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Er Ist Wieder Da: The Joke is on You

In this humorous film about Hitler’s return to modern-day Berlin, Er ist Wieder Da (English title: Look Who’s Back), Germans are caught on camera saying true things about Germany that are not what our elites want to hear.  And it happens in the current year.   They are so desperate to speak the truth that they are even […]

Nelle Harper Lee, 1926–2016: Minorities Never Lie About Rape

Harper Lee’s death on February 19 drew the international attention one would expect given her status as the Martin Luther King of literature. Her novel To Kill a Mockingbird is annually visited on high schools everywhere with a demand for its reverence equal to the demand for unquestioned veneration of the reverend doctor himself. And […]

“The Return of Odysseus” by Michael Walker

The Return of Odysseus by Michael Walker This is a well-written and highly readable play, and I got through it in a couple of normal working days. It tells the famous Homeric tale of the prolonged absence and final return of the eponymous Greek hero to his home island, and the resulting revenge he exacts […]

Hollywood Strikes Again Cultural Marxism through the medium of big box-office movies

A review of Elysium (see also “Elysium: An all too real dystopian vision of the future” It was my misfortune to stumble upon an action movie, that like so many others, did its part in insinuating Cultural Marxist propaganda into the consciousness of young viewers. Despite my disgust, I persisted in watching it because of […]

Frank Auerbach and the transformation of British cultural life by Jewish émigrés

Interesting article in The Spectator by William Cook in the influence of mainly Jewish refugees from Germany who came to the UK in the pre-World War II period and had a transformative effect on British culture (“German Refugees Transformed British Cultural Life — But at a Price“). Next week Frank Auerbach will be honoured by the British art […]

On Contemporary Opera and Wagner’s ‘Jewry in Music’

This month marks the 165th anniversary of the publication of Richard Wagner’s landmark essay ‘Das Judenthum in der Musik.’ Almost right on cue the opera scene, particularly in Berlin, has recently played host to a series of episodes that would have the Old Sorcerer spinning in his grave. Back in June Kirill Petrenko, a Siberian-born […]

Cleon Peterson’s Dystopian (Anti-White?) Future

It’s well known that the art world has been a fiefdom of the left for over a century, so finding art that speaks to the issues facing White America seems unlikely at best. It’s obvious enough that Cleon Peterson‘s paintings depict a world of savage violence and depravity: Artslant  In Cleon Peterson’s End of Days, … Peterson’s […]

The Beginnings

The Beginnings by Rudyard Kipling (published 1917) It was not part of their blood, It came to them very late With long arrears to make good, When the English began to hate. They were not easily moved, They were icy-willing to wait Till every count should be proved, Ere the English began to hate. Their […]

Friedrich Georg Jünger: The Titans and the Coming of the Titanic Age

 Translated from the German and with an Introduction by Tom Sunic Introduction: Titans, Gods and Pagans by Tom Sunic Below is my translation of several passages from the last two chapters from Friedrich Georg Jünger’s little known book, Die Titanen, 1943, 1944 (The Titans). Only the subtitles are mine. F.G. Jünger was the younger brother […]

The Holocaust Industry in the UK

At mid-morning on the second Sunday in November buglers will play the Last Post at the Cenotaph war memorial in London and for two minutes Britain will fall silent. The simple dignity of Remembrance Sunday, the Queen laying a wreath, the silence as a canopy of red poppies fall on the veterans and  armed services […]

Introducing Mjolnir

Mjolnir website: It must be self-evident to all those who consider themselves in some way politically right-wing that the left has achieved cultural hegemony throughout the Occidental world. Virtually every film, every television series, every soap opera, every song, every theatre or radio play, every novel, short story, poem, comic, graphic novel and cartoon […]

Desdemona’s “Just Understanding” of Othello’s Virtue

Editor’s note: A theme of TOO is that the entire culture of the West has been corrupted. This includes essentially all the arts and academic fields in the social sciences and humanities. It is therefore not surprising that Shakespeare criticism has been influenced by the reigning culture of the academic left. This essay is an […]

Is Tom Wolfe a Race Realist? Part 2 of 3

Go to Part 1. From Bauhaus to Our House, a critique of modern architecture, can be considered a companion volume to Painted Word. Wolfe charges modern architecture with causing “sensory deprivation” due to “the whiteness & lightness & leanness & cleanness & bareness & spareness of it all.”[1] Beyond aesthetic criticism, Bauhaus again makes explicit […]

Elysium: An all too real dystopian vision of the future

Reviewing Neill Blomkamp’s Elysium,  Steve Sailer emphasizes the dystopian future resulting from non-White immigration. That’s  certainly there. The  bleak, run-down buildings (filmed, appropriately, in Mexico City), the garbage-strewn streets teeming with poor non-Whites.  There’s the everyday violence and the brutal robot police. Along with the hordes of Brown people there are a few conspicuous Whites, […]

All that is good and beautiful

A new Order is arising! We will drive the Machine of War with the sword and the spear and the iron fist of the Orc! Saruman                                                           […]

The One Hundred Fifty Million Dollar Sock (Part 1)

Portnoy in Middle Age  (Lucien Freud) Editor’s Note: And though it’s nonsense, it has method. Michael is, as far as I know, one of  the few contemporary essayists with a penchant for traditional Satire. Or, as he calls it, pulling our foes with their noses through the mud. What follows is an example.      […]

What to read? (Part 2)

Literature: Harold Covington Let us leave aside the political plausibility or post-historical veracity of Covington’s novels dealing with the war of White independence at the beginning of the 21st century in the Pacific Northwest. What needs to be singled out in Covington’s prose is his language, his ability to construct both real and surreal plots, and […]

Hitler, Ibsen, and Political Theater

To what extent was the Nazi movement suffused with pure theater? What explains the fascina­tion that Nazi symbols and Adolf Hitler himself had for millions, then and even today? Classic theater in Europe, especially drama, has always been viewed as serious literature, and Germany to this day has more theaters than any other country in […]

Art in the Third Reich: 1933-1945 (Part 2)

The Archaic Postmodernity National Socialist dignitaries devoted much energy to the promotion of German sculptors and helped them considerably in the execution of massive bas-reliefs and in the erection of monumental stone and bronze sculptures. The political goal was obvious: to bring German art as close as possible to the German people, so that any […]

Art in the Third Reich: 1933–1945 (Part 1)

This is a slightly edited version of an article was first published in Ecrits de Paris (Nr. 645, July-August 2002, L’Art dans l’IIIème Reich. Translated by the author.) When writing about or discussing the plastic and figurative arts in Germany during the period from 1933 to 1945, one must inevitably mention the art that highlighted the epoch […]

In Defence of the Defenders (Part 1)

Wanderer, if you come to Sparta, tell them that you saw us lying here, just as the law had ordered it. Simonides of Cheos (556 – 468 BC) Whenever I read these lines, my throat constricts and I have to swallow hard. Seen out of context, it’s just a few words without any meaning. But […]

To Feel, Or Not to Feel

Love the animals! God has given them the rudiments of thought, and joy untroubled. Don’t trouble it, don’t harass them, don’t deprive them of their happiness. Don’t work against God’s intent! Fyodor Dostoyewsky The Brothers Karamasov As to the Origin of Man, there abound a surprisingly large number of ideas, conclusions, convictions, doctrines or inklings, […]

Carolina Hartley's article on Ezra Pound's ideas on money

I am soliciting comment here on Carolina Hartley’s current TOO article on Ezra Pound’s ideas on money. Ezra Pound is a tragic figure–jailed for his pro-fascist sympathies and, as Hartley suggests, because of his unwelcome ideas on money. Pound’s fate reminds us that until the end of World War II there were quite a few […]

Libertarianism under intellectual scrutiny — and a call for papers

Rand Paul’s Senate candidacy has been a godsend to the liberals. Jonah Goldberg puts it this way: Indeed, it’s worth noting that the only people who are really jazzed to reopen the argument about the Civil Rights Act are liberals. And they have good reason: They won that argument, politically and morally. This is a […]

The Arizona Ethnic Studies Law: The Last Gasp of American Individualism

Things keep getting more and more interesting in Arizona. Now they have penalized school districts that have ethnic studies courses: As reported by the NYTimes, “any school district that offers classes designed primarily for students of particular ethnic groups, advocate ethnic solidarity or promote resentment of a race or a class of people would risk […]

Tony Paulsen: Thoughts on the British General Election

Tony Paulsen: Here are some thoughts on the British general election — not, you will note, an ex cathedra pronouncement! [Editor’s Note: In his current TOO article, Alex Kurtagic thinks it was all a waste of time.] I’ll begin with the system parties, and move on to the patriotic right. It’s strange to see a three […]

Tom Sunic: Announcing Postmorten Report: Cultural Examinations from Postmodernity

Author: Tomislav Sunic Foreword: Kevin MacDonald Title: Postmortem Report: Cultural Examinations from Postmodernity (Collected Essays) ISBN: 978-0-9561835-2-1 Pages: 224 Imprint: The Palingenesis Project Publication: 11 February 2010 List Price: £14.99 Edition: Paperback Publisher’s Webpage Amazon Webpage Amazon UK Webpage   Tomislav Sunic is one of the leading scholars and exponents of the European New Right. […]

Why Has Mahler Become a Cultural Icon?

R. J. Stove has a delightful article on Mahler posted at the Fitzgerald Griffin Foundation: The Mahler symphonies … get me out of here. I keep surreptitiously cheering Kingsley Amis’s verdict “Mahler lacks talent even more spectacularly than he lacks genius.” … The leap in Mahler’s stature from near-oblivion in 1960 (when, as Britain’s Spectatornoted […]

Dr. Lasha Darkmoon: Multiculturalism — An Open Letter to Israel Shamir

Dr. Lasha Darkmoon:  A few weeks Israel Shamir wrote a controversial essay called The Poverty of Racialist Thought in which he took issue with Kevin MacDonald on the subject of multiculturalism. Yesterday I received from him (in an email) an advance copy of his recent follow-up essay: Part 2 of The Poverty of Racialist Thought. […]

Merlin Miller: Review of "Edge of Darkness"

Merlin Miller: Edge of Darkness is an important and timely political thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat.  Originally produced as a British mini-series, this story has been modernized and set in Boston.  Director Martin Campbell, who helmed the original, as well as several recent hit films, including, Casino Royale, brilliantly […]

Kevin MacDonald: Michael Colhaze on Art

Kevin MacDonald: I want to welcome new writer Michael Colhaze to TOO. His current article — written with elegance and passion — is a worthy successor to Lasha Darkmoon’s earlier TOO articles on the pathologies of the art world. Colhaze points out that becoming a famous artist is like winning a lottery where only psychopaths need bother to […]

In Search of the Magnificent

I inherited a city of brick and intend to leave a city of marble. Pope Julius II Last week a generous friend invited me to Frankfurt in Germany, to see the once-in-a-lifetime Sandro Botticelli exhibition. Celebrated at the Staedl Museum, an impressive Neo-renaissance building in the Florentine taste that somehow survived the Allied firestorm. It […]

Legalized Pornography and Demographic Genocide

Reginald Thompson: “A primary cause of low fertility in the Greco-Roman world was a male culture that held marriage in low esteem.” -Rodney Stark, The Rise of Christianity A problem with legalized pornography is that if you allow pornography to become too widely consumed, its degraded vision of women will eat away at the capacity of men to […]

More on the academic culture of the left

Kevin MacDonald wrote this week in his blog, “Kevin Lamb’s TOO review of William Tucker’s book on Raymond Cattell is a microcosm of how far the academic world has sunk.” Don’t I know it! Frankly, even if I had a good shot at getting a decent academic job at an American university, I don’t think […]

Ted Sallis: Taking a Initial Look at the American Third Position Party

Ted Sallis: The American Third Position Party (A3P) is a new political party that purports to represent the interests of the white American majority.  As such, it is a refreshing change from the standard Republicrat/Democan one-party system and gives hope that, finally, the political system can be used to further our specific group interests.  These […]

Avatar: Anti-White or Anti-American?

As Joe Webb’s review makes clear, Avatar is an anti-White movie. Today’s LA Times article by Patrick Goldstein (“Avatar: Why do conservatives hate the most popular movie in years?”) shows that the movie has been panned by conservatives. But of course no mainstream conservative could actually label the movie “anti-White.” That’s simply not an aproved […]

Charles Dodgson’s "Get Smart! and Birth of a Nation: Lessons for White Cultural Emancipation"

I hope people get a chance to read Charles Dodgson’s latest TOO article. The critical take-home point is the power of the media in shaping attitudes. The Birth of a Nation of 1915 was a powerful call to White racial awareness and defense. Right now, there is a huge amount of anger among Whites in America, but […]

Heidi Beirich: Political Repression — The End that Justifies the Means

In her book Many Are the Crimes: McCarthyism in America, Ellen Schrecker describes the intellectual climate that prevailed in the 1950s as a result of the anticommunist surge led by Joseph McCarthy. The communist, racial egalitarian, laborite far-left had collapsed from intense scrutiny. So-called “activists” (academics, writers, government employees, lawyers, union organizers, directors, screen writers) […]

Lasha Darkmoon: Why Obama Won the Nobel Peace Prize and Hitler Didn’t

Lasha Darkmoon: Asked why the Peace prize had been awarded to President Barack Obama, Nobel committee head Thorbjorn Jagland said: “It was because we would like to support what he is trying to achieve.”  Obviously such a comment would make sense if we knew what Obama was trying to achieve. Even assuming that the President were […]

Nora Ephron makes an obvious choice

I finally got around to watching Julie & Julia, directed by Nora Ephron who also wrote the screenplay. She is Jewish and a typical Hollywood liberal. She donated to Al Franken and Obama. Here’s an example of her prose (titled “White Men” from the liberal (and very mainstream) website Huffington Post, written just before the […]