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A Brief Look at Jewish Wealth

Throughout history, the power and influence of the Jewish Lobby has been legendary.  This power in turn derives not from political might, nor from popular support, nor from moral rectitude, nor from God.  It is, simply, the power of money.  The wealthy have always held disproportionate influence in their societies, typically to the benefit of […]

What is “Nazism”?

For an intelligent and well-educated man, Barack Obama says some incredibly stupid things.  Speaking to a college campus on September 7, on the topic of the many failings of the Trump presidency, and in particular his response to the alt-right, white nationalist Charlottesville rally in 2017, Obama denounced Trump for not clearly and unconditionally denouncing […]

Nietzsche and the Origins of Christianity, Part 2

Part 2 But Nietzsche’s main contention, and his most controversial conjecture, was this: Christianity as Jewish revenge.  He paints the following picture, to which I have added factual details as we understand them today. Paul could see the growing oppression of the Jews.  They had only limited ability to fight back militarily.  They were increasingly […]

Nietzsche and the Origins of Christianity

Over the course of two thousand years, Christianity has grown from nothing to the largest religion on the planet.  Some 2.1 billion people now consider themselves Christian, about one third of all of humanity.  It significantly outnumbers Islam, in second place with 1.5 billion members.1 America is among the most religious of all industrialized nations; […]

Nietzsche on the Jews

Philosophers, as a rule, are a rather low-key bunch.  They generally discuss mundane, technical, or utterly abstract topics that cause little concern among society at large.  Of course there were exceptions, primarily during the Renaissance when the early humanists incurred the wrath of the Church (think of Bruno or Spinoza); this required some to publish […]