Adenauer, de Gaulle, Nixon, and the Shah of Iran: A Modern Anthology of Jewish Might

Like Raymond Aron, we believe we need to distinguish between power and might. Power is the organization that makes might effective, but power can also become impotent, meaning that power without might is nothing.

Keeping this in mind, let’s start our anthology

1 – 1965 Konrad Adenauer, “One should not underestimate the might of the Jews”

Konrad Adenauer served as Chancellor of the German Federal Republic 1949–1963. In this interview, given in 1965, he says (in English translation): “One should not underestimate the power of the Jews, even today, especially in America. Accordingly, and it has long been my view, after careful and conscientious consideration, I devoted all my effort to help bring about, as much as possible, a reconciliation between the Jewish people and the German people.”

In the tone of these words, we seem to detect some regret and bitterness at having paid, but not having been paid in return. Otherwise, why giving this interview and why not simply rejoice in the reconciliation—as he did in the case of France and Germany. Why, above all, talk about the might of the Jews?

Konrad Adenauer ueber Juden und Wiedergutmachung ( (in German)

2 – 1967 Charles de Gaulle, the “domineering elite nation” news conference 

French president Charles de Gaulle, a towering figure of French political life during the late 1950s and 1960s, talked about Jews and Israel during a televised news conference on Nov. 27, 1967. He spoke of “the Jews, hitherto widely dispersed, and who have remained what they had always been, in other words, an elite people, sure of themselves and domineering.”

De Gaulle said nothing different from Adenauer, but unlike Adenauer, de Gaulle was still in power, and he was to pay dearly for it: some even believe that this conference was behind the events of May ’68, which ousted the general from power. That’s probably going too far: even if May ’68 was essentially a Jewish event (demonstrators in the streets chanted “we are all German Jews”), the whole planet was concerned by the 1960s protest movement (Jewish, in any case), and the successors, Pompidou and Giscard, learned their lesson well. 


De Gaulle and the Jews in 1967, the press conference (in French)

3 – 1972 Nixon, “It’s all run by the Jews” 

Four years after de Gaulle’s news conference, in 1972, Nixon and Reverend Billy Graham discussed Jewish control of the media (1972), which, as we know, was followed by Watergate in 1974.

Here is the transcript of what we can hear on the tape:

Nixon: … Newsweek is totally. — It’s all run by the Jews and dominated by them. Their editorial pages, the New York Times, the Washington Post, Totally Jewish too…

Billy Graham: The stranglehold has got to be broken or the country is going down the drain.

Nixon: Do you believe that?

Billy Graham: yes sir

Nixon: I can’t ever say it, but I believe it

“I can’t ever say it.” Nixon clearly knew all about Jewish power, and politicians at that time and now know that it’s off limits to talk about Jewish power except in a complimentary way, as now-president Biden did in talking about Jewish media power. Ironically, Watergate was born out of the same Washington Post as the one discussed on the tape, and the lead reporter was Carl Bernstein, a Jew.

4  – 1976 Shah of Iran on the power of the ‘Jewish Lobby’ 

In this 1976 interview with Mike Wallace, the Shah of Iran explains that Jews in the U.S. Are doing too much in Israel’s interest and that American president pays attention to the “Jewish Lobby” (as Mike Wallace calls it) because of their power in the media, banks, finance, etc. He then says, “I think I’ll stop there).

But as we know, on January 16, 1979, it wasn’t Israel that fell, nor the Jewish lobby in the U.S., but the Shah of Iran, who was swept away by an Islamic revolution. Unlike in 1953, when he first went into exile, this time neither the US government nor the CIA woulc do anything to save him.

These days, no Western or Westernized leader dares comment on the power of the Jews; they all prefer to light menorahs: Blair, Melonie, Macron, Scholz, van der Leyden, Biden, Putin. Being a successful politician means knowing all about Jewish power, but not saying a word against it.

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  1. Rudolf
    Rudolf says:

    We are all completely infiltrated and misprogrammed. The frightening thing is that these Jews still have power over us even when they themselves are not present, i.e. when they are absent. Then there are the “defenders” who stand in for them instead. Because the Jew is the most moral noble victim and is therefore always right. After all, he is the “personal child of God”, the only God he himself invented, who dares to refute this? Not even his good, decent Christian brood!

    And precisely this state of affairs must have been their original intention. They can be justifiably proud of having degraded us all to total fools. However we do it, we get caught in his nets. And these networks are worldwide and encompass all data and money traffic. What else can happen to the Jews, living in Upper Street in Upper Corner in Upper Household, that will sever his Achilles’ heel and bring him down? He has created the world as we find it, with all its hatred for ourselves.

    The Jew remains silent when asked why we are hated, why we are strangers in our own womb. (Yes: WHY actually?) Why we can’t help but go crazy and go astray. Or become a weak coward who fulfills their service. With good reason. He has laid out his bait and we eat it anew every day. And to ensure that this process never stops until the final demise of our entire species, the Jew, out of all his philanthropy, has placed the legacy of the Holocaust at our hearts.

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