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Confissões de um ex-racista

Christian Miller: Confessions of a Former Racist, The Occidental Observer, 25 de março de 2011 Tradução: O Ocidental Lusófono Eu me arrependo de minha antiga heresia. Percebo o erro de minhas atitudes. Eu estava totalmente errado em acreditar que minha raça, a raça branca, tem um direito legítimo à identidade ou qualquer direito a promover seus interesses coletivos. Agora […]

Confessions of a Former Racist

I repent my former heresy.  I realize the error of my ways.  I was so wrong to believe that my race, the White race, has a legitimate claim to identity or any right to advance its collective interests.  Now I know that as a White man, it is my duty to wait on the sidelines […]

Strategies for White Advocacy

Do not employ or accept the terms of your enemy Never accept the defamatory phrase “non-Hispanic White.”  White men must never be defined by what they are not, especially not in their own White nations.  Never pass up an opportunity to publicly hoist an anti-White activist by his own petard by vociferously condemning the use […]