AfD co-leader slams Italy’s Meloni, says she has allowed open borders and supports pro-war policies with Ukraine

TOO has posted quite a bit on Meloni, most quite negative, but some hopeful. This one is pretty much the end of all hope: “Migration has actually doubled there under Prime Minister (Giorgia) Meloni. Open borders instead of blockades.”

From Remix:

“I want to make it clear that this Melonization will not happen with us”

Tensions are growing between European parties on the right, with the Alternative for Germany (AfD) now openly criticizing Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni for presiding over a huge increase in immigration into Italy and her pro-war stances in the Ukraine conflict.

“We will not bend our program for anyone. That must also be clear for us, including our political positions, which are correct, which have currently brought us to second place in the polls in Germany, which offer unique selling points and which we will not bend in favor of European positions just so that we are more attractive to some. We see this in Italy. Migration has actually doubled there under Prime Minister (Giorgia) Meloni. Open borders instead of blockades. Meloni is also in favor of more weapons in the Ukraine war and confrontation with Russia instead of peace and diplomacy for Europe. I want to make it clear that this Melonization will not happen with us,” said AfD co-chairman Tino Chrupalla at the AfD Saxony state party conference.

“For us, German interests always come first,” he added.

The sharp criticism of Meloni, who leads the Brothers of Italy party, comes after the AfD was expelled from the Identity and Democracy (ID) group in the EU parliament earlier this month. Notably, France’s National Rally’s Marine Le Pen pushed for AfD to be kicked out of the group after AfD MEP Maximilian Krah made comments that not all soldiers who served with the Waffen-SS were war criminals, as reported by Remix News.

Le Pen’s move just before EU parliamentary elections has been seen as a major betrayal of a European coalition partner, and a desperate attempt to improve her party’s image in the eyes of the French public.

Now, there are rumors that Le Pen may be preparing to form a new right-leaning group along with Italy’s Meloni, or to potentially join Meloni’s group, the European Conservatives and Reformists (ECR).

Critics, including many in the AfD, argue that Meloni and Le Pen no longer represent the right. Notably, Meloni’s rhetoric on immigration has radically shifted since she took power, and she has embraced open borders and more legal migration.

While many across the European right have been critical of Meloni and Le Pen, their parties remain on top in both Italy and France. Meloni’s support has dipped only slightly over the last year and currently remains the most popular party with 27 percent support. Le Pen has seen her support rise and currently sits at 34 percent.
[Video: Meloni’s policy of promoting legal immigration  “marks a trend of conservatives across Europe embracing demographic transformation and mass immigration as long as it’s legal,” although illegal immigration is close to an all-time high  in Italy. We see the same in America, where conservatives routinely pledge allegiance to legal immigration except that illegal immigration is completely out of control and effectively legal.]
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  1. Rudolf
    Rudolf says:

    This nasty little evil witch Meloni thing, who has been proven to be a globalist puppet, should set up a welcoming committee on the southern coast of Sicily in honor of her beloved black-skinned arrivals. And sell melons to her new citizens at taxpayers’ expense, because melons contain roughly the number of seeds that Meloni has brain cells in her hollow head.

    • dsf
      dsf says:

      Italians are more based than germans. The common deonminator here are women, in the context of a degenerate, culture-destroying restricitons on women behavior.
      Israel had a female prime minister who was brutal. Our women were programmed by a media with very different biases.

  2. Charles
    Charles says:

    If you double immigration,prove to be a slavish Zelensky apologist and align yourself with the globalists on most issues,what are you,but a traitor.Meloni would like to lead the Right in Europe.This would be a disaster.Her “right’ would be a watered down disaster.

  3. Jackie Pratt
    Jackie Pratt says:

    The differences between the German AfD and the meloni/le pen types does not represent a divergence or ‘rift’.

    It just shows that they were never together in the first place, and meloni/lepen types are busy lying whilst kissing zio-jew arses.

    AfD is traditional/national/ethnic, meloni/lepen is globalist/ruling class/jewry.

  4. Rudolf
    Rudolf says:

    Japan should also be “multi-racialized” as
    quickly as possible, claims a person with
    a conspicuously large nose on her face. I’m
    sure it’s all just a total cohencidence again!

    The Jewish “Homeland Security [!] Secretary”
    wants Italy and Greece to become much more
    colorful and enriched. After all, this is already
    his most successful/proven method in the US.

  5. K M Landis
    K M Landis says:

    Giorgia Meloni is another Boris Johnson. The Italian middle and working classes elected her in September 2022, based on her promises to resist the migrant invasion.

    At first it looked like she might follow thru, but that would be too easy. Instead, a few months later, to please the globalists, she reversed course completely. How stupid and pathetic! Another traitor, another Merkel, another Trudeau.

    Meloni has betrayed Italy and Europe, by opening its borders to mass migration from Africa and the Middle East. That is the definition of treason. Of course, the Jews are cackling with glee in their usual manner. They paid her only peanuts, I’m sure. Treason comes cheap these days.

    Contrast that with Tino Chrupalla. He sounds good. I hope AfD wins in Germany, in their next election. And I hope George Galloway wins in Britain on July 4. The Jews hate them both.

  6. Herbert
    Herbert says:

    Zelensky admirer Meloni is not only pro-NATO and pro-“vaccination”, but since February 2022 also a member of the globalist think tank Aspen (financed by Rockefeller, Ford, Bill & Melinda Gates) Institute, whose CEO is the Jew Walter Isaacson, who is also a WEF “Agenda Contributor”. Between 2003 and 2020, organizations linked to Soros transferred more than $3 billion to the Aspen Institute. Among other things, it was meant to support the promotion of pro-abortion groups. This is confusing since Meloni appears publicly to defend Christian values ​​and is against abortion.

  7. Rudolf
    Rudolf says:

    Fatmerican hits the Eurocentric jackpot, so to speak. He is the first invader to take an interest in Danish culture. Which probably has something to do with his own ancestry. As expected, he particularly loves everything that can be eaten and drunk. Since Denmark consists mainly of islands, it is not entirely impossible that the smallest of these islands will sink under his weight one day.

  8. TheFeebleClone
    TheFeebleClone says:

    European countries have national depth which offer an identifiable alternative. Whether seduced or premeditated, populists in Europe can gain political capital by advocating identity. Italy is still identifiably Italian. Germans, for all their national self-abnegation, can conceive of the idea of a German state. A reversal is conceivable.

    Canada’s situation is arguably more intractable. Like Europe, it has embraced “demographic transformation and mass immigration as long as it’s legal”. Every single federal party has the phrase “diversity is our strength” in their foundational documents. However, unlike our European cousins, our white population is heterogeneous. Our system of government is derived from the British, but we have Irish, Ukrainians, Germans, Polish, French, protestants, atheists and Catholics etc. In addition, people who live in predominantly white areas appear to find racial identification less salient, if not abhorrent.

    Despite the best efforts of the EU, migrant populations are the subject of political controversy. There are potential alternatives because there are European Nations. Even the Swedes may rediscover the survival instinct.
    Americans are experiencing an unambiguous border invasion. In Canada, there is no legal or political basis for repatriation. Unlike European countries like Italy, there isn’t even a false promises of national unity.

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