NYTimes on the rise of the “far right” in Europe

David Broder, “The Far Right Wants to Take Over Europe, and She’s [Georgia Meloni] Leading the Way

One can’t expect much from David Broder, but some interesting things nonetheless. I’ve been critical of Meloni, but she may end up doing good after all. As they say, politics is the art of the possible.

“There’s just one question on voting day. Do you want an Islamized Europe or a European Europe?”

This stark choice was posed by Marion Maréchal, a rising star of the French far right, at the launch of her party’s campaign for the European elections in June. In an incendiary speech, she spoke of a Europe under siege from “many foreign powers and Islamist organizations profiting from anarchic immigration in their efforts at destabilization, subverting our youth, organizing something like a Fifth Column in our countries and recruiting deadly jihadist soldiers.” She was joined by a stream of speakers bewailing a European project hijacked by L.G.B.T.Q. activists, environmental fanatics and anti-Western ideologues.

Yet for all the apocalyptic anger, this wasn’t a call to quit the European Union. While Ms. Maréchal’s Reconquest party sulfurously accuses elites of orchestrating a Great Replacement of Christians by Muslims, it seeks its own place in the corridors of power. Across the continent, the aim of far-right parties like hers is not to exit the bloc but, increasingly, to take it over. In this project, they have a model: Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni of Italy.

Ms. Meloni is already an inspiration to the European far right. As the head of the right-wing coalition in Italy, she has overseen attacks on L.G.B.T.Q. groups and migrant-rescue organizations, a takeover of the public broadcaster and a continuing attempt to change the Constitution to expand executive power. But it’s on the continent where she has really distinguished herself. Combining staunch Atlanticism — commitment to NATO and Ukrainian defense alike — with relentless opposition to immigration and climate policy, she has become a major force in Europe. For the European far right, poised for an advance, Ms. Meloni is leading the way.

Since coming to power in October 2022, Ms. Meloni has impressed many with her pragmatic approach and abandonment of her previous criticism of the European Union. In Brussels, she has developed a reputation for skillful diplomacy. She was christened an Orban whisperer, for example, after helping talk Prime Minister Viktor Orban of Hungary out of vetoing further E.U. aid to Ukraine this year. His change of mind didn’t come without a cost — the European Commission also released 10.2 billion euros, or $10.8 billion, of previously withheld funds for his government — but Ms. Meloni was still crucial to winning him around. …

Ms. Meloni has been at the forefront of plans to further outsource the bloc’s border policing to autocratic North African countries. In July last year, she was in Tunisia to announce a deal to curb migration across the Mediterranean; last month, she did the same in Egypt. Both times she was flanked by Europe’s top official and president of the commission, Ursula von der Leyen, who in January gave her blessing to Ms. Meloni’s broader vision for E.U.-Africa relations. Even as the bloc agrees on new rules for processing migrants once they reach the continent, Italy is working to ensure they don’t arrive in the first place.

Ms. Meloni has also been a thorn in the side of the bloc’s green transition. …

Polls ahead of June’s elections suggest that center-to-far-right forces are on course to win around 50 percent of seats in Parliament. For many on the hard right, this offers a chance to end the grand coalition of Socialists and Christian Democrats that has historically dominated European politics — and instead create a right-wing alliance that would hold the top jobs. In practice, such cooperation is difficult: Center-right leaders say that they will ally only with pro-E.U., pro-NATO, pro-Ukraine and pro-rule-of-law parties. That rules out a decent portion of Europe’s far-right parties, at least for now. It does, however, allow for a full embrace of Ms. Meloni.

More radical forces, following Ms. Meloni’s example, are recalibrating. In Marine Le Pen’s National Rally in France, top figures are walking back their previous NATO-critical stances and distancing themselves from the more intransigent Alternative for Germany. Mr. Orban, long a black sheep in European affairs, is also looking to break out of isolation before Hungary takes over the bloc’s presidency in July. He claims he will join the European Conservatives and Reformists, the group led by Ms. Meloni, after June’s election — a reportedly welcome prospect for the group, even if Mr. Orban’s softness on Russia could be a stumbling block.

Ms. Meloni’s group, dominated by her Brothers of Italy party and Poland’s Law and Justice, isn’t the only European home for far-right forces. There’s also the Identity and Democracy group, which houses France’s National Rally and Italy’s League party. Relations between the two groups aren’t always harmonious. In March, Ms. Le Pen sharply accused Ms. Meloni of planning to re-elect Ms. von der Leyen as head of the commission. Matteo Salvini, leader of the League, insists that right-wingers should refuse to work with centrists.

Even so, polls suggest that the two groups will together win around a quarter of seats, leaving the far right with much more sway no matter who takes the top job. Far from seeking to break up the European Union, these far-right groups are now bidding to put their own stamp on it — to create what Ms. Maréchal calls a “civilizational Europe” rather than the technocratic “commission’s version of Europe.” Ms. Meloni, for her part, seems convinced the two can go together.

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  1. Alan
    Alan says:

    Our people in Europe say the diametric opposite..that meloni is like so many self enriching whorish posturing politicians..*l..””any way the wind blows type ,or the 30pieces i of silver fake right ” while demanding more African and Muslim immigration into already overwhelmed,.beseiged Europe.
    We love TOO,. but advise to sedulously. fact check this.. writers “information..We don’t trust meloni at all.

  2. WCH
    WCH says:

    The term “Far Right” is used often in this essay. I contented there is no longer a “Far Right.” A real Far Right would call for outing of the Zionest behind the political puppets. The gates of illegal immigration were opened by Jewish Gangsters.

  3. Joe
    Joe says:

    Since the utter defeat of fascism 80 years ago, there has not been a single “far right” movement which has even come close to power in any Western land. The (((victors))) have seen to that… and over the past 3 generations, we have experienced the insidious slide leftward in politics, culture and morals. Because we haven’t had the “far right” to balance our societies and maintain standards, we now live in a totally decadent world and the complete downfall of our civilization is nigh if nothing is done NOW to stop it.
    Once again, the (((eternal nation wreckers))) have wreaked their havoc on another once great age.

  4. PS
    PS says:

    Apart from the fact that the Western world is “voluntarily” destroying itself and the rest of the world only has to watch leisurely, this extremely anti-Russian biased Youtuber does not seem to take other factors such as China, India or Brazil into account at all. This brings him a million clicks in one month. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MHtFo3eoFOo

  5. Rudolf
    Rudolf says:

    A new German scrap “movie” has been released. In it, a German and a British woman play two sisters who have to save each other from drowning. (Is this a general metaphor for the total forlornness/Verlorenheit of white women? I would strongly support this thesis and could even fundamentally substantiate it.) Choose highest resolution and switch off subtitles. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Dive_(2023_film)


  6. Rudolf
    Rudolf says:

    The actress Krause is not German at all. You can see how a name can hide the reality. She is Japanese-American. Amazing, given that the darker genes always prevail. You could say Krause is the distant glimmer of her ancestors. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Louisa_Krause

    Yesterday I learned about a (former) beautiful American actress who has MS and is wearing diapers due to an infection that probably came from the “salad” of a non-European who gave her his own feces to eat. Very sad. https://ethnicelebs.com/christina-applegate


  7. Ursula
    Ursula says:

    “New World Order Pledged To Jews” New York Times [6th. October 1940]

    Note: “To” not “For”

    Search for the video where the whole article is scanned over. Odysee has it

    There you are

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