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Cowboy Kali Yuga: A Review of “Hell or High Water”

Neo-Westerns are the rough terrain that remain untamed and unclaimed by the heebs. Political Correctness does not sell here. Any feminist watching one would go into conniptions from their “toxic masculinity.” The men have guns and the women have curves. No one trusts the bank and everybody owes. Hell or High Water is a tale […]

A Review of Snowden (2016)

“I’m caught in a whirlwind I’m going to heaven I’m standing on trial and it’s painted on canvas An eternal testament to how we are so animalistic ” – Ashamed, by Deertick Oliver Stone has quite the track record when it comes to biopics. With three films based on former United States Presidents (JFK, Nixon […]

EXCLUSIVE: Assaulted Red Ice Cameraman Speaks Out

Following the hullabaloo outside the recent NPI Conference in Washington, D.C. I got a chance to sit down with Aryan Gondola (as he’s known on the TRS Forums), the Red Ice cameraman who was viciously assaulted by up to ten Antifa as he and correspondent Emily Youcis were being escorted back into the Ronald Reagan […]

Crash-Bang-Wallop! White Caravans and Bare Knuckle Brawlers from the Shire to the East End

Review of The Guv’nor (2016) “Though he is not of the age group, he is one of the old school in principle. Also, he is definitely a positive thinker, yet without it becoming a task in life. He always keeps his word and values his friends. He chooses his company carefully so that he only has […]