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When Jews Define Fascism

Concluding one of America’s more infamous obscenity trials in 1964, Justice Potter Stewart absolved a controversial French motion picture with an opinion that has since passed into common parlance: “I shall not today attempt further to define the kinds of material I understand to be embraced within that shorthand description; and perhaps I could never […]

Meditations on Hate

“Nature seems made up of antipathies: without something to hate, we should lose the very spring of thought and action. … Hatred alone is immortal.” William Hazlitt, 1826 No human feeling has been more maligned, slandered, abused, and misappropriated in contemporary culture than the humble and dignified hatred. Wars have been declared against it. Legislation […]

Review: From Kosher to Halal

  From Kosher to Halal: When Greed, Politics, and the Sneaky Destruction of Western Civilization Intertwine Suzanne Bousquet Translated from French by David Smith, 2020. Four years ago, I was asked by a Jew on social media why I thought myself an expert on the Jewish people. The question was obviously intended as the prelude […]

Review: Agitprop in America

“Agitprop has been the method for destroying America’s culture and rebuilding it as Cultural Marxism.”       John Harmon McElroy, Agitprop in America Agitprop in America John Harmon McElroy Arktos, 2020  “You can live with the loss of certainty, but not of belief.” So begins John Harmon McElroy’s recently-published Agitprop in America, an almost […]

Multiculturalism in the Age of Coronavirus

“Promote a sense of collectivism: All messaging should reinforce a sense of community, that ‘we are all in this together.’ This will avoid increasing tensions between different groups.” Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies  (SAGE) The above advice was given to the British government in late March, and represents a propaganda strategy designed to stop the […]

How COVID-19 Will Test the West

“If trouble comes when you least expect it, then maybe the thing to do is to always expect it.”       Cormac McCarthy, The Road Writing anything about COVID-19 at this moment is a daunting task since the situation is evolving so rapidly, and in so many different locations. Information contained in this piece […]