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Staircase History and the Subprime Morality of the Nanking Massacre

The French have a term for it, L’esprit de l’escalier, or “staircase wit.” It means bright and witty sayings thought of too late as one is exiting a party. But history has its own “staircase” element as well, namely events that receive historical attention much later than they should if, as we are supposed to […]

Why the Syrian Gas Attack Is Probably Fake

Dirty tricks are like favourite records: play them too much and they get jaded. We haven’t heard about gas attacks in Syria for some time, but now, once again, the media — and, sadly, the Trump administration — is in overdrive about what is claimed to be a gas attack on the Syrian town of […]

Turbans from Amsterdam: The Demise of the Labour Party

  The quintessential Dutch flower is of course the Tulip. But few people realize that the origin of the word is actually derived from an Islamic word for “turban”—an ill omen indeed! This is sadly appropriate now because Amsterdam, the main city of the Netherlands, is fast becoming a Muslim city (15 to 20%). It […]

The Self-Defeating War Hypocrisy of the Left

The world tends to run more on unintended consequences than intended ones, it seems. One of the reasons that Trump is now in the White House tearing through Obama’s flimsy legacy like an angry tornado is because he was ultimately seen as the “peace candidate,” while Hillary came to be perceived as the “war candidate.” […]