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Schopenhauer and Judeo-Christian Life-Denial, Part 1

Vitam impendere vero (“Dedicate one’s life to truth.”) —Juvenal, Satire IV, 91[1] Every movement needs its icons, the alt-right no less than any other social-political ideology. Any icon—a term deriving from the Greek eikôn, meaning a likeness or image—serves to embody key elements or aspects of a particular outlook, or to encapsulate certain key values. […]

“The Impeachment Parade of Jews”

Amidst the on-going saga of the impeachment of Donald Trump, we are incidentally treated to a rare spectacle—a strikingly transparent display of Jewish reach, influence, and power.  Individual bits and pieces of this picture are known, but a comprehensive assessment has yet to be made.  A close look at this situation makes clear, once again, […]

On White Genocide: A Reply to Critics

My recent TOO essay A Rejoinder on White Genocide generated a relatively large number of comments, some positive but mostly critical.  Editor Kevin MacDonald has kindly allowed me to publish this follow-up essay to address some of the many issues raised.  It’s an important topic for the alt-right, and it deserves more discussion than short […]

A Rejoinder on White Genocide — and its Cure

Of late, much has been made in the alt-right press of the idea of “White genocide” as an existential threat posed by mainstream society, aimed at the obliteration of Whites in their formerly dominant homelands in Europe and North America.  This movement—conceived and implemented by Jews and their leftist lackeys—is said to portend the virtual […]