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Reflections on “Darkest Hour”

Darkest Hour centers around the conflict of whether Winston Churchill, at the low point of the war from his perspective in May of 1940, should negotiate/capitulate to Hitler, or fight on against all odds.  We all know the basic contours of this history.  While the expected dramatic liberties are taken, the essential thrust of the […]

Lessons from Trump’s Condolence Call: It’s All About Race Now

The acrimony surrounding Trump’s call to the Black widow of soldier Sgt. La David T. Johnson killed in Niger demonstrates many truisms about race relations in a society dedicated to multiculturalism and leftist identity politics.  Trump, along with regular Americans, would be well advised to take note. I’ll take it for granted that readers will […]

The United States Congress: Decorum Lost

Lord, what would the Founders say if they read the letter from the Congressional Black Caucus to President Trump indicating their desire to “educate” him on all things relating to—what else—the Black community?  It is one thing to enfranchise a group in our representative government; but to be condescended to by them in this manner?  […]

Juan Thompson was not the Perp they were Hoping for

I don’t want to say that the revelation of the identity of the perpetrator of multiple bomb threats against Jewish schools, community centers and museums is “funny,” because of course bomb threats are nothing to joke about.  And if such threats were made by someone “on our side,” which is rarely the case, it would […]