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Review of “Truth, Justice, and a Nice White Country”

Truth, Justice, and a Nice White Country by Greg Johnson The picture on the cover and the title of Johnson’s latest collection of essays may seem at first glance to offer something of a bromide view of White nationalism: “A nice White country” it reads above a somewhat saccharine image representing healthy White demographics from […]

Help White Farmers facing the Drought in South Africa

By Lenel Cotty Wessels and Colin Liddell As this Black-centric BBC report shows, South Africa is suffering the most severe drought in over 30 years. This is afflicting both Whites and Blacks in the agricultural areas, but the anti-White ANC government is content to sit back and allow the drought to slowly push the largely […]

Turkey in for a Stuffing?

The recent Turkish action in shooting down a Russian bomber makes sense in terms of Turkey’s strategy in the region. As far as I can tell from news reports it was motivated by feelings of solidarity for the Turkmens, a fellow Turkish ethnicity that has had the misfortune to live on the Syrian side of […]

What’s Angela’s Angle?

With her recent “counterintuitive” decision to flood her country with Third World hordes, it’s tempting to see Angela Merkel as yet another old woman slowly going batty, or as a semi-tragic figure giving into her unrealized maternal instinct by fixating it on hordes of young male Muslim migrants that even a hyper efficient country like […]