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How to Survive Communism in the USA? Part 2

The antifa mindset Apart from the Gulag system and the topography of its countless killing fields, Communism must first and foremost be analysed as an anthropology, or better yet as a widespread social pathology, albeit savored and craved subconsciously by a very large number of its future victims. The obsession with the idea of equality […]

How to Survive Communism in the USA? Part 1

Editor’s note: There is some kind of processing glitch in our software. I will try to post Tom Sunic’s article in several parts.  Go to Part 2. Go to Part 3. Go to Part 4. The fundamental mistake made by most American conservatives, both old and new, is to think of communism solely as a […]

Patriots, Identitarians, Nationalists and Sovereignists: They must all be positive

What follows is the text of my speech given at the Generation Identity conference in London, UK, July 27, 2019. Words such as “sovereignty” and “identity,” both belonging to the family of patriotism, have become trendy words among European nationalists of different stripes. They are even used as synonyms along with their new derivatives “sovereignists” […]