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Vulture Capitalism, Jews — and Hollywood, Part 1

August 1996 Cover of Moment Magazine Just before Christmas, TOO contributor Andrew Joyce came out with a very courageous and informative account of the damage various Jews have done through their activities at the upper end of the Western economic system in an area often labeled “vulture capitalism.” I will build on Joyce’s insights in […]

Derbyshire vs. MacDonald Revisited

I don’t believe I’m exaggerating when I say that Kevin MacDonald’s Culture of Critique is one of the most important books of our age. Despite this fact, it has garnered remarkably little attention in traditional spheres, particularly academic circles. Of course, the reasons for this are obvious — the book is critical of Jewish behavior, […]

Richard Dreyfuss and “Once Around”

Recently I wrote about the thoughtful comedy Keeping the Faith, which, in my view, does a remarkable job of exploring the conflicts involved in Gentile-Jewish relations. Stiller’s other Gentile-Jewish comedy from the same year, Meet the Parents (2000) in that Meet the Parents showed more open hostility between Gentiles and Jews.  This theme of conflict between […]