Roberta Kaplan as a Jewish Type

Jewish lesbian Roberta Kaplan is a prominent leftist attorney involved in lawfare against the Charlottesville demonstrators, against Donald Trump in the E. Jean Carrol case, as well as in victorious efforts on behalf of gay marriage. As I wrote in a  previous article on Roberta Kaplan, she “is a good example of what makes Jewish activism so effective: smart, well-connected, hyper-aggressive, in the context of a court system sympathetic to her causes.” Well, her hyper-aggressiveness and general abrasiveness seems to have caught up with her, along with micromanagement (she seems to be a control freak).

I bring her up because I think she is a Jewish type and a big reason why the Jewish community is so successful. I am certainly not saying that all Jews are like this, but such people are important in whatever occupation they are in.

Jewish aggressiveness has long been noted as a general characteristic of Jews, e.g., here (pp. 26-30), seen also in Kaplan’s “relentless … pursuit of success”:

In early twentieth-century America, the sociologist Edward A. Ross commented on a greater tendency among Jewish immigrants to maximize their advantage in all transactions, ranging from Jewish students badgering teachers for higher grades to Jewish poor attempting to get more than the usual charitable allotment. “No other immigrants are so noisy, pushing and disdainful of the rights of others as the Hebrews.” The authorities complain that the East European Hebrews feel no reverence for law as such and are willing to break any ordinance they find in their way. . . . The insurance companies scan a Jewish fire risk more closely than any other. Credit men say the Jewish merchant is often “slippery” and will “fail” in order to get rid of his debts. For lying the immigrant has a very bad reputation. In the North End of Boston “the readiness of the Jews to commit perjury has passed into a proverb.”

The other thing that’s obvious here is that Kaplan is depicted as interpersonally abrasive. Clearly, she doesn’t care whether other people like her, especially I suppose if she is in a superior position. For Jews, being disliked by non-Jews goes with the territory. In traditional Jewish ethics, non-Jews have no moral standing and their opinions don’t matter unless they threaten the individual Jew or the Jewish group as a whole.  On the other hand, most White people–and especially White women—care deeply about being liked, resulting I think stems from their evolutionary history.

The New York Times: 

Prominent Lawyer Roberta Kaplan Departs Firm After Clash With Colleagues

The well-connected attorney, who founded a powerhouse firm at the dawn of the #MeToo era, has faced complaints that she mistreated and insulted other lawyers.

… Her departure followed months of internal frustration over Ms. Kaplan’s conduct toward other lawyers, according to people familiar with the matter. Those concerns led her colleagues to remove her from the firm’s management committee and precipitated her departure. …

Ms. Kaplan and her wife are deeply connected to the Democratic Party and she has been a heroic figure to many liberal activists. In addition to litigating the Supreme Court case that laid the groundwork for the national legalization of gay marriage, she became a leader of the #MeToo movement. …

Another Times article, “How a Trump-Beating, #MeToo Legal Legend Lost Her Firm.”:

In the eyes of many of her colleagues, including the firm’s two other named partners, Ms. Kaplan’s poor treatment of other lawyers — ranging from micromanagement to vulgar insults and humiliating personal attacks — was impairing the boutique firm she had built, the people said. For one thing, they said, she was jeopardizing its ability to recruit and retain valuable employees. …

Many former employees said they were proud of the work they had done and admired Ms. Kaplan’s fearless pursuit of big targets. But they also said the workplace environment she had presided over could be unbearable. This went beyond normal gripes about tough bosses. Ms. Kaplan’s behavior was at times such an issue that a top lawyer at another firm who was her co-counsel in a case reprimanded her over her conduct, and a progressive legal coalition nixed her from a list of candidates for federal judgeships because of her reputation for mistreating employees, according to lawyers familiar with both episodes. …

Like many other ambitious young corporate lawyers, Ms. Kaplan was relentless in her pursuit of success — so much so that her future wife, Rachel Lavine, a Democratic operative, once offended her on an early date by comparing her to a Bolshevik willing to spill blood for the sake of victory. …

Ms. Kaplan’s timing was impeccable. She pitched her firm as a progressive bastion that would combine trailblazing public interest practice with civil and criminal litigation. The goal was to win big rewards for worthy causes while also making its lawyers rich. The cherry on top: The firm was run by a legal giant in a field largely bereft of female leaders, much less gay women. Liberal lawyers jostled to join. …

From the start, Ms. Kaplan’s behavior alienated some of her new hires.

“Robbie was a screamer, she yelled a lot, and that was not an experience I had before,” said Christopher Greene, who had joined from the powerhouse law firm Sullivan & Cromwell. “Now it was part of my day to day, and the office wasn’t big.”

Many former employees recalled hearing Ms. Kaplan berating colleagues for their supposed incompetence and lack of intelligence. (Most would speak only on the condition that The Times not identify them, citing fear of professional repercussions.)

In the midst of the #MeToo movement, Ms. Kaplan told colleagues that she was too smart to ever have been sexually assaulted, according to Seguin Strohmeier, another early hire, and two other former associates who also heard the remarks.

Ms. Kaplan’s lawyers said in a letter to The Times that she had never “suggested that anyone can be ‘too smart’ to be sexually assaulted because that is obviously not true.”

Five employees at the firm recalled inappropriate comments Ms. Kaplan made about colleagues’ looks. Once, she told a female associate that the associate was more suited to “back of house” work because of her appearance. Another time, Ms. Kaplan said the same associate was too much of a “dyke” to clerk for the Supreme Court, Ms. Strohmeier recalled. Other times she used gender-specific insults.

Ms. Kaplan’s lawyers denied that she criticized employees’ appearances and said she “is hardly the only experienced trial lawyer prone to salty language at times.”

Many former employees recalled Ms. Kaplan’s publicly berating case managers, who are young, low-ranking employees. Once she verbally attacked a case manager who disobeyed her command not to include meatballs in a pizza order. Ms. Kaplan’s fury was so remarkable that a lawyer took notes, which The Times reviewed. The notes described the meatball incident as one of a few examples in which Ms. Kaplan “publicly derided” the case manager “both to her face and behind her back.”

Mr. Clark and Ms. Tent, the lawyers for Ms. Kaplan, said this was inaccurate. “To the extent Ms. Kaplan gave instruction about what food to order, it was typically to order too much rather than too little food,” they wrote.

To the frustration of some colleagues, Ms. Kaplan at times insisted that she review in advance certain emails that partners planned to send externally. On occasion, she became irate when this edict was violated. …

Near the end of 2021, Ms. Kaplan’s lawsuit against the white supremacists in Charlottesville went to trial. It was a high-stress environment; Ms. Kaplan was targeted with antisemitic threats. She told some attorneys on the multi-firm team that they didn’t deserve their law degrees. She threatened to ruin one’s career.

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  1. Dr. Doom
    Dr. Doom says:

    The judenvermin are basically cowards. They have to have others do their fighting for them. At some point, White Men will stop caring about phony laws and ZOG politics. They will see that they are at war with a parasite that wants them dead and is too cowardly to declare war openly. Soon the guns will hunt rats instead of ducks. Hymie is a retard. A meat puppet of Satan. Without Satan to guide them, these stupid rats will simply be destroyed. Gaza has weaponized the brown hordes against them. White Men need to realize that the only solution to the jew problem is direct action. The rats have gone too far to stop. The intersection of lawfare and the rule of law does not exist. There are no real rights anymore. The judenvermin have destroyed the rule of law. Destroy and be free. You can’t reason with a bloodsucking tick. You can’t negotiate with a disease. It’s an US vs. Them war. Only one side can survive. The fake jew can’t win. They have been breeding their own killers. They are now between the brown hordes who see them as racist colonial oppressors and White Men who have to defend themselves. Hymie won’t survive either way, but the future depends on White Men doing the right thing. Either the space age of rockets, space stations and Martian colonies or the stone age of dark skinned retards who never mastered agriculture or invented the wheel. Hymie is dead in both cases. White Men need to choose between the future of space or the bleak stone age of DIEvershitty. Choose wisely.

  2. Lady Strange
    Lady Strange says:

    Much in common with another variety of hysterical Semites: the Arabs.  I know that the term “Semitic” may seem old-fashioned, but the fact is that their permanent hysteria has always been recognized. Americans are not yet as accustomed to Muslim immigration as we are in Europe, but they have much in common with Jews: constant agitation, fits of rage at the slightest annoyance, the difference being their very low IQ.
    In hospitals, for example, even the slightest wait is met with screams, threats  hysteria and litteral violence. ( knive attacks are common now ..)
    Likewise, a very high propensity for mental illness.
    I think the problem is bad genes, but is there a link with inbreeding ?
    In any case, their presence , jews or arabs, for us Europeans, is unbearable.

    • Tim Folke
      Tim Folke says:

      Dear Lady, as with all else the Ashkenazim Jews lie. They are not (Biblically as they claim to be) ‘Semitic’ (i.e. – descended from Shem). They are (Biblically speaking) descended from Japeth. Read Genesis 10:3.

  3. Santoculto
    Santoculto says:

    Psychoticism is a common trait among Jews??

    I don’t know if it would be sensible to speculate whether the Jews of Eastern Europe did not end up selecting among themselves those who were most adapted to the more despotic or non-democratic environments historically typical of that region,region, unlike German Jews, also mentioning the intermarriages with Gentiles with similar traits and generally above average intelligence.Or whether these apparently pronounced features of psychopathology, especially of antisocial personality, are older.

    It’s funny to see how many Jews, and even, perhaps, the collective behavior of the Jewish people, in general, tend to embody the psychopathic traits of a typical capitalist merchant: pragmatic, cold, calculating, superficially friendly…

    And how white people and their nations seem to have been turned into commodities by them.

  4. WCH
    WCH says:

    White people, I am white, are too tolerant. Tolerance was hammered into us from childhood. We need be intolerant of all other races in every way possible. Don’t buy kosher anything. Don’t buy from Amazon. We can’t control our corrupt politicians but we can choose what we buy and what businesses we shun.

  5. Pennsylvania Chuck
    Pennsylvania Chuck says:

    I kinda feel sorry for the jew. They’re never at rest. They’ve only maybe a few times enjoyed real peace. I guess becuase of the curse most look, well, like someone would look with a curse. It’s like once you know what to look for you can spot them instantly.
    Any sympathy I do feel is exhausted quick when reading an article like this on one of them and when thinking of one like that wicked Nuland and all the death and destruction her and her fellow jews created in Ukraine. It’s sickening. They’re sickening. Idk. I hear from Christians God is going to save the jews in the end days. I question that. Interesting the say it’s a choice concerning everyone else but they’re going to be saved. I wonder will they have to repent like everyone else or there’s a special exception for them. Again idk but I know so many Christians are funny when it comes to the chosen ones. It’s actually insane.
    Something positive to end with. Yes I have my opni9ns about blacks. Nothing against them at all they got the same enemy as white people. My only issue is seeing a whorish white women with one. A that’s not being racist or hating. Heck that boxer butterfly guy whatever said in interview he don’t like seeing black women with white guys. Basically he wants to be with his own people, I believe that’s biblical. The filth diversity is our strength I just that filth. Filth from jews and then they get filthy stupid white women to spew it. That’s fact. The jew is behind all this filth from diversity, tattoos, homosexuality, those ugly lesbianism, whorish women, the list is never ending. And then yes they get women to spew and push the filth. Oh my positive point I almost forgot. Itestesting the number of blacks who see the jew as their enemy. Especially when it comes to say rents and finances. It’s like they know. They obviously talk about it. So it’s a good thing. The more eyes open to the truth the better we’ll be at ending the freak satanic nightmare we’re all having to endure. Lord willing the day is near when righteousness and holiness reigns again and we all get back to living not in the dark but the light.
    God bless everyone. Yes even the jews and yes may God not only save our souls but the jews too.
    God bless.

    • JM
      JM says:

      @Pennsylvania Chuck
      “I kinda feel sorry for the jew. They’re never at rest. They’ve only maybe a few times enjoyed real peace. I guess becuase of the curse most look, well, like someone would look with a curse. ”
      Well the curse of Deicide is a big cross to bear for the Jew, a burden that is certain to make the most conscious of them very irritable and irrational in behaviour as well as determined to shake it off, no matter how impossible the task, flailing about all over the (our) place, no matter what the risk might be.

  6. Jimmie Joe
    Jimmie Joe says:

    A gruesome, incomprehensibly shocking crime has taken place in the British Isles: A song about flowers and bees was played, to the rhythm of which young white people moved without permission: STRICTLY VERBOTEN!

    Only secretly at night under the blanket with a flashlight and headphones, otherwise there is a risk of radicalization, even Nazification.

    The secret Nazi “Peppa Pig” has already impressively demonstrated this effect even on pre-school children.

    The “Union of Jewish students” condemns this unconscionable behavior in the strongest terms and demands the most rigorous, even dictatorial consequences. They alone determine what British people are allowed to sing, say and think! They still (wrongly) call this “democracy” and “freedom of opinion”. It is high time to finally overcome this shameless lie.

    Fun fact: “In total, around 15,000 national socialist musical works were produced between 1933 and 1945, as well as around one and a half million sheets of documents relating to music alone.” That’s what I call a productivity that truly deserves its name.

  7. Sursumcorda
    Sursumcorda says:

    As a Catholic, I can tell you that I have no sympathy for these people though I do want them to become Catholics. They are our enemies and I’m sick of them to my back teeth. Good riddance to them back to their homeland.

  8. Jimmie Joe
    Jimmie Joe says:

    “Bank cancels AfD donation account

    The AfD has apparently lost its donation account. This has been reported by several media outlets. This is not entirely new for the party.

    The AfD has to find a new bank for donations. According to information from the Deutsche Presse-Agentur, the federal party’s account at Berliner Volksbank will be closed.

    The “Grannies Agains The Right” association had launched an online petition demanding that the AfD bank close the account. According to the association, the head of the bank met with the grannies on Wednesday. The petition was handed over at the meeting.”

    They don’t call themselves “Grannies Against Extremism”. Rechts has the same meaning as right: on the one hand the right side, on the other hand synonymous with “correct” and law. They could just as well call themselves “Leftist Grannies Against Democracy”.

    “The initiative was founded by journalist Susanne Scholl and Monika Salzer. Scholl is the daughter of an assimilated Austrian-Jewish medical family. Omas gegen Rechts were awarded the Paul Spiegel Prize for civil courage by the Central Council of Jews in Germany in 2020.”

    However, due to the politically correct handling of “freedom of opinion”, it is best to avoid making any hasty connections. I’m sure it’s all just pure coincidence again.

  9. Rudolf
    Rudolf says:

    Although it is already “so beautifully multicultural”, Germany is still (actually forever) a scary country, says a “British” Jew. It is sheer inconsolable. However, there is still one way to get rid of your historical guilt: Only a Germany that has completely disappeared from the face of the earth can ultimately become also a truly good Germany in our highly critical eyes! Is that a decent offer that you could be happy with?

  10. Alan
    Alan says:

    With TOO s gracious moderator s permission we make a few statements in this and an interrelated context.Prof KM .can righteously be called a premiere behavioral scientist among other superlative commendations. recognizing his prescience…clarity ,..always well reasoned postulates,.correct critiques and all.This horrifying lesbian jewbitch who profKM wisely decodes and exposes …debunks..for all sentient brings in our era..should be excoriated globally..add
    Debbie lipstadt..marina abramovitch Betty freidan Dianne Feinstein r.b.ginsburgh..dw.schiltz Sarah Silverman Vitoria nudrlman nuland.b.l.specter….Jill biden..Cecile Richard’s ..vanessa gelman..mrs.satanyahoo..mrs..zelensky.. rachel madcow…Miriam adelson…the bronfman and pritker women also.
    .Jewish lesbians..and supposedly hetero jewbitches can be the lowest of the low satanic spawn ,both historically and currently.Prof KM does the world a favor in exposing what THE JEWS make sure is repressed..poorly covered..what THE JEWS do is when elucidated pure truth such as prof.KM.. detailed incidents instantly bait and switch with a new schadenfraud..real or prefabricated..preengineered.THE JEWS micromanage some psy op with real casualties such as tranny shooters opening fire on kindegartners at some rural Christian school or whatever…..To be on point here ..Roberta Kaplan Is a, Jewish archetype” yes it is not only that bad the normalization..gentrification of the female jewdevil perversion is imposed..centerstage .. .Great riveting Article.,never. expect less from stentorian erudite incisive Prof KM.. great comments also.*

  11. Tim
    Tim says:

    The eternal subverter: “Lies agreed upon”. I wonder who is meant by this, or who is hiding their own dishonesty behind this meaningful and at the same time meaningless title?

    Martin Luther’s book, which is nowadays condemned, was called “The Jews and their Lies”. The fact that Jews are pathological liars and generally tend to exaggerate is, of course, a completely unfounded conspiracy theory that has no basis in reality. You don’t have to deduct at least half of what Jews say because they turn everything into the exact opposite.

    The art of telling “realistic” fairy tales has a long tradition not only in Hollywood and in the Orient, but also in the former Eastern European Galicia. In every shtetl there was an elderly fellow citizen (the Yiddish term escaped me) who went from house to house with nothing in his luggage but all his fantastic experiences, which he had never experienced, and everyone knew this, but which he could recite so truthfully to the families and especially the children that he was given free board and lodging.

    Of course, it is clear that George Seldes, a Jew who is misunderstood and underestimated by the world, is not at all in this tradition, but reports the purest, and nothing but the purest truth! At least this is what his American interviewer (who died four years ago, presumably born in 1950) with the Bremen surname Schierenbeck believed.

    The fatal thing is if you take this sheer nonsense at “face value”.

    • Tim
      Tim says:

      The term I was looking for was Batlen (also mentioned in the “Dybbuk”). As I found out, the Galician Jew Josef Roth had probably confused the term with Badchen.


      1) An unemployed or lazy person
      2) A misfit
      3) A naive person

      Roth wrote in his “The Wandering Jews”: “The strangest profession is that of the Eastern Jewish batlen, a joker, a jester, a philosopher, a storyteller. At least one batlen lives in every small town. He amuses the guests at weddings and christenings, he sleeps in the prayer house, makes up stories, listens when the men argue and racks his brains over useless things. He is not taken seriously.”

      We learn about this from experts: “From this quote and the lines that follow it, it is not only clear that Roth seems to (unintentionally) merge the type of Badchen with that of Batlen, but that he also assigns him tasks, such as appearing at Christian ‘child baptisms’, which he certainly did not perform (Roth is certainly referring here to the Jewish ‘circumcision ceremony’…). […] In this context, the use of incorrect terms should also be pointed out, for example when the ‘Batlen’ is mentioned in Juden auf Wanderschaft, but the ‘Badchen’ is meant: the former is an ‘idler (usually a pious Jew who is always in the synagogue to study)’, the latter would be the ‘jester, comedian, joker at weddings’ actually meant.”

  12. Tim
    Tim says:

    Regarding docu “Tell The Truth And Run: George Seldes And The American Press” by Jew Goldsmith. I agree with Seldes: “all isms are [kinda] bad”. (Jews Godley & Creme once produced an album named “Ismism”). But that includes Zionism, feminism and multiculturalism, i.a. Seldes’s fight against the tobacco industry is also worthy of praise. The only question is: Was Seldes aware that his tribal brother Edward Bernays popularized tobacco consumption even for women? If not, he was a lousy journo.

    Is patriotism at least something worth preserving? Well, it is suppressed as evil, as we all know. And yet it seems to be a fundamentally natural human need to feel a sense of belonging to a nation, a people, an ethnic group, a religion, a culture, a language and so on. You can see this in all international matches. However, I stopped watching international matches a long time ago, because what is presented there as the “national team” has long since ceased to be something with which any native person can identify.


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