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Champions of Judea: On the supplanting of British foreign policy

From Horus on Substack. Please subscribe. Excellent research. Our last article discussed the pursuit of Jewish interests by Winston Churchill and the British ruling class. Recall that Churchill considered Jews (at least as compared to Arabs) to be racially superior and strove energetically to enable Jewish colonisation of Manchester and London as well as of Palestine. He was […]

Beaconsfield Revisited: A question of which civilisation you prefer

HORUS The last article described the ascendancy of the Rothschilds and the Anglo-Jewish elite, their intercession efforts for Jews worldwide, their support for the Ottoman Empire and condemnation of Russia, and the profligacy of their friend Edward VII. Here we will examine the relationship between debt, warmongering and Judeophilia exhibited by three politicians of consequence, Disraeli, […]