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Interview with Dennis Fetchco, September 2, 2017

Comments on Peter Turchin’s review of Joseph Henrich’s “Cultural Evolution: The Secret of Our Success: How Culture Is Driving Human Evolution, Domesticating Our Species, and Making Us Smarter”

For rules to work, conforming to the norm becomes a preference that has intrinsic, rather than instrumental value. — Kevin MacDonald (@TOOEdit) August 27, 2017 “People need to feel good about doing right.” Unfortunately, social norms have resulted in many Whites feeling good about their replacement. — Kevin MacDonald (@TOOEdit) August 27, 2017 Which […]

Message from America’s Working Class

  You haven’t killed us off yet. We are still alive and kicking. And Trump’s plan to cut immigration intakes in half and end the flow of cheap imported labor is proof that we are fighting back. Finally. No longer will we tolerate our the suppression of our wages or the displacement of our jobs […]

The Summer 2017 Issue of The Occidental Quarterly Mailing 6/29

The Summer issue will be posted online for download June 21, and they will be posted to the mail 7/6. As you can see from the cover, it’s a very stimulating issue, with several new writers. I call particular attention to the lead article, by Claire Ellis, based on her dissertation under the supervision of […]

Conference in the Netherlands: Towards a New Golden Age

  The Dutch alt-right and identitarian group Erkenbrand, which has rapidly grown over the past years, will be organizing a major conference on October 14, 2017. Foreign visitors are very much invited to attend the conference, which will be held in English, as an opportunity to network across borders and foster an international brotherhood of […]

Downloadable pdfs for the published chapters of 200 Years Together

Downloadable pdfs for the censored chapters of Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s 200 Years Together are now available.

Right Wing Authoritarianism and Social Dominant Orientation Scales as Liberal/Left Propaganda  

Right-Wing Authoritianism (RWA) and Social Dominant Orientation (SDO) are two scales frequently used to measure political attitudes. They aim to redefine authoritarianism and equality respectively by redefining common concepts in such a manner that you would be seen as having a mental disorder if you disagree with the tenets of wealth redistribution and forcing equal […]