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Calculs Électoraux pour une Victoire de Trump

English version: Playing the White Option: The Electoral Math for How Trump Can Win Article d’origine publié le 10 mai 2016 Traduction par Blog Blanche Europe Pour la cause des Blancs, et pour nos derniers espoirs de type électoral, je crois que la candidature de Trump survient vraiment à la onzième heure, ou à la […]

The Ethnic Gap Revisited

In my October 29 editorial titled “Maximize the Racial Divide,” I hoped for a large and clear polarization of the racial vote, such as the black candidate winning with as little as 40% of the European vote (excluding Jews) and fully 80%of the non-European vote — a racial gap far exceeding any other gap based on gender, […]

Maximize the Racial Divide

Our project, our purpose, our goal and our cause is to save our race. But we in the white racial activist community, by ourselves, lack the power to save our race — to save it from its dispossession, from the loss of its homelands, from the loss of its independence, from its subjugation to alien […]

More on the “W-Word”

Greg Johnson’s “The ‘W-Word” makes the point that Hillary Clinton is now actually resisting white dispossession — to the extent that it is her own dispossession — the only way possible by appealing to a latent but real white racial consciousness and solidarity. There is a certain irony to this situation, which we could enjoy […]