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The War on Donald Trump: Embracing the Post Objective-Reality World

This article was completed just before the latest turn in the Russian collusion saga regarding Donald Trump Jr’s meeting with the Russian lawyer.  I fear that the coherence of the article will be the least of the fallout from what is perhaps the strangest turn yet in this matter.  Ultimately, I still maintain that there […]

The United States Congress: Decorum Lost

Lord, what would the Founders say if they read the letter from the Congressional Black Caucus to President Trump indicating their desire to “educate” him on all things relating to—what else—the Black community?  It is one thing to enfranchise a group in our representative government; but to be condescended to by them in this manner?  […]

In Post-Mortem of Election, Clinton Learns Literally Nothing

Jonathan Allen and Amie Parnes. Shattered: Inside Hillary Clinton’s Doomed Campaign. New York: Crown, 2017. The left, Clinton, and the media are defiant, and refuse to learn anything from the 2016 presidential election — root causes, messaging, or anything else which would hint at self-awareness.  They still want us to believe that the Russkies did […]

Sean Spicer’s faux pas: a little historical context, please

First of all, one can hardly call Sean Spicer the most effective White House Press Secretary: he lacks the one quality a spokesman for the President needs; namely, he is not articulate.  He bumbles and stumbles over his words to an extent I have not witnessed by previous press secretaries, who have been nothing if […]

Juan Thompson was not the Perp they were Hoping for

I don’t want to say that the revelation of the identity of the perpetrator of multiple bomb threats against Jewish schools, community centers and museums is “funny,” because of course bomb threats are nothing to joke about.  And if such threats were made by someone “on our side,” which is rarely the case, it would […]

How the Media Preys upon our Values

The Cultural Marxist media adorns their arguments with “holy relics” which cannot be criticized. This diabolical strategy is deployed to persuade normal Americans to act contrary to their own self-interest.   It entails playing upon our inherent respect for certain institutions and principles, which are held in uniquely high esteem by Western/Anglo-Saxon peoples.  This unique foible […]

New Year’s Thoughts: Celebrating in the Police State

My New Year’s thoughts do not circle around new resolutions, seeing as that I have already resolved to do everything possible to make this difficult existence more tolerable.  Rather, my thoughts linger on the fact that we now live in a police state precipitated by Muslim immigration and the general coexistence with various and sundry […]