Interview with Kevin Barrett on Jewish Hyper-ethnocentrism

Kevin Barrett interviewed me on my article “The Extreme Hyper-Ethnocentrism of Jews on Display in Israeli attitudes toward the Gaza War.”


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  1. Rudolf
    Rudolf says:

    I’m now a listener of “Sir” Derbyshire. A very pleasant, witty and humorous person. I had no idea what this outwardly rather inconspicuous man was made of. Moreover, he professes to be a “Germanophile”. I have started to listen to his extensive radio archive with his comments on current affairs and world politics, always starting with Haydn’s “Derbyshire March”.

    In his current diary entry, he advertises a so-called conference bike (invented by an American artist with the southern German name Staller), which I have also encountered unconsciously years ago. He disciovered this in the advertising of a dealer called Hammacher Schlemmer (two German names), which was initially called Hammacher & Tollner (also German name, anglicized from Töllner).

    But he certainly doesn’t have to pay $20,000 for it, I read that it should “only” cost $11,000, certainly even cheaper as a five-seater instead of a 7-seater version, and as a used 5-seater version even less. Apparently, this vehicle is even handmade in Germany (under license).

    But immediately the nightmare creeps into my thoughts of how our left-liberal, self-proclaimed “educators of the people” immediately misuse this innovation for their ideological purposes in order to “bring together the diversity of the colorful world” and make it “visible”.

    Unlike Mr. Staller, however, I would not take this 220 kg monster through the turbulent traffic of San Francisco, which is polluted with exhaust fumes, let alone with small children as passengers, apart from the considerable differences in altitude there, because going downhill would involve considerable dangers for just one steersman, so as not to expose seven people to a crash at the same time.

    While going uphill would be an arduous undertaking that would make debonair communication impossible. I would only recommend something like this on flat country roads with no traffic, or the extensive dykes on the North Sea coast. This way, “the conference” is also a nature experience filled with fresh sea air.

    • Rudolf
      Rudolf says:

      To summarize, it can always be done differently (previously “unthinkable”), you just have to try it out! So we have to transfer this model to our thinking mechanisms (misguided by the Jews).

      What questions arise here? How can we, the inventors of technology, turn it to our advantage, not (only) economically, but but above all socially? I am trying to concretize the question:

      In other words, how can we achieve satisfaction and security through our own skills without having to “involve” the rest of the world? So how can we artfully exclude something that is unnaturally imposed on us?

    • Rudolf
      Rudolf says:

      I would like to elaborate further: Could we also, by consciously making changes to the set screws of “society”, which is fundamentally deceiving us, establish a political system that synergistically reunites our previously completely misguided and irritated attention, i.e. aligns and bundles it for our own benefit?

      How should this be created and look in terms of protection, what would and should its foundations be, who can formulate them?

      Of course, it must not, never, remain with pure thought, but these thoughts, which can be used under all circumstances, must be cast in concrete instructions for action and be noticeable and tangible, binding for all those who have been adversely affected so far.

  2. anon324
    anon324 says:

    I’ve corrected my spelling errors, thank you:

    As I understand it, Putin is not a Group Selected person. He is a Genetic Sociopath who has no Altruistic sentiments for Russian Slavs or any other “Sentient” being. I think that one can see this by the laws he passes. He has criminalized “Anti-Semitism” and “racism” in Russia. He lies to all of Russia regarding Russia’s history, especially the history of WWII and the Ashkenazi Bolshevik Revolution. Putin has only one goal – personal wealth acquisition. He got rid of all the Ashkenazi elites in Russia because he wanted all the wealth for himself. As an extreme Genetic Sociopath, he has no Altruistic sentiments for Russian Slavs, Gentiles, or Ashkenazi people. He just wants resources/wealth for himself. Thus, he will try his best to maximize his hedonism in Russia, but he will not go to nuclear war against the Ashkenazim. Russia itself is an ethnically diversified Gentile nation, consisting of many genetically degenerate Gentiles races. The Ashkenazim will soon defeat Russia, exterminate all the Gentiles in Russia, and repopulate Russia with Ashkenazi people. But in the short term, Putin will try to carry out all the personal hedonism he can while he awaits for death. Putin will do all the things he has wished to do before he dies, such as experience all psychedelic drugs, have ample quantities of coitus, experience every hedonistic endeavor, and so forth. Putin knows that the Ashkenazim has won the evolutionary wars. Putin just wants to experience all hedonism before he dies. Putin is an atheist and an extreme Individually Selected Genetic Sociopath. He will keep Russia surviving long enough for him to experience all the hedonism he has on his list, then he will prepare for death and then allow the Ashkenazim to take ownership of Russia.

    The Ashkenazim will keep on killing Russian Slavs for many years to come, using Eastern Europe as a war zone for constantly attacking Russia. Russia is de facto already the property of the Ashkenazim. Russia is a genetically mixed nation consisting of many genetically primitive Gentiles – a dysgenic nation that will very soon be completely taken over by the Ashkenazim.

    Every Gentile should immediately study the research of Dr. Michael Anthony Woodley 0f Menie. He explains how Gentiles are de facto extinct. Earth will be repopulated by Ashkenazi people. Mexico just elected a female Ashkenazi as President. And the Ashkenazim has killed Iran’s President and is killing off all the elites of Iran. Trump, an extreme Genetic Sociopath who only wants personal resource acquisition, will spend the rest of his life in prison. Due to dysgenics, every Gentile is the genetic equivalent of monkeys, metaphorically speaking. It’s over for the Gentiles. I tried to talk to the Gentiles in my city. I talked to them about practicing Universal Altruism and living to advance the well-being of all “sentient beings” in the universe.. They ignored me. .They accused me of being a “communist.” The eight billion Gentiles on Earth told me that I should just mind my own business. The Gentiles of Earth told me that they are only interested in recreational activities and that I deserve to die for sticking my nose in their business.

    Mr. Emil Kirkegaard said that European Mormons are the saviors of ethnic Europeans. I thus talked to hundreds of Mormons to understand them. They told me that Jesus Christ rejects “racism”. The Mormons told me that Jesus Christ has only a few rules – no sexual activity before marriage. Mormons must never masturbate.. Mormons must marry and then have at least four children.. They must not ingest alcohol and caffeine. So, as long as Mormons don’t have premarital sexual relations and avoid alcohol and caffeine, they can do everything else. They can enjoy food, music, TV, video games, dancing, and every other Gentile hedonism. Mormons must reject “racism” and must work to convert all Brown and African people to Mormonism.

    It’s over for the Gentiles. The Ashkenazim will treat all Gentiles like zoo animals. Virtually every Gentile is in fact the genetic equivalent of animals due to decades of dysgenics. Only a small handful of Gentiles understand the truth. They should work together to leave Earth for the After-Life.

  3. Pierre de Craon
    Pierre de Craon says:

    Call me old-fashioned, but when I hear the term “interview,” I expect a formal encounter where one person asks questions and the other answers them. What Kevin Barrett offered on this occasion was little in the way of actual questioning and acres of his own disorganized expressions of opinion.

    I am revealing no secrets in saying that Kevin MacDonald is a systematic thinker and a methodical writer. His conclusions are noteworthy for having an evidentiary or documentary foundation, to which, in his books and essays, he always refers in his notes. All the best interviews with KM have been done by people who have some degree of understanding of the man and his work.

    I assumed that Barrett’s interview would be based on KM’s recent article, named above, and that Barrett would either seek elaboration on statements in that article or challenge the article’s underlying assumptions or conclusions. In fact, he did very little of either. He talked as much as he listened, and what he had to say wasn’t especially worth listening to.

    Overall, as an interviewer, Barrett doesn’t compare with Collett, Edwards, or Midjord.

  4. Rudolf
    Rudolf says:

    The unexpected confrontation with one’s own
    self breaks into consciousness and is warded
    off by massive projection, as it generates men-
    tal overload. Self-perception cannot be brought
    into congruence with the perception of others.

    Why do you think the Jew Spielberg makes
    such an enormous trick-technical effort to
    demonize and dehumanize Germans?

    “To this day, I regret the decimation of
    the shark population because of the
    book and the film. I really, truly regret that.”

    Demonization corresponds to an Old
    Testament tradition and is quite delibe-
    rate, as we are currently seeing in Gaza.

    Jew-jaws: Who is the real shark and
    Tyrannosaurus here, is the question.

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      It never occurs to you, does it, to write something relevant to the topic of the article or interview?

  5. Rudolf
    Rudolf says:


    God bless you, ladies and gentlemen, dear friends. Today is Good Friday, March 29, 2024, and I am speaking on the subject of ‘the truth about the Gaza war’, and I present to you the following twelve theses.

    First thesis: The cause of the war is not the events of October 7, but the 56 years of Israeli occupation terror.

    Second thesis: The Gaza war was planned and orchestrated by Israel, Hamas fell into the trap.

    Third thesis: Ostensibly, it is about the destruction of Hamas, but actually about the expulsion of the Palestinians from Gaza, which is a prerequisite for the creation of a Greater Israel ‘from the river to the sea’.

    Fourth thesis: The Gaza war reveals Israel’s power. Israel can do as it pleases, not even the USA can stop it, because Israel sits at the levers of power in the USA.

    Fifth thesis: In this sense, Israel is not a ‘small state in the Middle East’, but a worldwide ideological and economically powerful network that has transformed the so-called West into a larval Zionist system in recent decades.

    Sixth thesis: Israel treats the Palestinians like ‘human animals’. The West, so proud of its human rights, supplies the weapons for this racist mass murder. The Gaza war makes it clear that the West is a stronghold of racism.

    Seventh thesis: Gaza becomes a cipher for the moral downfall of the West. Its human rights retoric turns out to be a disguise for a degenerate and completely dishonest morality.

    Eighth thesis: Zionism is the most radical and revolutionary nationalism. In the Gaza war, it shows its true face: inhuman, misanthropic and filled with hatred.

    Ninth thesis: Not only the USA, but also Germany supplies weapons to Israel. The so-called German state reson makes Germany an accomplice to the mass murder in Gaza. An application has already been made to the International Court of Justice in The Hague to bring charges against Germany for aiding and abetting genocide.

    Tenth thesis: Germany is losing its international reputation in fast motion. The Gaza war is becoming a beacon for Germany’s reputation in the world. More and more people and states see Germany as the most compliant vassal of the US-Western system.

    Eleventh thesis: The Gaza war is also becoming the moment of truth for the German opposition. Anyone who supports arms deliveries to Israel is not an oppositional figure, but an accomplice of the Berlin government.

    Eleventh and final thesis: The AFD reveals itself to be a party infiltrated and controlled by Zionist agents. It cannot be ruled out that it will soon demand German ground troops for Israel, in line with its Gauland doctrine.

    You can find justifications for this thesis in numerous videos and commentaries that I have published on the subject of Israel and Zionism in the social media, most recently a six-part series in the fall of 2023.

    I address this issue in more detail and in greater depth in various books, especially in my trilogy ‘Christian-European Core Culture’. You can download the 12 theses in written form from my website.

    In my next video commentary, I take a closer look at the discussion among various sociologists and historians on the subject of ‘the Holocaust catechism of the Germans’.

    Ladies and gentlemen, dear friends! Truth is not there to be aesthetically consumed. It must be actively and, not least, politically disseminated. This requires courage, including the courage to break taboos.

    Please spread the truth that I am presenting to you here more clearly and precisely than you will find anywhere else. The political turnaround we need depends on a change in people’s consciousness. We all have a responsibility here. See you soon.

  6. Rudolf
    Rudolf says:

    Mr. Toel says Americans “love Israel more than Alabama”. (A very peculiar kind of “love” that he is unwilling to define further). In response to the very good – and very legitimate – question of why America would sacrifice Europe at any time but never Israel, he says because of the (you guess it) “Holocaust”.

    Unfortunately, more cannot be revealed in a political system that does not allow truths to be made too recognizable, but only hints, as in Stalinism, where one had to be able to recognize the unwritten between the lines and the unspoken between the words.
    Which, of course, only a minority ever masters.

  7. katana17
    katana17 says:

    [Kevin Barrett – Kevin MacDonald on “Extreme Hyper-Ethnocentrism of Jews (Re – Gaza)” – May 31, 2024 – Transcript]

    [In this video Kevin Barrett talks with Dr Kevin MacDonald, and says:

    “Evolutionary psychology scholar Kevin MacDonald discusses his new article ‘The Extreme Hyper-Ethnocentrism of Jews on Display in Israeli Attitudes Toward the Gaza War’ In it, he writes:

    ‘At least until the Gaza war, Jews have successfully depicted themselves as moral paragons and as champions of the downtrodden in the contemporary West…

    This Jewish pose of moral superiority is a dangerous delusion, and we must be realistic what the future holds as Whites continue to lose political power in all Western countries. When the gloves come off, there is no limit to what Jews in power may do if their present power throughout the West continues to increase.

    The ubiquitous multicultural propaganda of ethnic groups living in harmony throughout the West will quickly be transformed into a war of revenge for putative historical grievances that Jews harbor against the West, from the destruction of the Second Temple by the Romans to the events of World War II.

    This same revenge was fatal to many millions of Russians and Ukrainians. It’s the fate of the Palestinians that we are seeing unfold before our eyes.”

    – KATANA]

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