says:

    Here’s another suggestion for grinding your own personal anti-Semitic axe:

    The Substack platform has a handful of writers who are talking about the JQ or getting close to it – and the comments sections of some Substacks have lots of people participating who are right on the edge of starting to think about the JQ.

    It has become a kind of guilty pleasure of mine to figure out how to post arguments in said commenting sections that help pull the Overton Window towards more open discussion of the JQ. It can be both rewarding and frustrating. And sometimes it’s just straight up entertaining – at least twice I have been told I am going to burn for eternity in hell.

    Three Substacks I have discovered that are already openly discussing the JQ:

    Good Citizen
    This guy is great at satire and dissecting propaganda, and he has just recently thrown caution to the wind and starting naming The Jew openly. It has cost him a good chunk of his paid subscribers, so now is a good time to show him whatever support you can. His audience is mostly younger than here at TOO, and I think they would really benefit from the wisdom of TOO’s crowd.

    Rainbow Pill
    This one is written by the Gay Troll, who some might recognize from Unz. As a literary analyst, he’s been doing some really interesting deep dives on re-examining the original Greek translations of the Bible. He recently made a very credible argument that Jesus (as a mythological figure) was not a Jew, but a Celt.

    Odysseus Unsheathed
    Craig Nelsen started this Substack about a year ago, and in the past month I have become a contributor (posting as Anna Cordelia). We focus a lot on the Jewish Bolshevik Revolution and its fallout in today’s world.

    I’ll also make an “honourable mention” of one more Substack:
    bad cattitude
    This cat is quite witty does great economic analyses. He is not onto the JQ (as far as I can tell) but he comes really close, and many of his commenters are already there. Great place to spread the word and do some “nudging.”

  11. Bobby
    Bobby says:

    Great work as always Thomas, thank you.

    Yes, the most important thing is to get out there on the local level and spread the truth about Jewish supremacy, anyway we can to whomever will listen.

  12. Rudolf
    Rudolf says:

    Black founding fathers (the good) fine,
    but black Nazi soldiers (the evil) never.
    The Diversity-AI still has a lot to learn!

    “Anti-Semitism” is (and remains forever!) a sheer inexplicable phenomenon, because it lacks any kind of rational justification! Only the razor-sharp analytical mind of self-proclaimed “researchers” like Fraulein Ebner (“London School of Economics”) is able to track down all the ineradicable human abysses that underlie this hateful defamatory trope/canard/fabrication and mercilessly expose them as such with downright brilliant bogus arguments.
    A further important “expert” in the “DW”
    (factual translation “Anti-German-Wave”)
    mockumentary is this “French” historian.

    Even all the long-dead former Swiss anti-Nazis should now simply be happy and grateful to have been on the historically correct side at all times. After all, their country, the adopted home of all the super-rich and fraudsters, now has a foreign population of more than 30 percent and can emerge as the beneficiary of a “defensible democracy”. Who wouldn’t want to be buried one day in an idyllic mountain cemetery e.g. in Grindelwald, surrounded by majestic four-thousand-meter peaks, as the crowning glory of their humanistic existence?

    The malicious and ungrateful provincial Austrian postcard designer Hitler once said: “Switzerland is a pimple on the face of Europe and possesses the most disgusting and miserable people.”

    Activate auto-subs


    “The war in Europe began on September 1, 1939. In view of the looming threat, Switzerland called up its citizens for military service. However, the country and its army did not feel up to a possible invasion. In addition, the Swiss economy was largely dependent on imports, especially German coal. Switzerland therefore endeavored to maintain contacts with all its partners without compromising its traditional neutrality. A few months later, the Wehrmacht won the war on the Western Front against France and the British army was on the run. And Switzerland was surrounded. Out of pragmatism and to avoid offending its powerful neighbor, the Alpine republic decided to drastically tighten its refugee policy.

    Thousands of Jews were turned away at the borders, while the International Red Cross tried to maintain the country’s reputation with its humanitarian services. At the same time, Swiss banks became compliant fences for the Nazi gold stolen in the occupied countries. Swiss industry ran at full speed to supply the Wehrmacht with weapons and equipment, and Swiss subsidiaries in Germany participated in the German war effort without scruples. When the USA joined the war in 1942, relations between Bern and Berlin became increasingly shady, especially as Switzerland compromised itself more and more with its favors. Despite all the pressure, however, it maintained its course and continued to rely on a booming economy as a guarantor of its much-vaunted neutrality.

    It was only in the final months of the war that Bern denied Germany the numerous financial advantages it had enjoyed. While Europe was in ruins in the post-war period, Switzerland was in excellent health. Only its reputation was somewhat ruined. But Switzerland very quickly regained its former prestige. The collusion with the Third Reich was forgotten. It was not until 2002 that the archives of banks and large companies revealed that Bern had – consciously or unintentionally – strongly supported the Nazi war effort. The Swiss debated, apologized, compensated the victims and, convinced that they had come to terms with the past, closed their archives again.”

  13. Weaver
    Weaver says:

    I’m no libertarian, but doing away with the income tax, at least for most people, sounds excellent. The current system rewards failure, punishes success. And I hear things like public housing are granted to those with connections, which is not what you want.

    UBI and a VAT would be nice. You could tax those at the very top additionally in some manner.

  14. Michael
    Michael says:

    A brilliant article. Thanks very much for this, Dr. Dalton.

    And a question for you: Do you get harassed by Jews for spreading the truth about them like this?

  15. Paschn
    Paschn says:

    Amazing, no? When one considers the tiny population of faux Jewery and the literal millennia they have manufactured hatred/chaos, (which chancellor Hitler accurately warned of), it makes perfect sense they would be identified as “… from your father, the devil…” How else could one explain their continued existance and growing power? Facilitated primarily and to a large degree by the Anglo – American dual world power, they are obviously a spawn of Satan and watched over by same. Frightening to say the least!

  16. Bene Adonai Jesus
    Bene Adonai Jesus says:

    If this link above doesn’t open, use this link directly from

    The Invention of the Jewish People (English Edition) eBook Kindle
    Edição Inglês por Shlomo Sand (Autor), Yael Lotan eBook Kindle

    A historical tour de force, The Invention of the Jewish People offers a groundbreaking account of Jewish and Israeli history. Exploding the myth that there was a forced Jewish exile in the first century at the hands of the Romans, Israeli historian Shlomo Sand argues that most modern Jews descend from converts, whose native lands were scattered across the Middle East and Eastern Europe.

    In this iconoclastic work, which spent nineteen weeks on the Israeli bestseller list and won the coveted Aujourd’hui Award in France, Sand provides the intellectual foundations for a new vision of Israel’s future.


    The Invention of the Land of Israel: From Holy Land to Homeland (English Edition) 1ª Edição, eBook Kindle
    Shlomo Sand (Autor), Geremy Forman
    eBook Kindle

    What is a homeland? When does it become a national territory? Why have so many people been willing to die for such places throughout the twentieth century? What is the essence of the Promised Land?

    Following the acclaimed and controversial The Invention of the Jewish People, Shlomo Sand examines the mysterious sacred land that has become the site of the longest-running national struggle of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. The Invention of the Land of Israel deconstructs the age-old legends surrounding the Holy Land and the prejudices that continue to suffocate it. The invention of the modern concept of the “Land of Israel” in the nineteenth century, he argues, not only facilitated the colonization of the Middle East and the establishment of the State of Israel, it is also what is threatening Israel’s existence today.


  17. Bene Adonay Jesus
    Bene Adonay Jesus says:

    Khazarian, criminals and major actors. After losing a war against Russia
    (1200 AD), the Khazarian mafia went to Western Europe and the USA, and after World War II to Israel, which was founded by the Khazarian mafia

    Organ trafficking in Ukraine



  18. Bene Adonai Jesus
    Bene Adonai Jesus says:


    In the camp money, caleed “Lagergeld”, was created to pay laborers for their efforts. This currency was used at Auschwitz, Buchenwald, and Dachau. This payment system included Jewish employees who received “scrip” papers that they later redeemed to buy goods at store located inside these industrial centers.

    What a queer idea, don’t you think, giving Jewish slaves a paycheck…the same ones that the Nazis were supposedly going to execute in ovens?

    Taken one step further, not only weren’t there any execution camps operated by the Nazis, these labor facilities actually became some of the safest places in Europe by war’s end.

    Source: The Holocaust Hoax Exposed-Debunking The 20TH Century’s Biggest Lie.
    By Victor Thorn, Published by the Barnes Review.


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