Destination 1933: The Holodomor and White Sea-Baltic Canal

Context: It’s for The Greater Good

For the essential world history lessons spoon-fed to most Americans, it probably goes something like this: Out of thin air, the Germans began hating the Jews, mistreating them, and then they sparked World War II as a means to conquer the planet. For many sixth-grade students today, this simplified history concept begins by assigning them the dreadful fictional novel Milkweed, by Jerry Spinelli, as an English class assignment that jumps right into the Warsaw ghetto, “jackboots,” and deportation to the concentration camps with a childish second-grade reading level style. No doubt, this one book alone, especially its confusing ending, is probably responsible for dragging down reading and writing skills of our youth while simultaneously deflating any interest they may have developed for the literary arts. From there, the academics typically continues with Elie Wiesel’s Night, a few hours of the History Channel, a Steven Spielberg movie, and possibly a mobile Anne Frank Museum[1] will assemble in their school auditorium, completing the formal education that sticks like glue in the brains of our youth, just as the skeletal body photos of the concentration camp pierce their memory forever. In middle school alone, over two months of study are likely devoted to this curriculum (i.e. narrative/indoctrination).

This snapshot of 1933 is written for those students capable of opening their minds to critical thinking, whose understanding of our past has been shaped by cunning omission and the bias of the unseen victors. This piece also provides some nuggets and details from rare contemporary counter-narratives for the history enthusiasts already possessing the broader picture of context. As long as this lesson is, let the reader consider that it is little more than ten percent of the “Milkweed” word count. Read some of the 500+ one-star reviews and you’ll feel privileged in taking this journey instead![2]

1933 was a profoundly significant and pivotal year, a period that is hardly given the attention it deserves, especially for our young students. Franklin D. Roosevelt took office as president, New Deal policies began taking shape to counter the Great Depression, and American citizens had to forfeit their precious metal to the government as the gold standard was abrogated. Adolf Hitler was appointed Chancellor of Germany and introduced regulations that limited opportunities and restricted the lives of German Jews. Albert Einstein and other influential Jews immigrated to the states in response. And by December the Twenty-first Amendment was ratified repealing the Prohibition of alcohol for Americans. So while there are plenty of historical topics worth exploring for 1933, perhaps the two most damaging to humanity took place under the leadership of Joseph Stalin as the first Five Year Plan was completed in the U.S.S.R.

The Holodomor: Famine in the Ukraine

Taking extreme risks by writing a damning critique about the Soviet Union’s forced collective farming, Gareth Richard Vaughan Jones has been honored as the first journalist to courageously signal to the Western world the details of the devastating man-made famine known today as The Holodomor, genociding between seven to ten million Ukrainians. The article “Famine Grips Russia, Millions Dying, Idle on Rise. Says Briton,” published on March 29, 1933, describes Jones’ effort (as former Prime Minister David Lloyd George’s Foreign Affairs Advisor) to deliver his report of the catastrophe to the Royal Institute of International Affairs. The article quotes him, “I walked along through villages and twelve collective farms. Everywhere was the cry, ‘There is no bread. We are dying.’” There is considerably more worth reading on this young “unsung hero of Ukraine” who would meet an early end to his life, murdered in Mongolia just two years later.

Unlike today’s outpouring for the Ukrainian people and their interests, the American press did their best to suppress the tragedy of the 1932–1933 Holodomor. And just as this author had to resort to Canadian newspapers to help reveal the century-old conflicts of 1922 Palestine, let’s examine an article from the Edmonton Journal:  “Famine in the Ukraine,”[3] by P.J. Lazarowich, October 25, 1933, p.4:

While the press of Europe, and the American continent is, quite properly, devoting much space to Germany’s treatment of the Jews, it is surprising that so very little interest or sympathy is shown in the matter of the terrible famine now raging in the Ukraine, a country which forms a part of the U.S.S.R., and contains over 32,000,000 of Ukrainian population.

Since this journalist immediately implies that the Jewish plight of that time had taken priority over the news from Ukraine, let us take a peek at the 1933 repression against the Jewish population in Germany as listed in the Holocaust Encyclopedia for the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. With an introduction describing the “Nazi”[4] party’s 25-point program’s intent was to segregate the Jewish population and abrogate their political, legal, and civil rights, it posts the following for 1933:

  • March 31 – Decree of the Berlin City Commissioner for Health suspends Jewish doctors from the city’s social welfare services.
  • April 7 – The Law for the Restoration of the Professional Civil Service removes Jews from government service.
  • April 7 – The Law on the Admission to the Legal Profession forbids the admission of Jews to the bar.
  • April 25 – The Law against Overcrowding in Schools and Universities limits the number of Jewish students in public schools.
  • July 14 – The Denaturalization Law revokes the citizenship of naturalized Jews and “undesirables.”
  • October 4 – The Law on Editors bans Jews from editorial posts.

Now that we have some measure of context for comparing tribulations of the two groups, the Jewish community versus the Ukrainian in 1933, Lazarowich continues as follows:

That a state of famine exists in the Ukraine since the beginning of the year 1932 has now been conclusively established in spite of the official denials of the Russian Soviet government. News of the appalling conditions in the Ukraine has reached the civilized world through foreign press correspondents, refugees, and countless letters written by the Ukrainians and others to their friends and relatives in Canada and other parts of the world.

The London Times of June 24, 1933, published a letter signed by Alexander F. Kerensky, the former prime minister of Russia, in which he endeavors to bring to the attention of the civilized world the fact that a terrible famine is raging in certain parts of Russia, particularly in the Ukraine and the northern Caucasus. In part he says:

The last letter that I received from the Ukraine tells me that the people are now eating carcasses of horses, cats and even human flesh. … In the northern Caucasus the population is reduced to eating the bark of trees. To give some conception of the former wealth of these provinces I will quote from Lenin himself: ‘In the Ukraine they feed pigs on wheat, while in the northern Caucasus the peasants in selling milk wash out their glasses in the milk itself. We have in the Ukraine, the Caucasus, and Siberia amazing wealth.’ (Works of Lenin, Russ. ed. Vol. 25, p. 300).

Mr. Kerensky then concludes:

This amazing wealth after the realization of the five-year-plan with its forced collectivization has become a famine without parallel. Yet up to today, world opinion remains passive in front of a calamity without precedent in the world’s history – Yours, etc.

During the spring and summer of 1933 the famine had reached such enormous proportions involving the fate of millions of people that even the friends of the Soviets like Walter Duranty,[5] correspondent of the New York Times, are no longer able to conceal the terrible conditions prevailing in the Ukraine.

Regarding Duranty,[6] Wikipedia notes that he is criticized by many for having been a Holodomor Denier by misrepresenting the forced and widespread famine. A Ukrainian-American activist today, Oksana Piaseckyj, is quoted in an NPR website article[7] on Duranty: “He is the personification of evil in journalism. … We think he was like the originator of fake news.” NPR emphasizes that, “In the 1930s, as now, an autocrat’s decrees led to mass deaths of Ukrainian civilians and relied on misinformation to try to cover it up. Reporters, including Duranty, were censored and threatened.”

Next, the evidence of agricultural productivity is described by the Canadian journalist cited above:

Nevertheless, and in spite of the conditions the Russian Soviet government relentlessly continued to collect and export wheat and other grains out of Ukraine. According to the report of the W. Sanford Evans statistical service, Winnipeg, of March 29, 1933, during the period between August 4, 1932, and March 23, 1933, the Soviet government shipped 17,320,000 bushels of wheat out of Ukraine.

After consistent famine denials by the Soviet government and their refusal to allow direct investigation from outsiders, the Canadian Red Cross made a request to send material assistance directly to the Ukrainian people. The article shows the Soviets’ response:

“I have just received your letter of September 9, regarding the desire expressed by a group of Ukrainians to send part of their harvest to their compatriots.

“While expressing my most sincere thanks for the interest you have been good enough to take in this matter, I have the honor to inform you that in view of the satisfactory harvest this year, the executive committee of the Alliance of Red Cross and Red Crescent societies of the U.S.S.R. believes that the carrying out of the Canadian citizens’ proposal is not necessary in the absence of real need.”

But in spite of these official denials the facts of the most terrible famine in history can no longer be concealed. The whole world is aware of it. There are a number of people in every civilized country today, journalists, statesmen, tourists, students, peasants, who have returned or fled from the Ukraine recently and who confirm the reports of the famine in all its appalling details. There are several people in this city of Edmonton whose names and addresses are in the possession of the undersigned who have arrived from the Ukraine in the course of the last few months and who may be interviewed and the facts ascertained. There are also many people in this city of Edmonton who are in possession of private letters from parents, brothers, sisters, relatives and friends which disclose the true conditions in the Ukraine in all their horror.

The rest of the Edmonton Journal article reads like a ghoulish nightmare! So before we explore the details further, let us look at who was overseeing implementation of Ukrainian collective agriculture.

The first clue comes as early as February 19, 1933, where we discover The Pittsburgh Press (in an article by the United Press) gloating: “Collective Drive Seen As Success”:

Collectivization of agriculture, despite its difficulties and the mistakes that have been made, is capable of success, Lazar M. Kagonovich (sic) told a conference of Kolkhoz “shock brigaders” Thursday in a speech made public today.

Kagonovich, one of Stalin’s trusted lieutenants, is head of the special department recently formed by the Communist Party to conduct the struggle on the agrarian front.

Then, from May through July 1933 what appeared prominently in American newspapers across our nation were several short positive-leaning articles on Lazarus Kaganovich, strikingly like today’s political campaign ads, strongly suggesting that he would become Stalin’s successor. These articles show that the Soviet Pravda was alive and well in the U.S. Here is one (and most of them included his photo):  “Jewish Ex-Saddler Rises To Power in Soviet Russia,” in The Buffalo News, May 27. It reads: “Five-Year Planner and Farm Reorganizer, Second to Stalin, Is Regarded as Next Dictator of Nation.” Or how about this take from The Salem News in Ohio – “A New Figure”:

Seldom do politicians emerge as quickly as Lazarus Kaganovich, newly come to power in Russia, has appeared to Americans. Their introduction leaves them groping [for] his name. … Comrade Kaganovich is that rare creation — the probable successor to a dictator. He is Stalin’s right hand, placed there by Stalin himself. Success in his various duties has caused the people to welcome his presence there. In all probability, his name, now that it has been made known in the United States, will be one of the recurring ones in news from Russia. … Men of steel and iron are not common; they do not thrive in each other’s company. In Russia, apparently, two strong men are working hand in hand. Stalin, old in service, has found a capable understudy in Kaganovich, who is not yet 40 years old. Conjecture or fact, it interests the world to hear of Lazarus Kaganovich and his power.

Although it’s a rare American today who can recognize the name or the facts about his career, Kaganovich was clearly the Soviet leader accountable for the methods and evil behind the Ukrainian Holodomor, and this aspect of his biography was later amplified in 1991 after his death at the ripe age of 97 years:

“[A]fter Stalin himself, Kaganovich was the man most responsible for the forced collectivization of the countryside in the late 1920s and early 1930s, a devastating campaign that moved peasants to state-run farms and claimed millions of lives.”[8] “Kaganovich was born into a Jewish peasant family in the Ukraine. A confirmed atheist who seemed to avoid any contact with Jews throughout his life, he changed his name from Kogan to the more Russian Kaganovich. … [He] was Ukrainian party boss until 1927, when Stalin brought him to Moscow.”[9]

In 1933, the death count attributable to Kaganovich should have been noticed, but the Godless psychopath had considerable American journalistic support. And few Americans know his name today.

Daily Worker — Predecessor to People’s World (online today)

In researching American newspapers on the Ukrainian famine, an interesting discovery is the politically left-leaning/socialist/communist paper “Daily Worker[10] and its Moscow correspondent Nathaniel Buchwald, published both from Chicago and New York City. On April 13, just two weeks after Gareth Jones made his startling report to arouse the world, we find a full-page article praising the “[Soviet] achievements … that have already created the basis for a great increase of the agricultural output with a consequent further improvement of the material level of the population.” The article is titled, “From the Successful First Five-Year Plan, Soviet Workers Pass to the Second,” and while admitting difficulties where “basic foodstuffs are still rationed out” and “obtaining food is sometimes irksome, and takes up much of the leisure of the workers,” Buchwald gives center of attention to blaming the Kulaks for most of the problems through their exploitation of the situation and sabotage.  The CPUSA-approved article attributes rapid development of “agriculture on a socialist basis” to the “elimination of the exploiting kulak-class.”[11] And “elimination” was no accidental choice of words for the Soviet propagandist, as those Kulaks who weren’t outright murdered or forced into collectivized Kolhozes[12] were certainly sent to the Gulag for deadly slave labor.

Buchwald’s kulak blame continues: “A good many of the former kulaks succeeded in penetrating the administrative apparatus of the collective and state farms and even the Party ranks in order to carry on this counter-revolutionary disruptive work within the kolhozes” (emphasis in original). “The wholesale slaughter of cattle carried out by the kulaks in their fight against collectivization resulted in a shortage of meat and dairy products, which is still serious.”

Three months later on July 5, 1933, the same far-left newspaper continued providing a cover-up for the ongoing genocide atrocities to its 35,000 subscribers while glorifying farm collectivization.[13] “The Spring Sowing Campaign in the Soviet Union” by Buchwald gives a full page of details in the history of the “Griadushchy Mir” Crimean commune. Here we read the final utopian-leaning words of the article:

Here you could see before your very eyes the new type of men and women brought into being by the new order. The individualistic proprietary cravings, the sense of personal greed are disappearing. A new spiritual force, a sense of collectivism has come to animate and illumine the lives of these people on their way to “the world to come,” as the name of their commune, Griadushchy Mir, implies.

And on November 4, 1933, Vern Smith is published in the same Daily Worker praising Soviet success, highlighting a Kaganovich speech made at the opening of a new industrial plant, The Kaganovich ball bearing plant.[14] The communist leader is quoted: “In a few days we celebrate the sixteenth anniversary of the October Revolution. These sixteen years are a whole epoch of a new society, reared by a new kind of man.” The visionary, drunk on death, continues…

We declare to the whole world that we are peacefully working. We give the peasant tractors instead of his wooden plow. But, gentlemen of the Far East or West, don’t interfere with our peaceful labor, or you will find the whole millions of our people rally as one man, every worker to defend his factory, every collective farmer to defend his collective.

When the cruel forced slave labor of political opponents is deemed “peaceful labor,” is this not the ultimate example of Orwellian “newspeak” or inversion of fact? In as far as today’s mainstream media and academia pile on the guilt of White Americans of European ancestry with ever-increasing accusations, one must wonder if today’s leftists can feel any guilt for the blatant 1933 cover-up propaganda presented in The Daily Worker or the Walter Duranty articles in the The New York Times? Keep in mind, this occurred long after the American Civil War ostensibly ended the slavery of Blacks. So before moving on to other 1933 contexts, let us give respect to P.J. Lazarowich and delve into the remainder of his October 25 humanitarian plea:

Among the facts disclosed the following are the most striking:

  1. Livestock and poultry have practically disappeared from the Ukraine, having either died from lack of feed or was slaughtered by the starving population.
  2. Dogs and cats have also disappeared. Most of them were killed and eaten by the population. Even rats and mise (sic) are eagerly sought for as food.
  3. The people eat grass, weeds, bark of certain kinds of trees and insects.
  4. Recently cannibalism has become rampant. Even dead bodies are exhumed and devoured. The old, the infirm and the defenceless are secretly murdered and devoured. Mothers are afraid to send their children any distance away from home for fear that they may be murdered and devoured by the famished hordes which roam the country.
  5. The death rate has assumed hitherto unknown proportions. In many villages 20 to 30 persons die every day. Many of the villages have lost two-thirds of the population. The dead are often left un-buried until the bodies decompose. When the burials take place it is in large, common graves generally 20 to 30 bodies in each grave.

It is difficult to estimate the loss of human life, but the consensus of opinion is that it will exceed the figures reached during the famine in 1921–22, which was officially placed at about 5,000,000 people [In the aftermath of the Russian Civil War].

In spite of these facts the Russian Soviet government has not ceased from the forcible requisition of grain in the Ukraine. On the contrary, according to press reports (“Pravda” (Leningrad) No. 181) a large army of red officials has invaded the country under the personal direction of Postyshev and is draining the last drop of blood from the dying population of Ukraine.

In view of all the above facts it appears that the Russian Soviet government is deliberately determined to starve most of the population of Ukraine in order to beat it into complete submission to the principles of Communism which the Ukrainian peasant masses have hitherto vigorously resisted and repudiated.

According to recent reports from the Ukrainian bureau in London, England, all the Ukrainian organizations in western Europe have initiated a movement for the establishment of an international relief committee for Ukraine for the purpose of devising ways and means of and sending immediate relief to the famine stricken areas of Ukraine. Ukrainian representatives from Bukowina (Rumania) and eastern Galicia (Poland) have recently met representatives of the leading humanitarian institutions in London, England, and steps have been taken towards the establishment of a relief committee in London composed of both English and Ukrainian representatives. Similar efforts are being made at Geneva in co-operation with the appropriate organs of the League of Nations.

Canadians of Ukrainian descent have also formed such relief committees. Furthermore they are conducting a Canada-wide action of vigorous protest against the present inhuman policy of the Russian Soviet government in the Ukraine. They earnestly hope to arouse the civilized world from its apathy towards the impending disaster of the Ukrainian nation and to enlist its co-operation in the effort to send relief to the famished area. (my emphasis)

With the Germans being geographically closer to the Red Terror of the Soviet Union and sensing the existential threats to their homeland, on top of that which they already experienced recently in 1919 with the Bolshevik revolutionary takeovers in Bavaria[15] by the Jews Ernst Toller, then Eugen Levine, and finally Kurt Eisner — should they not have been careful regarding the ethnic/racial nature of the “atheist” leaders of this Soviet terror?

The White Sea – Baltic Canal

On November 29, 1933, the Salt Lake Telegram, page 4, reads: “Convict Labor Finishes Great Irrigation Job.” In The Cincinnati Post a week later, the same article appears as “Stalin Builds Great Russian Canal System.” The bulk of this article describes a

gigantic construction, carried out in large part by convict labor, completed after three years’ intensive work in far-off Tadjikistan. … Hundreds of thousands of men and women labored on this undertaking … under arduous physical conditions which took a cruel toll in lives … A huge irrigation system was finished in the valleys of the Vakhsh and Piandj rivers [with a] capacious canal 55 miles long. … A large proportion [of the labor] were exiled ‘kulaks,’ drawn from villages all over the Soviet Union. The tragedy of this labor never will be told – only the grandiose results are on view.” (this author’s emphasis)

Press Silent on Work

While the work was under way scarcely a word about it appeared in the press. It was only after its completion that the nation was told the facts. The region opened to intensive irrigation farming was named Kaganovich Land in honor of Stalin’s right-hand man…” (my emphasis)

The opening of [this] irrigation system came soon after the official opening of a convict-built canal at the other extreme of the vast Soviet land, namely the one connecting the White Sea and the Baltic Sea by way of Lake Oneiga. (my emphasis)

With these few American newspaper clippings giving a taste of the Soviet’s hand-dug canals, it’s time to turn to Volume Two of The Gulag Archipelago by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s (hence forward “A.S.”) chapter titled The Archipelago Metastasizes, where we find contemporary sources from 1933 and a large dose of A.S.’s biting criticism to poke at the inhumane communist leadership.[16]

A.S. estimates a quarter million laborers met their demise during a rushed twenty-month mega-project to highlight the end of the first Soviet Five Year Plan.[17] He brings out details from an official book penned by the successful Russian and Soviet writer Maxim Gorky commemorating the completion of the White Sea–Baltic canal (also called the Belomar Canal), including photos of excruciating labor done through two bitter cold winters around the icy grounds near the Arctic Circle using shovels, wheel barrows, antiquated wooden cranes and wooden machinery. With 100,000 prisoner labor force at any given time, A.S. states that 100,000 died in the first winter alone (just think of the labor replacement rate!), one contributing factor being that before enough barracks were built to house the workers, men and even women were forced to sleep in tents or out in the open on the snow! Today a quick internet search finds that the February high temperature in Belomorsk is 16 degrees Fahrenheit and the low just 6! As for a connection to the Ukrainian famine and The Gulag Archipelago, A.S. footnotes that an Anna Skripnikova reported “that refugees from the Ukraine came … to get work near [the canal project camp] and by this means to save themselves from starvation,” even though the cold gruel served to the “free voluntary employee” only consisted of “murky dishwater with fish heads and individual millet grains.”[18]

The Footage Farm has excellent video available online showing the Soviet movies documenting the brutal construction of this canal and its celebration at completion. A.S. finds a picture of this in the commemorative book: “There is a photograph that shows [Stalin, Voroshilov, and Kirov] sitting on the deck in wicker armchairs, ‘joking, laughing, smoking.’” Early in the film, engineers are shown at the drawing board. A.S. describes the tension in his book:

The engineers say: “We will make the structure of concrete.” The Chekists reply: “There is not enough time.” The engineers say: “We need large quantities of iron.” The Chekists reply: “Replace it with wood!” The engineers say: “We need tractors, cranes, construction machinery!” The Chekists: There will be none of that, not one kopeck of foreign exchange: do it all by hand.” (my emphasis)

And to get to this arduous hand work, the reader might wish to skip to time 3:56 of this Footage Farm video. A.S. quips in this chapter how at least the Egyptians, building the pyramids, were given the contemporary equipment of their time period. The shock brigades (as they called Soviet groups of workers), to their distress, “used the technology of forty centuries earlier!”

At the end of the workday there were corpses left on the work site. The snow powdered their faces. One of them was hunched over beneath an overturned wheelbarrow, he had hidden his hands in his sleeves and frozen to death in that position. Someone had frozen with his head bent down between his knees. Two were frozen back-to-back leaning against each other. They were peasant lads and the best workers one could possibly imagine.

And right off [the overseers] gave them norms of shingle and boulders that you’d be unable to fulfill even in summer. … They [the peasants] gave all their work and weakened very swiftly and then froze to death. … At night the sledges went out and collected them. The drivers threw the corpses onto the sledges with a dull clonk.

And in the summer bones remained from corpses which had not been removed in time, and together with the shingle they got into the concrete mixer. And in this way they got into the concrete of the last lock at the city of Belomorsk and will be preserved there forever.[19]

So it appears that the engineers got some concrete after all. Flush with details, further reading reveals work details extending to 62 hours straight, sometimes hacking “at the frozen earth,” and other times “up to their waists in water.” Even the horses used in construction received the torture treatment, “because horses were a kulak animal and also destined to die.”

A.S. makes sure to give credit to “the six principal lieutenants of Stalin and Yagoda, the chief overseers of Belomor, six hired murderers each of whom accounted for thirty thousand lives: Firin – Berman – Frenkel –  Kogan –  Rappoport – Zhuk.”[20] While Sergie Zhuk, the hydraulic engineer who supervised the canal projects, does not have his photo presented in this chapter of The Gulag Archipelago, all the others mentioned here save “The man of steel” himself have their portraits shown on one page, with an additional picture of Aron Solts, a judicial and prosecuting official of the Soviet Party’s Central Control Commission. A.S. avoids attributing this entire group’s ethnicity to Jews, including the People’s Commissar of Internal Affairs Genrikh Yagoda, but then devotes five pages to the biography of Naftaly Aronovich Frenkel, whom he describes as “a Turkish Jew” born in Constantinople: “A stubborn legend persists in the Archipelago [of Soviet slave camps] to the effect that ‘The camps were thought up by Frenkel.’” Readers are given details of how Frenkel was the brain behind the Gulag camp classifications, the food rationing system and more. He was, indeed, the “’works chief’ — the chief overseer of the labor battle” at the White Sea-Baltic Canal Construction Project.

One of the listed henchmen, Matvei Berman, would receive the “Order of Lenin” award for successful completion of the canal, and proceed to head the entire Gulag slave labor system (formerly led by Kogan). Others, like Firin, continued working as leaders in the NKVD, the secret police, where political repression and extrajudicial executions reigned.  A.S. describes the vile hatred for humanity by “camp chiefs” like Firin: “[He] was upset that there were too many frail workers who were not meeting production goals. He ordered the camp leaders to cut their food rations as a punishment.”[21] Does this hateful cruelty bare any resemblance to today’s intentional starvation of Gazan civilians by “the Jewish State”?

The Nobel Laureate Soltzhenitsyn refrained from calling out the Bolshevik Revolution as a Jewish Revolution or the Gulag system as Jewish Tyranny, but he still got his point across for readers who like to research names and biographies.[22] And today, 51 years after its original publishing, The Gulag Archipelago will come with a carefully framed Foreword by historian Anne Applebaum (probably no close relationship to the Hirsh Apfelbaum of the Bolshevik years, Grigor Zinoviev’s alias). But alas, in 1933 one American paper on August 20 specifically tagged the racial identities of the Bolsheviks in the press. The Kansas City Star printed a piece titled, “Stalin, Soviet Leader, Is Merely Party Boss, In No Sense A Dictator.” It states “The supreme power in Russia is the Politburo of the Communist party. Its original membership consisted, in the revolutionary days, of Lenin…Sverdlov, Trotsky, Kamenev, and Zinoviev. The last three mentioned were Jewish intellectuals of the first water, although today they are in the bad graces of the Stalin regime.”[23] What the article fails to mention is that Yakov Sverdlov was also born to Jewish parents, his father Mikhail, a document forger who “stored arms for the revolutionary underground…[and] was sympathetic to his children’s socialist tendencies [as indicated by] 5 out of his 6 children [becoming] involved in revolutionary politics at some point.”[24]

The Ukraine Connection

Indeed, both the Ukrainian Famine known as The Holodomor and the mass-murdering slave camps described in The Gulag Archipelago are hardly known or understood by mainstream Americans. It’s no surprise that there have been no blockbuster Hollywood films produced to enlighten our public on this pre-World War II history, but be certain that if there ever is, historians like Anne Applebaum will oversee how the facts are presented. And someone accidentally learning this history today might question why there is overwhelming support now for Ukrainians and their war against the Russians compared to 1933, when a code of silence shrouded the news? Well, it’s certainly complicated. But perhaps it all comes down to racial/ethnic/religious vengeance and family retributions by our ruling elites and the people appointed to serve our government? If our government was flush with Soviet spies already back in the 1930s — and it was, what sort of vetting system today is keeping our nation secure when leading presidential campaign financiers are flying convicts convicted of espionage on their private jets to Israel?[25] It’s dumbfounding, for sure, and it probably involves some inbred paranoia that deserves no place in American leadership. Just look at former Under-Secretary of State Victoria Nuland of the Nudelman family, immigrants from Bessarabia, a Ukrainian region. This one American has been a key figure in initiating and overseeing the conflict between the Ukrainians and Russians, and we can never know what personal grievances fueled her rage! (see here).

But we do know that of the seven original Bolshevik Politburo members of the USSR, three were Ukrainian Jews: Leon Trotsky (born Lev Davidovich Bronstein), Grigory Zinoviev and Grigori Sokolnikov [born Girsh Yankelevich]. Lazar Kaganovich, described as the most “vicious” Bolshevik, was also born in the Ukraine, as were the famous assassins of Odesa Samuel “Sholem” Schwartzbard and Yakov Blumkin. In fact, Blumkin helped reestablish the Soviet regime in Ukraine only after assassinating the German Ambassador to Russia in 1918, Wilhelm von Mirbach. There must be over a thousand years of Jewish history in the Ukraine, but Ukraine was the mother lode of Bolshevik revolutionaries involved in murdering millions of Ukrainians! Furthermore, several Russian Czars had been assassinated by Jews, as well as Russian Prime Minister Pyotr Stolypin, a much-admired statesman who accomplished great reforms for his homeland – murdered in Kiev by a Jewish lawyer from Kiev. So with so much warmongering between Ukraine and Russia today, one must wonder if this conflict is truly supported by American interests or by Americans promoting Jewish interests and acting out their historical hatred?

While countless more Ukrainians and Russians lose their lives to this needless war “for democracy,” should the details presented here make Americans question if this costly conflict (for our taxpayers) stems from one enormous feud, much like between the Hatfields and McCoys carried out over centuries? Add the current Gaza genocide with the Ukraine War, another Jewish affair, and one should now wonder if we Americans are getting taken for yet another ride! In fact, The Guardian recently exposed a disturbing hypocrisy in Gulag historian Anne Applebaum that perhaps sheds light on a deep moral disconnect between us regular folk and prominent media figures. Why do America’s liberal hawks attack Russia while giving Israel a free pass? The article accuses Michael McFaul, Max Boot and Anne Applebaum, huge defenders of democracy, as being quick to denounce Russian aggression while ignoring Israeli crimes. “Liberal hawks often profess their commitment to human rights. Yet they haven’t called for ending a war that is killing more people per day than any conflict this century.”

The Conflict Metastasizing Into Our Democracy

However you  want to describe our growing pestilence, whether we think religiously of “Evil” from the Abrahamic religions (“Satan,” “the Devil,” “Belial” or “Shaitan”), whether we think scientifically as in the group evolutionary strategy theory of Dr. Kevin MacDonald regarding an alien out-group described in his trilogy on Judaism and subsequent writing, [26] or Dr. Andrew Fraser’s radical but scholarly critique of our very own in-group, the Anglo-Saxons, in The WASP Question, whether we blame it on ignoring the warnings of our founding President George Washington in his Farewell Address,[27] or attribute our woes to philosophical/spiritual terms like cultural pathology, cultural parasitism, cultural distortion and retardation as defined in Francis Parker Yockey’s Imperium,[28] one can no longer deny the simple wisdom professed by former political scientist professor Dr. Patrick Slattery of Republic Broadcasting Network’s National Bugle Radio podcast: “Studying politics without considering Jewish influence or power is like studying physics while ignoring gravity.” If our struggle to save ourselves is to have any chance as Slattery says, it will only occur when the ultimate taboo which has turned freedom of speech and truth about Jews and Judaism into hate crimes is finally obliterated, transforming our conversations into a truer open dialogue, which will melt the evils away like water melted away the Wicked Witch of the West in L. Frank Baum’s The Wizard of Oz.


While this short clipping from The American Israelite predates our year-of-concentration, the December 10, 1931 reporting of Dr. Wise’s sermon at the Free Synagogue at Carnegie Hall sets the stage for our conclusion and its historical context. Furthermore, this clipping is no longer easily available online. Was it memory-holed à la George Orwell’s 1984 to shelter any critique? Nevertheless, in our very own recent times we run across countless Jewish advocates from any of the over 10,000 Jewish NGOs and synagogues moralizing to their audiences how it’s their duty to perform “tikkun olam,” to “repair the world.” There’s a good chance you’ve come across this self-declared goodwill based on their Jewish identity. But only months before the tragic Holodomor was killing Ukrainians, this is what Americans might have read if it leaked out of the Jewish newspaper…

Is Western civilization, with its grimmest, grimiest social injustice and wrong worth saving?” Dr. Wise asked. “Or is it not the function of the Jew to bring about the supercession of that decrepit, degenerate, and inevitably perishing civilization, so-called.?”

The two aims set for Judaism by Professor Orion were not much to be regarded as distinct or antithetical, Dr. Wise pointed out. “The object of Zion is to salvage civilization,” he declared, “to reconcile the civilizations of West and East alike, to fuse each to save each. Our ambition is to build a weaponless world, to build for truth and justice and freedom and brotherliness without force of arms.

There are probably few Americans today who realize such sentiment exists from such a prominent person in the minority group in our midst. Fuse us with other civilizations? No thank you! Leave our West alone! This sermon written for Jews could easily have been inspired from award-winning Jewish author Maurice Samuel who in 1924 published the book You Gentiles, where he confidently writes:

A century of partial tolerance gave us Jews access to your world. In that period the great attempt was made, by advance guards of reconciliation, to bring our two worlds together. It was a century of failure. Our Jewish radicals are beginning to understand it dimly.

We Jews, we, the destroyers, will remain the destroyers forever. Nothing that you will do will meet our needs or demands. We will forever destroy because we need a world of our own, a God-world, which it is not in your nature to build. Beyond all temporary alliances with this or that faction lies the ultimate split in nature and destiny, the enmity between the Game and God. But those of us who fail to understand that truth will always be found in alliance with your rebellious factions, until disillusionment comes. The wretched fate which scattered us through your midst has thrust this unwelcome role upon us.[29]

Such shocking and disturbing insight, written with such candid honesty following the 1924 National Origins Act on Immigration, may help explain the early warmongering tone of “F.D. Roosevelt’s friend” on May 18, 1933, where the Buffalo News posted on page 3 this headline:


Dr. Stephen S. Wise, honorary president of the American Jewish congress, said in a speech Wednesday night that Chancellor Adolf Hitler “talks with peace on his lips and war on his hands and in his black soul — war on the Jews.” … Continuing, Dr. Wise said: “President Roosevelt may be for peace. I am for war. (my emphasishis author’s emphasis)

With the honorary religious leader for American Judaism hell bent towards war so early in this game, reinforced in March with the Daily Express bold headline “JUDEA DECLARES WAR ON GERMANY,”[30] let us recall that this strong and visceral hatred in 1933 was not a reaction to violence, but rather to the legislative changes from the new German government. Compared with today, could a member of the founding American majority prove that today’s system of civil rights is ten times more devious and deceptive than what the Germans explicitly enacted in full plain view? It’s almost straight out of Machiavelli’s Chapter V of The Prince, regarding how cities should be administered after conquering them: “first, by devastating them; next, by going and living there in person; thirdly, by letting them keep their own laws, exacting tribute, and setting up an oligarchy which will keep the state friendly to you.”

Our White population is implicitly and underhandedly being transformed into a despised minority, massively discriminated against in nearly all competitive college admissions where a tiny Jewish-American demographic receives about 25% of Ivy League admissions—the ticket to power. Just compare the arrogant tone of senior New York Times columnist David Brooks[31] in The Chosen’: Getting In  against the scholarly scrutiny of Ron Unz’s “The Myth of American Meritocracy” where reasonable strategies estimate Jewish over-representation in the elite schools by as much as 500% with respect to ability or up to 1400% by population group. The discrimination may not be written in law as in 1933 Germany, but the results are an inversion of the past, Jewish students displacing qualified or better-qualified non-Jewish (straight) Whites.

When looking at media and the press in America, a careful examination might suggest that there is indeed a Law on Editors banning a certain demographic, but it doesn’t appear like the Jewish community is the group suffering. The Ochs-Sulzberger family are, in fact, long-time owners of The New York Times the most powerful newspaper in the world! Just check out their managing editors. Whites, and especially White males, are also discriminated against in the best job markets and professions under the pretext of DEI. And where the Jews complained about the German Denaturalization Law, today’s majority sees their democratic representation mortally diluted as their nation has its borders overrun under Jewish Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, after the decades-long activism that resulted in Emanuel Celler’s 1965 Immigration Act. In 1933 Germany, Jews were barred from government service. In Biden’s administration today, the most important cabinet seats are held by Jews, including Chief of Staff, Director of National Intelligence, Secretary of State, Attorney General, Homeland Security, and Treasury. If there ever was a systemic bias in the United States, one only needs to look at the top positions where straight males of European heritage have been severely thinned out. But today is not 1933, and no religious or political leader dare use words as strong as Dr. Wise was permitted, because there is no impunity against simply feeling, let alone saying “It’s okay to be White!” That’s because the Jewish community leadership insists that this is Hate On Display.[32]

If only the American majority could have the transparency of the 1933 German laws, they wouldn’t be stuck in Plato’s cave deciphering flickering shadows on the walls![33] And so with our current world in turmoil, many “experts” forecasting World War III or simply “chaos,” isn’t it befitting to end our 1933 review with words from a historian and philosopher of that period, Oswald Spengler. (Feel free to meditate on this.): “[W]e see life as the form in which the actualizing of the possible is accomplished. With respect to the property of Direction, the possible is called the Future and the actualized the Past.”[34]

With 1933 now in our past, the direction of Western Man must come from his soul and a new “Spirit of the Age!” America turned a blind eye to the horrifying mass murder by the Bolshevik/Communist political tyranny and oppression that would kill tens of millions of innocents. If ever there was genocidal madness worthy of the charge “Crimes Against Humanity,” à la the Nuremburg Trials, this was it. And how did FDR’s government treat it? The United States formerly recognized the Soviet Union on November 16, 1933 and began normal diplomatic relations, a few months after the White Sea-Baltic Canal completion. According to historian Sean McMeekin of the book Stalin’s War, A New History of World War II, America continued to pour its wealth, its intellectual property, its manufacturing secrets, its industrial material, and its armaments into Stalin’s hands — to make the world safe for communism!

Yes, this was the epic story hidden from ears and eyes of the American public at a harrowing period of the Great Depression, in favor of reporting the repression of Jewish-German civil rights.

The Hour of Decision. Listening to a popular left-leaning news network to hear their narrative, the host finished his interview, “Next year in Jerusalem,” a spiritual saying that confirmed for this author that we secretly live in a Judeo-centric culture that few Americans realize. Was it slowly crafted with the help of Hollywood, as author Neal Gabler asserts in his book An Empire of their Own: How the Jews Invented Hollywood. The smoke and mirrors are everywhere and getting increasingly more complex with the rise of AI. And with this ending, we return to the premise enunciated at the beginning, a quote from the final paragraphs of Elie Wiesel’s Night: “OUR FIRST ACT AS FREE MEN was to throw ourselves onto the provisions…The next day, a few of the young men ran into Weimar to bring back some potatoes and clothes — and to sleep with girls. But still no trace of revenge.”

One must wonder if our eighth graders get to debate in class how, with so much suffering on account of the Germans, these emaciated prisoners could even think of heading into town seeking out sex before even the third day of liberation? Perhaps this seems unfathomable because it is not our lived experience! One thing for sure, today’s escalating state of hostilities suggest that “the revenge” has resurfaced!

Oswald Spengler writes in July, 1933 from Munich, in the beginning of The Hour of Decision[35]:

Is there today a man among the White races who has eyes to see what is going on around him on the face of the globe? To see the immensity of the danger which looms over this mass of peoples? I do not speak of the educated or uneducated city crowds, the newspaper-readers, the herds who vote at elections — and, for that matter, there is no longer any quality-difference between voters and those for whom they vote — but of the ruling classes of the White nations, in so far as they have not been destroyed, of the statesman in so far as there are any left; of the true leaders of policy, of economic life, of armies, and of thought. Does anyone, I ask, see over and beyond his time, his own continent, his county, or even the narrow circle of his own activities?

We live in momentous times. … At this point advancing history towers high over economic distress and internal political ideals. The elemental forces of life are themselves entering the fight, which is for all or nothing. … The dice are there ready for this stupendous game. Who dares to throw them?

Let us hope that these lessons of 1933 reach many who are unaware of the historical facts that make up context — but more importantly let them reach the eyes and mind of our future young Hero, for the sake of humanity.  Thence, we might even have our own short saying, our new American dream for a Homeland returned!

Honoring catchwords no more, we showed them the door,
Our Hero will arrive, our people will thrive,
With deception, usury and Big Lies long afar,
Never doubt We Will Become Who We Are! — Sigurd Kristensen

[1] While this author has personally witnessed a mobile Anne Frank Museum on the marquee of a local school within the last decade, it is no longer discoverable online. One can assume that it may have been incorporated into the new Mobile Museum of Tolerance. See for an image of their bus. Will any patriotic NGO dare create the Mobile USS Liberty Museum with holograms of current survivors teaching students how they were ordered into silence? There could be a mockup of a Navy Commander receiving his Medal of Honor in an old Navy hangar instead of the White House! It might be called “Erasing the Liberty”:

[2] For example, “I didn’t like it at all. Nothing made sense and the plot was confusing … this book does not deserve a long review.” Or how about this one, mimicking Milkweed’s style: “Ok. This book. Is BAD. Like, I can’t even! OK so basically first off this is Jewish propaganda!” –

This author wholeheartedly agrees!

[3] This, and all successive newspaper articles referred to herein can be found at except for the Stephen Wise sermon “Should it Be Saved?” (probably memory-holed)

[4] The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, its website quoted here, and most current mainstream media and academia use the disparaging slur term “Nazi” in favor of the party they are describing, the National Socialists. In this author’s cursory research, the earliest use of this slang in America (from available sources, New York Times excluded) is from the article “Germany Put Under Money Dictatorship,” page 1, The Courier-Journal, Louisville, KY, July 19, 1930. In the fourth to last paragraph, it puts this term in quotes: “This party, popularly called the ‘Nazis,’ now ranks ninth in the Reichstag.” As American history progresses in the twentieth century, we find more and more conflation of this smear term from its initial labeling of ‘National Socialists’ to: (1) any Germans from the World War II period, (2) any politically incorrect ideas, (3) all right-of-center political activists who touch taboo subjects, and (4) even President Donald Trump or Arabs from Gaza are labeled as “Nazis.” If this pace of liberal wordsmithery continues, surely the American descendants of the men who stormed the beaches of Normandy, saving the Jews from further demise, will also be labeled “Nazis” soon enough (if they haven’t already) when they dare to profess self-respect for their own White race, since that is the only race not given a celebrated “History Month” or dignity, or respect. Also related, following World War II, tens of thousands of Americans have sacrificed their lives fighting communists, but no historian, academic or mainstream media  spokesperson dares to use the derogatory slur “Commie.” Lastly, although American territory was attacked by the Japanese, when was the last time you heard the ethnic slur “Nips” or “Japs” in the mainstream? Surely there’s an answer to the focus on “Nazis”!

[5] From Kevin MacDonald reviewing Alexandr Solzhenitsyn’s chapter on the 1930 in 200 Years Together: For Jewish apologists, the victimization of a few thousand Jews (not even targeted because they were Jews) merits deep concern while millions of non-Jews were being murdered. Jewish involvement with Bolshevism is perhaps the most egregious example of Jewish moral particularism in history. The horrific consequences of Bolshevism for millions of non-Jewish Soviet citizens were not an issue for Jewish leftists not only in the USSR but also in the US. In America during the 1930s, the CPUSA was promoting specific Jewish interests including opposing anti-Semitism, supporting Zionism, and advocating the importance of maintaining Jewish cultural traditions (see here, p. 36 ff). American radicals glorified the development of Jewish life in the Soviet Union as “good for Jews.” American radical Jews —a substantial percentage of the entire Jewish community at that time — saw the world through Jewish lenses.

An important aspect of the suppression of this information in the West was the “utter silence” of the media. As discussed here (p. 38), the New York Times was owned by a Jewish family and was much on the mind of American patriots like Charles Lindbergh concerned about Jewish media influence. During the 1930s, while it was highlighting German persecution of Jews and pushing for intervention into World War II against Germany, the Times whitewashed the horrors of Soviet rule, including the Ukrainian famine, even though the story was covered extensively by the Hearst newspapers and even though the leadership of the Times had been informed on numerous occasions that its correspondent was painting a false picture of Stalin’s actions. The Times has never renounced the Pulitzer Prize given to it reporter, Walter Duranty, for his coverage of Stalin’s Five-Year Plan.


[6] According to NPR’s article, Duranty was the NYT’s “charismatic chief correspondent in the Soviet Union” who won a Pulitzer Prize in 1932 for his “dispassionate interpretive reporting.” Duranty supposedly made “glowing reports of [Stalin’s] harsh plans for Ukraine. The award-winning journalism begins, “Russia today cannot be judged by Western standards or interpreted in Western terms.”

[7] “The New York Times can’t shake the cloud over a 90-Year-Old Pulitzer Prize,’ May 8, 2022

[8] “Lazar Kaganovich, No. 2 man to Stalin,” by David Remnick, The Sacramento Bee, July 27, 1991, p.35

[9] Ibid.

[10] From The Culture of Critique, Ch. 2: “Gene Weltfish, another student of Boas, epitomized this sense of alienation when she said she felt that her generation had only three choices—go live in Paris, sell The Daily Worker (the U.S. Communist Party newspaper—[an indication that communist affiliation was a mainstream view in the Jewish community of the period]) on street corners, or study anthropology at Columbia” ((Sarich & Miele, The Reality of Race Differences (Routledge, 2004),90–91.

[11] Kulak: “a prosperous or wealthy peasant farmer in 19th century Russia” or “a farmer characterized by Communists as having excessive wealth.” (Merriam-Webster definition); Are they simply the best successful professional farmers of their time?

[12] For the spelling found in current dictionaries, see “kolkhoz”: “a collective farm of the former Soviet Union.” (Merriam-Webster). Nathaniel Buchwald also spells the same word “colhoz” in a later article. For a detailed auto-biography written in English on the life of a mother separated from her husband and children and exiled to a kolkhoz in Siberia as a political prisoner, please read “Sentence: Siberia, A Story of Survival” by Ann Lehtmets (of the Baltics) and Douglas Hoile. On the back cover: “Ann Lehtmets was one of the few women to have lived through Stalin’s Holocaust and reached the Western World…[She] owed her life to spirit, intelligence, guile and humour. These qualities shine through on every page of her extraordinary recollections.”

[13] This circulation number of 35,000 subscribers “at its peak” is found on the Wikipedia article for The Daily Worker newspaper. If it can be assumed that its peak circulation was in the early 1930s when socialism and labor movements were in vogue, then this number is a tiny percentage of the American population at the time of about 125,000,000.  Compare that with an estimated circulation of the American Free Press (“described as populist and nationalist, FOR Life and Liberty and AGAINST the New World Order,” see that has an approximate circulation peaking at 15,000 today in a population of 342,000,000, quite likely making the left-wing-communist cause more than six times more influential than its political opposite (even considering that there is less readership of newspapers in 2024!)

[14] “USSR Independent but Not Isolated Says Kaganovich,” Daily Worker (November 4, 1933). 8.

[15] See the Bavarian Soviet Republic in Wikipedia for details

[16] Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, The Gulag Archipelago, (New York: Harper Perennial Modern Classics,  2007)

[17] The Soviet policy that included rapid industrialization and collectivization of agriculture resulting in mass murder of millions of political prisoners through slave labor. These prisoners were eventually nicknamed Zeks, but their official term was “Lishonnye Svobody” meaning “Deprived of Freedom.”

[18] Footnote no. 27, p. 98, The Gulag Archipelago, Volume 2, by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

[19] A.S. quoting D.P. Vitkovsky (a Solovetsky Islands veteran who worked on the White Sea Canal) from his book Plzhizni (half a Lifetime)

[20] Semyon Firin (born Seymon Pupko), Matvei Berman, Naftaly Frenkel, Lazar Kogan, Yakov Rappoport, Sergie Yakovlevich Zhuk

[21] Golfo Alexopoulos, Illness and Inhumanity in Stalin’s Gulag (Yale University Press. 2018), 76–78. ISBN 9781786733566.; Also, Firin’s original surname was Pupko according to  Stephen Kotkin, Stalin, vol.2: Waiting for Hitler, 1929–1941 (Penguin, 2017). 413. ISBN 9780735224483.

[22] And Soltzhenitsyn would revisit The Jewish Question with his book, Two Hundred Years Together, only available in English with bootleg translations online.

[23] Full names of the revolutionaries listed in this article: Yakov Sverdlov, Leon Trotsky (born Lev Davidovich Bronstein), Lev Kamenev ( born Lev Rozenfeld, and Grigory Zinoviev (born Ovsei-Gershon Aronovich Radomyslsky, aka Hirsh Apfelbaum); “…of the first water” meaning “of the highest grade or quality,” a term taken from the diamond-grading business relating to luster.


[25] For example, just take a look at the fast-tracking of Under Secretary of Defense for Policy Doug Feith after leaving Harvard, as interviewed in Jeffrey Goldberg’s article, “A Little Learning,” in a 2005 issue of The New Yorker: He received an internship with a Senator and was top aide for neocon Richard Perle: “…my family got wiped out by Hitler”, “A black-and-white portrait of Theodore Herzl, the founder of Zionism, hangs over a green leather couch [in his private library].”

[26] Dr. Kevin MacDonald, A People That Shall Dwell Alone, Praeger Pulblishers, Westport, CT 1994, Separation and Its Discontent, Praeger Publishers 1998, The Culture of Critique, Praeger Publishers, Westport, CT, 1998

[27] “The nation which indulges toward another an habitual hatred or an habitual fondness is in some degree a slave.”

[28] Francis P. Yockey, Imperium (The Philosphy of History and Politics), Invictus Books, Wentzville, MO, originally published 1948 by Westropa Press)

[29] Maurice Samuel, You Gentiles, Antelope Hill Publishing 2022, Originally published by Harcourt, Brace & Co., 1924

[30] See for details on “Boycott of German Goods” where “Jews Of All The World Unite In Action”, Daily Express, March 24, 1933

[31] In this article by Brooks, he receives this comment from a Jewish woman who just heard him give a book presentation, “You realize what you’re talking about is the Jews taking over America? Brooks replies, [And we, both being Jewish,] could acknowledge that there’s a lot truth in that statement.” And then there’s this: “[Jews] went [to Ivy League schools] because they were ambitious and often brilliant, and they brought with them a value system at odds with the WASP chivalric code. The Jews were more likely to prize work, scholarship, verbal dexterity, ambition and academic accomplishment.” Such hubris should be given its own word!

[32]; Also, In the UK one could be charged today with a crime for stickering pro-white slogans

[33] Read the Allegory of the Cave in Plato’s Republic for some fascinating ancient philosophy

[34] Oswald Spengler, Decline of the West, Volume One originally published 1918, Volume Two in 1922.

[35] Oswald Spengler, The Hour of Decision, original publishing Alfred A. Knopf, 1934.

25 replies
  1. Tom Carberry
    Tom Carberry says:

    Thank you for the article and the work that went into it. The name Lazar Kaganovich looks a lot like Robert Kagan, the husband of Victoria Nuland. Having lived through a few years of what I called mini-nutrition as a young man when I dropped from about 200 pounds to about 100 pounds, I can say few things cause as much despair to the soul as true hunger with no end in sight.

    • charles frey
      charles frey says:

      01 Viktoria Nuland’s real Ukrainian name is NUDELMAN, as in NOODLEMAN or NOODLEMAKER.

      02 Socially inferior to her husband’s elevated name Kagan, of the Jewish priestly-class name Kagan, or Kohen in Hebrew.

      03 The Russian cyrillic alphabet has no H, as in Adolf Gitler.

      04 Add the Russian patronymic ” ovich or vich ” for ” son of “, or ” ovna ” for daughter, and you end up with SON OF KOHEN.

      05 Victoria managed the Maidan uprising.

      06 Her husband, his own father and his brother are even greater NEO-CONS than Victoria, as is her daughter-in law.

      07 Just a little more bloodletting and co-religionist Larry Fink and his largest-ever BlackRock will kiss it all better, as he has already promised Zelensky, with ample collateral.

      08 The Kaganoviches in the Ukraine were actually three brothers, of varying fame.

    • Anna Cordelia
      Anna Cordelia says:

      Tom, my curiosity is getting the better of me. Would you be willing to share with us what terrible event led you to drop from 200 to 100 pounds as a young man? (I’m guessing you weren’t exactly following some fad diet popularized by the likes of Oprah Winfrey and the grocery store newspaper magnates.)

  2. Aelred A.
    Aelred A. says:

    I was dismayed this past week when my state senator’s newsletter hit my inbox and the first report of his “work” was to sponsor a bill mandating the teaching of the Holocaust. The report was titled “The Importance of Teaching the Holocaust and Support for Israel.” This is Pennsylvania state senator Doug Mastriano, a Republican who lost the gubernatorial race in 2022 to Josh Shapiro (nuff said) and who was endorsed by Trump and for whom I voted. I emailed his office and told him to do better research and stop virtue signaling to his masters in AIPAC. Very disappointing.

    • charles frey
      charles frey says:

      01 Hopefully you emailed your Senator anonymously from a public library, lest you own your home outright, without mortgage renewals.

  3. Anna Cordelia
    Anna Cordelia says:

    I’ve always wondered how much people in various parts of the world knew about the Holodomor while it was happening, so I’m very grateful to the author for pulling this piece together.

    I have to say I am deeply dismayed that as an ethnic Ukrainian who grew up in the West, I was taught so much about the “Holocaust” during my school years, and only found out about the Holodomor as a young adult. Even my Ukrainian family members don’t seem terribly interested in it – and I see just about zero understanding of the Jewish question amongst my kin. They know who Stalin was, but they wouldn’t have a clue who Lazar Kaganovich was.

    I don’t know what the situation is in the modern-day country of Ukraine, but I almost never get any sense of there being any understanding of the JQ there either. It all just seems so incredibly bizarre, like everyone suffers from some kind of multi-generational amnesia.

    I guess that speaks to the power of Jewish trickery.

    • Tim Folke
      Tim Folke says:

      My thoughts exactly. Regarding the Holodomor and Holocaust, it would appear that it takes at least 5 Ukrainian lives to equal one victim of the 6 million allegation.

      Regarding your very last comment, it is no surprise that there is no mention in Western mainstream media of the fact that Ukraine is the world center for child sex trafficking as well as money laundering, or that Volodymyr Zelensky is a homosexual porn star.

      Russia is also being vilified for removing (as of now) about 31,000 children from Ukraine. There is no mention of the horrific treatment the Russians are freeing these kids from.

      • Anna Cordelia
        Anna Cordelia says:

        It makes my skin crawl everytime I hear murmurs about the child sex trafficking in Ukraine, and I suspect organ harvesting is going on too.

        Would you be able to recommend any good sources of info on the child sex trafficking? (It’s something I might try to write about.)

        • Tim Folke
          Tim Folke says:

          I have used only two sources. One of course is the internet.

          The other is to talk to someone here in the USA who is Ukrainian or Russian. They often have relatives over there or are recently from there. You would need to approach them carefully though. Reason I say this is that where I live, we have a Russian community (instead of signs being in English & Spanish they are in English and Russian where I live).

          Anyway, they all think Americans hate the Russians so when you bring up anything about their homeland they claim to be Ukrainian and then clam up. I speak Russian (not fluently but enough to get by) and that seems to make them relax and open up.

          • Anna Cordelia
            Anna Cordelia says:

            Good suggestions, Tim, thank you.

            And might I say that I admire your ability to speak Russian, however haltingly! If you can communicate with native speakers, that is pretty good.

        • charles frey
          charles frey says:

          01 Toronto alone has several Ukrainian associations. I visited two for some detail.

          02 Given this child traficking problem world wide, surely they would be able and pleased to give you enough solid sources pertaining to the Ukraine.

          03 I witnessed such abuse in the early 90s, while staying in a motel in Hollywood, Florida. There was a beautiful ca. 16 year old Ukraininan girl with a private room; daily in the company of a different man, and most familiar with management. At the bar I practiced my rusty Russian on her and found out, that she was an undocumented immigrant. Her ” stay out of jail free card ” was anything but free. Not unlike the hundreds of Ukrainian girls who were offered legitimate jobs in Israel, only to find out, upon arrival, that they were filled just a day before.
          Upon arrival, their passports were taken from them, and they invariably ended up in brothels.

          • Anna Cordelia
            Anna Cordelia says:

            Your story about the 16 yo Ukrainian girl is heartbreaking, but not surprising, given that she was in Florida (which seems to be a hotbed for Jews, pun not intended).

            Thank you for your advice about contacting Ukrainian associations. Interesting that both you and Tim suggested I get past the internet and talk to Real People… what a concept. I am embarrassed to admit I hadn’t thought of doing that.

    • charles frey
      charles frey says:

      01 The Holodomor, 32-33, is being air-brushed out of Historiography.

      02 Instead, it is replaced by accentuating the purported massacre at Babi Yar, in September 41, with an alleged 33,000 primarily Jewish victims. Perpetrated by SS, Wehrmacht Police Units and local enthusiasts.

      03 That is how it is described by the Babi Yar, 25 acre memorial in Denver, Co., NY State and elsewhere.

      04 Using my advanced math method, from 33 until 41 is a mere 8 years: short enough to remember every gruesome detail.

      05 I used the qualifiers ” alleged ” and
      ” purported “, because contemporaneous Luftwaffe aerial reconnaisance photographs of that Kiev ravine, show no disturbances of the ground.

      06 Demonstrably, any connection between cause and effect, as presently accentuated in Gaza, is bejond comprehension by the polled majority of our more intelligent than us best Allies.

      • Anna Cordelia
        Anna Cordelia says:

        It was weird to learn, from Kristensen’s essay, that the world knew about the Holodomor, and did nothing.

        But I’ve also been learning that the world knew about the Red Terror in Russia (1918-1923), and did nothing.

        They even knew it was Jews running the show.

        Hold on, maybe that’s why they did nothing… which ties into today, where everyone knows what’s going on in Gaza, and everyone knows it’s the Jews, and still, still, the world does nothing.

        Oh, excuse me, I must correct myself. The world IS doing something. The US government is throwing its taxpayers money at the Israelis, Canadian MPs are arguing over whether or not to export arms to Israel (I had no idea we’d been selling to them in the first place!) and politicians from around the world having been rushing to Israel to pay their fealty to Bibi the Yahoo.

        God help us.

        • charles frey
          charles frey says:

          01 Given your broad interest and knowledge of this era, I want to draw your attention to your countryman Igor Gouzenko and wife.

          02 Igor was cypher clerk at the Soviet Embassy in Ottawa towards the end of WW II. By encoding and decoding all the messages between Ottawa and Moscow, he knew more than all of the strictly compartmentalized departments at their Embassy.

          03 By September 45 he had enough and compiled a list of 109 influential Canadians who had been agents, or at least acted as such, for the Soviets.

          04 Living in a small apartment, at the end of September, 45, he grabbed his list, wife and personal belongings to surrender to the Royal Canadian Monted Police; our inept federalis.

          05 These consumate idiots. no doubt intimidated by the highly placed personages on his list, listened to Igor, then sent him out on the street.

          06 Not having appeared for work, nor answering his phone, the then NKVD staff at the Embassy would be looking for him. Friends, a young Canadian couple, accommodated him, until he appealed to a Member of Parliament, whom he probably knew to be a patriot.

          07 The matter reached Cabinet, which issued a directive to Moscow, not to harm Igor, nor his wife, at the possible cost of breaking relations.

          08 The Soviets complied, but somehow his later house burned to the ground.

          09 He later explained the process which drove him to his actions. The Communists characterized the West as the worst of societies.
          He, in turn, found Canada open, friendly, free, affluent , helpful and comparatively ethical.
          He found it impossible to continue to betray Canada and his friends

          • Anna Cordelia
            Anna Cordelia says:

            Yes, I remember learning about Igor Gouzenko in high school (early to mid-80s)… but I think your brief exposition manages to be more thorough than what I remember being taught in school.

            Of course, I have much more background knowledge to interpret the information now – and it comes as no surprise how many influential Canadians (soon to become dual citizens?) he exposed as Soviet agents. I wonder what ever became of them?

  4. Rudolf
    Rudolf says:

    The obvious Jewish involvement in the Holodomor (and many other communist mass murders) could jeopardize the prevailing narrative and the Holocaust cult of the Jewish-owned and operated Western media and their ostensibly “singular” victim status. Holodomor, after all, sounds dangerously similar to “Holocaust” (there could be confusion among the already dumbed-down recipient class). As always with these (collectively self-serving) “individuals”, we are dealing with a gigantic historical fraud.

    That’s why there will never be a big media hype about the topic, let alone a Hollywood movie, instead, as usual, dozens more “Holocaust” victim stories every year to “refresh” and indoctrinate the masses. There are 35 entries about this on TOO. Incidentally, the Jews also played a role in the establishment of tyrannies in China (Mao is said to have 80 million on his conscience) and North Korea, although they had to act covertly there due to their “peculiar” appearance, unlike in Russia, Europe & US.

    • Anna Cordelia
      Anna Cordelia says:

      Rudolf, that link to the Red Ice show on Mao’s Jews was just a gold mine of information.

      I think the Jewish connection to communist China is another lynch pin in the Jewish narrative, similar to the Holodomor and the Holocaust. If too many people find out about it, their lies start to fall apart.

      I have this impression because I just had a back-and-forth with a commenter on a substack I contribute to, about the Jewish influence on Mao. The guy just flipped out at me when, after describing himself as an expert on all things Mao, I asked him if he knew anything about the Jews Mao met at Yale.

      It was a strange reaction (and kind of entertaining… if you’re interested, you can read our exchange here, just look for comments by a guy calling himself “War for the West”: ), but more to the point, it made me realize they don’t like us talking about this one.

      Something to keep in mind!

      Thanks again for the link.

      • Rudolf
        Rudolf says:

        Dear Anna, very interesting, I will visit your link right away. I support everything you have said. I’m sorry I’m only getting back to you now, I didn’t overlook you, I just thought nobody would reply to my comment from a few days ago. Just then I noticed that the number of comments had increased and went to have a look. But it’s already been three days since you replied. I am very sorry about that. You are always welcome. Best regards!

  5. charles frey
    charles frey says:

    01 The number of photos on the net, relating to the atrocities of the Holodomor are rapidly dwindling.

    02 Years ago, but no longer, I saw a photo of a Ukrainian peasant couple in front of their thatched-roof, delapidated house. Both appeared not to have had a bath or hair-cut in years.

    They were standing behind a long table, OFFERING A SEVERED HEAD AND LEG FOR SALE.

    03 One personal account, written by a mother, spoke of the necessity to order a twelve year old son to leave home, because they were unable to feed all of their four younger children any longer.

    A week later she received reports, that he was found emaciated and frozen to death a few miles away, on the open road.

    Who, amongst us, can even begin to understand her eternal feeling of sorrow and guilt: or the likely opprobium of her surviving children.

    04 Another photo has haunted me for decades. That of a circa ten year old girl. Too short for her age, with a beautiful face which would have given her a chance for the best of men. Long, black, unwashed hair. so emaciated, that she had to prop herself up holding onto a door post, for the photo.

    The quite apparent, accusing but also resigned look in her eyes will haunt me until three days after my passing.

    She was saying to me: ” Why the hell did you do this to me ? ” : echoing tens of millions of others.

  6. Alan
    Alan says:

    On the Holidomor….
    The Jews contra the Russian Orthodox Church..”Edom “.Adam Cadmon.
    The new Man…the toledoth yeshu.. the .Mishnah,..gemarra..kabala,Zohar .
    lubyanka prison..gulag magadan..laventrii Beria ..Naftali Frenkel…”.Geinrich yagoda..lazar kaganovich….sverdlov…. vital names and topics interrelated to know when unearthing the deep obfuscation repression of the holidomor…all contemporary Jewish lies aside..many Jews are fiercely proud of all this preternatural homicidal filth….especially in isreal…they lionize the mass murdering Jews..they boast about Isreal Epstein and Mao….. fact check the above-mentioned sources which directly
    contributed to and caused the mass exterminations…mass deliberate starvations…using mass deliberate starvation as an ethnic cleansing political weapon..the ethnic cleansing of Slavic christians…farmers…kulaks…..holocausting of Ukraine and rus people’s in Ukraine and subsequently in Russia 1932…. 1934. and after.. Alexander solzhenitzhen ..200 years together..and his powerful but now mothballed work…the Gulag Archipelago…all excellent research tools but informed folk realize the Jews absolutely do not want this permitted to in any way compete with holocaustianity fabrications,exaggerations ..idiotic unproven atrocity propaganda..i..e..lampshades made of human..jewush skin..etc…and the previous success of swindlers list by pedophile
    Jew Spielberg ,especially in the era of trump and Gaza..Some Ukrainians still strive to reach the world about the Holodomor ..others are still mute with stupified horror.. they know the Jews who did all this were largely unpunished..obviously many of us here know the same genocidal mindset is established in America .. note that .2000 Jews from NYC s lower east side rushed to join in with the Jewish communist nkvd types ..the same Jews who murdered the Russian royal family..Before the Jewish and isreali hasbara troll doxxer censors try to disappear all this…check it out…

  7. Ron
    Ron says:

    I noticed that the author selected this quote from the book Night:
    “OUR FIRST ACT AS FREE MEN was to throw ourselves onto the provisions…The next day, a few of the young men ran into Weimar to bring back some potatoes and clothes — and to sleep with girls. But still no trace of revenge.”

    I just wanted to draw your attention the fact that this passage was altered from the original yiddish version of the book. In the original yiddish edition Wiesel describes the jews as going out to “rape German girls.”

    As discussed in this NY Times article (see link below), the wording was altered for the English language edition and represents one of many changes that were made to enhance the propaganda value of the book.

    “In the final scene, after the camp has been liberated, Wiesel writes of young men going into Weimar “to rape German girls.” But there’s no mention of rape in the subsequent French or English translations. Wiesel said his thinking had changed between versions. “It would have been a disgrace to reduce such an event to simple vengeance.”

    More detailed discussion can be found in this Tablet article by Seidman along with the complete quote from the yiddish version. She provides more detailed analysis of the passage and discussion of changes made when it was translated to French as well as analysis from the Jewish perspective of what is meant by the commandment of revenge not being fulfilled.
    “Early the next day Jewish boys ran off to Weimar to steal clothing and potatoes. And to rape German girls [Un tsu fargevaldikn daytshe shikses.] The historical commandment of revenge was not fulfilled.“

    Finally, I would like to note that the book Night, based on my searching of an electronic copy, contains exactly one mention of gas or gas chambers outside of the preface which was written later by François Mauriac. The only instance of reference to gassing in the book is contained in the following line on page 68 “You have betrayed, allowing them to be tortured, slaughtered, gassed, and burned, what do they do? They pray before You! They praise Your name!”

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