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Against Amnesty

A priority for “our” President and Congress is pushing forward competing visions of “immigration reform” — “reform” being required because our unenforced immigration laws are flouted, and no one will defend the interests of the White American majority.  These competing “reform” proposals will differ in some details, but they will offer amnesty — with citizenship […]

Another Jewish Genetics Paper

Another paper has come out similar to the Atzmon work reviewed in my previous TOO paper.  Having exhaustively examined Atzmon’s study, and seeing that the new Behar work (“The genome-wide structure of the Jewish people“) essentially says the same thing, I’ll keep the comments brief. I have also written the current TOO article (“Jewish Ethnic Genetic […]

Jewish Ethnic Genetic Interests?

A thorough analysis of the recent Atzmon et al. data, particularly the data most relevant to genetic interests (i.e., gene sharing, the IBD findings),  clearly shows that Jews, while genetically close to Europeans, form their own cluster in between Europeans and Middle Easterners, and are more similar to each other than they are to Europeans.  However, a controversy […]

Playing Favorites: Two Illustrations of Rushton’s Genetic Similarity Theory

Can humans distinguish subtle genetic differences, even within the immediate family?  Apparently, grandmothers can do so, as explained in Molly Fox, et al., Grandma plays favourites: X-chromosome relatedness and sex-specific childhood mortality, published in Proceedings of the Royal Society B, in October of last year. The story is an excellent example of how evolutionary thinking sheds light on human […]

Racial Genetic Similarity and Difference: The Witherspoon et al. Study

One scientific topic that has been often previously discussed here and at other similar sites is the biological validity of the race concept.  This, unfortunately, has become necessary, because some people, perhaps with political motivations, assert, contrary to the evidence, that “race does not exist” and that race is a “social construct” with “no biological foundation.” One […]

Jewish Intermarriage

There has been a lot of talk about the “high” intermarriage rate (~ 50%) of American Jews and how this “proves” a willingness to assimilate.  However, in Separation and Its Discontents, Dr. Kevin MacDonald analyzed the data and concluded that the 50% rate was likely an over-estimate, at least for first marriages (i.e.,  those most […]

More on Racial Cuckoldry and Racial Mimicry

I have received some feedback on my racial cuckoldry article and, to be honest, some of the comments are disheartening.  Some readers apparently completely missed the major point of the essay, and there seem to be many misunderstandings.  I will make a few brief comments here.  I would strongly suggest though that interested readers go to American […]