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The Future of British Nationalism After Brexit

Brexit has come and gone, and like Wellington said of the Battle of Waterloo it was a “damn close run thing.” Indeed, that was one of the reasons I supported Scottish independence two years ago — to stop Scotland dragging England to the left on important issues like this. (My other reason was so that […]

Review of “Truth, Justice, and a Nice White Country”

Truth, Justice, and a Nice White Country by Greg Johnson The picture on the cover and the title of Johnson’s latest collection of essays may seem at first glance to offer something of a bromide view of White nationalism: “A nice White country” it reads above a somewhat saccharine image representing healthy White demographics from […]

Trump Dukes It Out with the Media and Wins Again

Donald Trump is repeatedly attacked by his enemies and gently critiqued by well-wishers for being an ill-informed, brash, broad-strokes kind of politician. But careful analysis suggests that he is actually a lot more intelligent than both friends and foes realize. A careful look at his speech patterns reveal that he has a whole meta-view of […]

“The Return of Odysseus” by Michael Walker

The Return of Odysseus by Michael Walker This is a well-written and highly readable play, and I got through it in a couple of normal working days. It tells the famous Homeric tale of the prolonged absence and final return of the eponymous Greek hero to his home island, and the resulting revenge he exacts […]

Turkey in for a Stuffing?

The recent Turkish action in shooting down a Russian bomber makes sense in terms of Turkey’s strategy in the region. As far as I can tell from news reports it was motivated by feelings of solidarity for the Turkmens, a fellow Turkish ethnicity that has had the misfortune to live on the Syrian side of […]

What’s Angela’s Angle?

With her recent “counterintuitive” decision to flood her country with Third World hordes, it’s tempting to see Angela Merkel as yet another old woman slowly going batty, or as a semi-tragic figure giving into her unrealized maternal instinct by fixating it on hordes of young male Muslim migrants that even a hyper efficient country like […]

RADIX II: The Great Purge

The Great Purge: The Deformation of the Conservative Movement Edited by Paul E. Gottfried and Richard B. Spencer $24.00 There has been a long gap between the first copy of Radix Journal and the second one, which has recently appeared in print a good three years later. Compared to its predecessor, which clocked in at […]

The History of the League of Empire Loyalists and Candour

The History of the League of Empire Loyalists and Candour by Hugh McNeile and Rob Black Published by the A.K. Chesterton Trust; 150 pages One of the most remarkable aspects of the collapse of the British Empire was the relative lack of people who seemed to care about it. Resistance to the process was extremely muted, […]

The First Leftist Genocide of the Twentieth Century

There is good reason why President Obama avoids using the word ‘genocide’ to describe the killing of one-and-a-half million Armenians in the Ottoman Empire. This is because if you scratch almost any methodical mass killing in modern times, you are almost certain to find Liberals and Leftists pulling the strings. So it was with the […]

Review of “Blood in the Square” by John Bean

Blood in the Square, by John Bean Ostara Publications, 2014; Kindle version Reviewed by Colin Liddell Blood in the Square is a highly readable novel about the world of nationalist politics in Britain of the 1960s. I raced through its 119 pages in a couple of normal working days. This might suggest that it is […]

Wet Whites, Dry Blacks and the Secret Apartheid of American Culture

American film and TV is often accused of racism. Leftists will complain that Blacks are underrepresented, only play minor roles, and are usually shown in a negative light. White nationalists will talk about “Magic Negroes” and the absurd absence of Black criminals and villains, when Blacks clearly play a much larger role in the criminal […]

Greg Johnson’s ”New Right vs. Old Right”

Review of New Right versus Old Right by Greg Johnson At the micro level it is still possible to call America a democratic country — with various local officials being elected by a citizenry fortified by the right to bear arms and express their opinions.  But at the macro level — that of cities, states, […]

The Necessary Rise of the Black Baroness

Given that Baroness Doreen Lawrence, the mother of murdered teenager Stephen Lawrence, is now being touted as Labour’s candidate to fight the London mayoral elections in 2016, it is time to reconsider the complexities of British multiculturalism and how the Black population and Britain relate to each other. The central problem is that because of […]

Ukrajina jako model Evropského jara Role geopolitiky a zájmů mocných národů a skupin  – zejména když se navzájem dostanou do konfliktu nebo naopak rovnovážného stavu – je v národně osvobozeneckých, nacionalistických a dalších podobných politických zápasech trvale podceňována. Například Kurdové – navzdory tíživé potřebě, spravedlivým požadavkům na vlastní stát a zjevným třenicím mezi jejich sousedy – dosáhnou nezávislosti jen velmi […]

The Ukraine as a Model of a European Spring

The role of geopolitics and the interests of powerful nations and groups — especially where they coincide or enter into a kind of equilibrium — are constantly underestimated in self-determination, nationalistic, and other political struggles. The Kurds, for example, despite an overwhelming need and just cause for their  own state, and the apparent divisions of […]

The Blankout Game versus the Knockout Game

The Knockout Game, as the whole world is starting to learn, is an activity engaged in by groups of Black “youths” whereby they attempt to sucker punch a lone victim, usually someone of another racial group and therefore White. It is fascinating to see the way in which the mainstream media is now sidling up […]

Jobbik’s Unholy Alliance

It seems that these days hatred, and the right to use it, even in defence of one’s nation, race, and culture, has to be offset by plenty of misplaced love. This is the take home message from Gábor Vona’s recent trip to Turkey, where the president of the Hungarian nationalist party Jobbik has been declaring […]

The Gas Cloud of Western Intervention

“Gas! Gas! Gas! Nasty, wicked pois’nous gasssssssssss!!!!!!!” There, is your knee-jerking yet? Have you started to salivate and get sweaty palmed and developed the requisite insatiable craving for moralistic war against the media designated demons responsible for such unbelievable, unique, and unprecedented evil? No? Then, your conditioning will have to be continued, the voltage upped, […]

Stockholm Syndrome and White Genocide

Stockholm Syndrome is the psychological phenomenon whereby captives bond with their captors even to the point of sympathizing with and defending them. It is thought to have its roots in our hunter-gatherer past, where the experience of being forcibly co-opted into a new band of hunter-gatherers was a not uncommon occurrence. Usually it is viewed […]

Plaasmoord and the Sigma Signals

Recently a low-budget piece of cinematic schlock had a vast swath of the world’s population foaming at the mouth, simply because it represented a slight upon their religiously-based identity. Compare this with the almost blanket indifference that has greeted another small film, this one touching on a campaign of genocidal murder against another group As […]

Schrödinger’s International Terrorist Cat: A Philosophical View of Bin Laden’s Death

In 1935, the Austrian physicist Erwin Schrödinger conceived a famous thought experiment known as Schrödinger’s Cat to express a paradox that exists between unverified states in quantum mechanics. The basic idea Schrödinger wished to ridicule was that with two unobserved possibilities – in this case a cat in a box that was either dead or […]