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The Esthetic Prop Revisited

Finnish girls (2014) In Wilmot Robertson’s watershed book The Dispossessed Majority (1972), in the chapter titled “The Esthetic Prop,”[1] he describes the Esthetic Prop, which he associates most closely with the “Nordic physical ideal,” as a “genetic resource” and “an enduring, deeply-ingrained esthetic preference on the part of most Americans.”[2] It is also a source […]

Human Pre-History and the Making of the Races, Part 2: Genetic Distances

Confirmation by modern genetic studies of the traditional racial classification categories What are the percentages of genetic differences between the human races, indicating their relationships? Perhaps the best global scale study to date on this subject is still that of Masatoshi Nei and Arun K. Roychoudhury from Evolutionary Relationships of Human Populations on a Global […]

From Diversity to the “Browning” of the White World: The White Replacement and Destruction Movement Becomes More Explicit

Robert Whitaker mantra: “Diversity is a code word for white genocide.” Rachel Maddow mantra: “Diversity is a good thing.” Something unprecedented is happening that will drastically change the course of the future. To appreciate it, imagine the last 3,000 years of human history without the European peoples, without the branch of humanity that for most […]

The Wall in a Nutshell: It’s About White Racial Consciousness and the “Browning of America”

Of all things Trump, the most defining and distinguishing is his advocacy of, and identification with, a wall to curb illegal immigration across our southern border. It was the signature issue in the announcement of his candidacy, an issue no other major candidate would have dared to advocate, an issue that catapulted him into an […]