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Pondering a Pundit: Minette Marrin in the British Establishment

The forces promoting the Third World invasion of the West can appear overwhelming. It can seem that White nations have no allies in the mainstream media, the universities, or big business. In fact there are a great many level-headed intellectuals and journalists and, I’m sure, businessmen, who sense that something is wrong. Some of them […]


Solzhenitsyn’s “During the Civil War” — Chapter 16 of 200 Years Together

Chapter 16 of 200 Years Together covers the pivotal period of the civil war (1918–1921)—pivotal because the Bolshevik victory was a disaster for the Russian people and for Europe generally. (The translation is available here; donations are of critical importance for finishing this important project.) Once again, Solzhenitsyn highlights the role of Jews as instruments of state […]


Chapter 5 of 200 Years Together: “After the Murder of Alexander II”

Solzhenitsyn’s Chapter 5 (“After the Murder of Alexander II”) recounts the important period after the assassination of Tsar Alexandar II in 1881. (See here.Donations for the translators are much needed.) The assassination inaugurated a period of anti-Jewish pogroms, restrictions on Jews, and an upsurge of Jewish involvement in revolutionary activities. Solzhenitsyn’s treatment is highly reminiscent of Albert […]


Sex and Politics

Political mores often reflect sexual attitudes. Conversely (and more commonly) political environment affects sexual mores. In our so-called best of all worlds, “free love” has become an aggressive ideology transmitted by left-wing opinion makers. The underlying assumption, going back to the Freudian-Marxist inspired student revolts of 1968, is that by indulging in wild sex a […]


Racial Studies of Jews in National Socialist Germany

Review of Alan E. Steinweis. Studying the Jew: Scholarly Anti-Semitism in Nazi Germany (Harvard University Press, 2006) and Christopher M. Hutton, Race and the Third Reich (Polity, 2005). A new book, with the provocative title Studying the Jew, describes the approach that analyses of the Jewish question took in Germany under the National Socialist government’s racial studies program. […]


Nietzsche and the Origins of Christianity, Part 2

Part 2 But Nietzsche’s main contention, and his most controversial conjecture, was this: Christianity as Jewish revenge.  He paints the following picture, to which I have added factual details as we understand them today. Paul could see the growing oppression of the Jews.  They had only limited ability to fight back militarily.  They were increasingly […]


Controlling Historical Memory

Dovid Katz’s article in The Guardian “Halting Holocaust Obfuscation” is yet another example of Jewish intellectual activists with access to the media attempting to control historical memory in a way that highlights Jewish suffering and presents Jewish behavior as nothing more than innocent victimhood. Katz is determined to disallow any equivalence between the horrors inflicted […]