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L’Inquisition, une guerre raciale d’éviction, les combats souterrains chez les Jésuites en Espagne: l’attaque.

Original Article: Andrew Joyce: “Review: The Jesuit Order as a Synagogue of Jews.” Saint Ignace de Loyola, fondateur de la compagnie de Jésus le 27 septembre 1540 à Montmartre: on se demande de qui ce tableau célèbre la gloriam, Dieu ou Loyola. “Les frères de la circoncision ont perverti tout l’édifice de la Société [de […]

Le Judéo-Bouddhisme: se libérer d’être blanc, s’éveiller du Christ (mais dans le vrai bouddhisme, aucune race ne souffre plus qu’une autre et il faut savoir oublier)

 Traduction Francis Goumain  Source: Jewish Crypsis in American Buddhism – The Occidental Observer De façon quasi prémonitoire, cet article d’Andrew Joyce examine l’orientation imprimée au Bouddhisme moderne par les Juifs en Occident et dans le monde, influence qui semble culminer dans l’actualité avec la photo scandaleuse du Dalaï Lama avec un jeune garçon.  «S’il y a […]

When Shakespeare Met Mosley

“For sufferance is the badge of all our tribe.” Shylock, The Merchant of Venice, Act 1 Scene 3. The lives of William Shakespeare and Sir Oswald Mosley are separated by more than three centuries, but they exist simultaneously in those corners of the Jewish mind where time, fact, and fiction are entirely relative. The Jews, […]

Jewish Corruption in Ukraine

“At the same time, fifty Jewish families own 80% of all wealth. Where do you see the Ukrainian oligarch? I don’t know any. They are all Jews. Their wealth betrays their own bragging rights: Rolls-Royces, planes, castles, hotels, casinos owned in Monte Carlo. Aircraft and yachts under foreign flags. And, of course, they don’t pay taxes. And plants and factories were bought […]

On Jewish Vulgarity

I read with interest a recent column in The Tablet by David Mikics (Professor of English, University of Houston) on Jewish vulgarity or, as the piece otherwise explains it, “the once-vibrant Jewish trait of not caring what the goyim think.” Although touted as a three-part series, only the first part has been published thus far, […]

Review: Jews and Crime in Medieval Europe

Jews and Crime in Medieval Europe Ephraim Shoham-Steiner Wayne State University Press, 2020. “Jewish scholars have deliberately disregarded some of the source materials I mine in this book, out of fear of its implications for the image of the Jews, and as part of a long tradition of apologetics. Indeed, I was advised by some […]