Entries by Peter Baggins, Ph.D.

Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, as applied in the Trump era

Mainstream media, Hollywood, Academia and the Regressive Left in general have adopted Saul Alinsky’s infamous “Rules for Radicals.” If you know what the “rules” are, you can better predict what’s coming from these Left Wing saboteurs.  Keep in mind that these days the Enemy referred to in the “Rules” is the Trump administration, particularly the […]

The Winds of Change: Update on European Elections

Just six short months ago President Obama and Chancellor Merkel, presided over a formidable coalition of globalists committed to transforming the Western world, including also Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron, France’s President François Hollande, and Italy’s Prime Minister Matteo Renzi. United by a common ideology, these Western leaders were busy ushering in a  transformative era […]

After the Amazing Election, What Now?

In this amazing election the American people voted against globalism and the Washington, New York, and Hollywood establishment with all the drama and suspense of the recent British Brexit vote.  Or as one Brit put it, “We do Brexit and the F***ing Americans have to do it bigger.” If it had been a referendum on […]