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9/11: Burning Bibles, Burning Qurans and the Victory Monuments at Ground Zero

September 11 has become a milestone in modern America and is both the symbol of the War on Terrorism, the symbol of America attacked, and of the Cordoba Mosque, a symbol of the Muslim triumph over both Spain and the United States. September 11 is a monument to the comprehensive defeat of the Euroepan-American people, […]

James Murray: Arctic Circle Collective—Copkilling Blooms, Tikkun and Post-Matrix Anarcho-Zionism

In the wake of a series of shooting deaths by local police forces in Seattle, Tacoma and the metropolitan region, most clearly justified, but with at least one seemingly something of a tragic mistake, local Anarchist groups are going wild, calling for more copkillings. (This in fact echoes the call of local NAACP Pres. James […]

USDA Contributes to White Dispossession

The Seattle Weekly is a very poor excuse for a newspaper, and mainly serves to advertise prostitutes, promote homosexuality, and sow hatred of the European-American majority in every way possible. It also worships Israel whenever it gets a chance. However, one news story was very interesting: “USDA Looks Good To Washington’s Hispanic Farmers “, August 3, […]

James Murray: NAACP official legitimizes killing White police

James Murray: Seattle NAACP leader James Bible has demanded a role in selecting the new police chief (and justified Black terrorist attacks on police) because the Seattle Police department is a racist force of “occupiers.” Bible made this statement during a press conference in Seattle on Thursday (1/21/10), and it was broadcast on KIRO-TV during […]