Is NeoCon Billionaire Paul Singer Buying Democrats A House Majority To Ban Trump From Ballot?

Editorial note: This is yet another aspect to two deeply disastrous issues in American politics: Jewish money.  1: Neocon hate-Trump, left-on-social-issues, war-mongering money. 2: The likely corruption of Republican politicians willing to sell their soul for a nice sinecure after leaving office. Of course, they never really had a soul. Like most politicians, it’s all about the money and a nice career.
We have quite a bit on Singer, including on his vulture capital fund by Andrew Joyce (here and here),, and this article on Singer’s activism for homosexuality by John Graham. Includes a little plug for my neoconservatism article toward the end.

H/T the always indispensable Revolver News for drawing my attention to EXCLUSIVE: The RINO Plan To Ban Trump From The 2024 Ballot Is Underway, by Troy Smith, Slingshot.News, March 24, 2024.



Recently, a slew of Republican Representatives have not only been announcing their retirement from the House but have also been actually leaving early. Last week it was Wisconsin’s Mike Gallagher, the previous week Colorado’s Ken Buck, and of course in December ex-Speaker Kevin McCarthy.


…the Republican Party is just one retirement away from losing their majority in the House

While this might be thought just an act of peevish spite towards their colleagues and constituents, Slingshot News has plausibly uncovered a different dynamic.

The Neocon Never Trumper Billionaire Paul Singer seems to have financial links to almost these Congresscritters.

A dedicated social liberal, Singer has a long record of pulling the GOP in the wrong direction. Michelle Malkin went into detail on this in Beware Elise Stefanik’s Moneyman, Open Borders Plutocrat Paul Singer. 

Quite often this has been in indirect ways. In 2013, James Fulford reported on him funding an open-borders religious front group. This is in keeping with his activist business habits.

This cycle, he gave $5 million to Nikki Haley as late as December 18, 2003.

Slingshot.News intelligently points out:

The Supreme Court definitively stated in that ruling that Congress, not the individual States, had the right to bar an individual from access to the Presidential ballot….

Should the Democrats regain control of the House before the 2024 Election, the prospect of President Trump being removed from the Presidential ballot becomes an almost certain possibility.

The Democrats already maintain a slight majority in the Senate…

and asks

Is Paul Singer influencing Republicans to retire from the House of Representatives in yet another attempt to derail former President Donald Trump?

Could he be spearheading the mass retirement of GOP officials heading into 2024, ceding control of the House to the Democratic Party, and setting up Trump to be removed from the Presidential ballot prior to the election?

These Neoconservative billionaires have become a lethal threat to the Republic and the Historic American Nation.

See And So Farewell To Sheldon Adelson—Zionist Activist; Immigration Enthusiast (But Only For U.S.); Chinese Asset?

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  1. Pierre de Craon
    Pierre de Craon says:

    The present essay is a representative sample of Patrick Cleburne’s recent work, which has been edging so close to bluntly naming the (((problem))) that I cannot but wonder how much longer he will be permitted to publish at VDARE.

  2. K M Landis
    K M Landis says:

    Paul Singer is a regular Jew, disloyal to his host country, on which he preys like any parasite. According to this article, he has been bribing GOP congressmen (Mike Gallagher, Ken Buck, Kevin McCarthy) to resign their seats, so that Democrats can become the majority and pass a law removing Trump from the ballot. In 1919, Arnold Rothstein did something similar, when he bribed eight Black Sox to throw the World Series. History repeats and Jews always cheat.

    However, there might be a silver lining to this story, since Trump is useless anyway. His four-year in office proved that. It was a total betrayal of the White race. Only Israel benefited. Trump was also bribed by Jewish money.

    If the Democrats get a majority in Congress thru bribery, and then remove Trump from the ballot, after he had won every primary by a large margin, then it would look bad for them. Then “Our Democracy” would be exposed as a fraud. And the whole world would see that the Jews did it. Even the most brainwashed philo-semite would be forced to notice it.

    Finally, the GOP might actually choose someone effective. Almost anyone can defeat Biden, except Trump. Trump is Biden’s best hope, and the Democrats might pass a law removing him from the ballot. Who benefits? They might regret not having Trump to kick around anymore.

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