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The Shadow Architecture of Electoral Politics 

“I have called you by name; you are mine.”-Isaiah 43:1 One of the hallmarks of neo-liberalism is its “namelessness,” that is to say that it largely operates anonymously, in the shadows, or by not calling something by its real name: “human rights,” “liberal democracy,” et cetera. It is power for cowards. To quote George Monbiot: […]

The Coronavirus Silver Linings Playbook

Greetings fellow anthropoids! Having received the day’s talking points from CNN, I will dutifully refrain from calling the viral scourge of the globe “Chinese.” I do not know if it is appropriate to cite the origin of the saying/curse “May you live in interesting times,” so I will not, but interesting times these are, at […]

Man’s Estrangement from Nature as Considered by the Transcendentalists and the Modernists

The Transcendentalists were immensely influential in the United States as the mid-nineteenth century approached, not least of which was because of their attempts to explore the essence of nature and to consider its value and its interaction with man and vice versa. As the nineteenth century wore on in America, there was a decided shift […]

Ways of Seeing: Who Determines Your Reality?

“What has happened since World War II is that the American sensibility has become part Jewish, perhaps as much Jewish as it is anything else…The literate American mind has come in some measure to think Jewishly. It has been taught to, and it was ready to. After the entertainers and novelists came the Jewish critics, […]

Hedging their Bets (Who Really Decides Elections)

If you like your healthcare provider/free speech/immigration policy/country you can keep it! “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics,” a quote often attributed to, appropriately enough, Benjamin Disraeli. The salad days of Joe Wilson yelling, “You lie!” at Barack Obama seem so long ago, but here we are with a steady diet […]

The Way Life Should Be?: Maine as a Microcosm of Jewish Activism

The demographic war being waged on the state of Maine has received nothing but glowing press and for good reason—certainly not that it has any legitimacy, but that its beneficiaries are not just protected from scrutiny but praised for their efforts to swamp the indigenous White population by the media establishment. When we understand who […]