9/11: Burning Bibles, Burning Qurans and the Victory Monuments at Ground Zero

September 11 has become a milestone in modern America and is both the symbol of the War on Terrorism, the symbol of America attacked, and of the Cordoba Mosque, a symbol of the Muslim triumph over both Spain and the United States. September 11 is a monument to the comprehensive defeat of the Euroepan-American people, the founding people of the United States, a people now dispossessed of every measure of political, cultural, religious, and economic power.

September 11 has become an occasion for Muslims to express their hatred of us in the name of preventing their victimization by “islamophobia”.  Friday night (September 10), on KIRO-TV in Seattle, half a dozen Muslim leaders and Muslim women were interviewed and the main word they had was hate. They were victims of hate, hate, hate. They are liars.

Seattle schools have prayer rooms for Muslims, allow Jewish religious organizations to operate in high schools, and ban Christian groups from meeting after school even in the playing fields. New York schools celebrate Jewish and Muslim holidays and ignore Christian holidays.

Like the manufactured controversy over the Cordoba Mosque, which celebrates both the Muslim conquest of Spain and of… Manhattan, manufactured by oligarchs like Michael Bloomberg (who has backed both the Cordoba Mosque in Manhattan and the burning of Qurans in Florida), the oligarch-controlled mass media gives us Pres. Obama honoring the service of Muslims in American uniforms fighting in Afghanistan: He pointedly honors no one else. (No wonder some Pakistanis are demanding he reveal himself to be a Muslim and declare the World Caliphate.)

Of course, the European-American Christian majority has no right to oppose the building of the Cordoba Mosque, has no right to defend its borders, has no rights to control its neighborhoods, its schools, or its cities; it simply has no rights at all.

There is a very real Clash of Civilizations going on, despite the hopeful Alliance of Civilizations advanced by Spain and Turkey, and Russia and Iran, and shunned by the United States and Israel. The Clash of Civilizations is not just between Christians and Muslims, since the war in Iraq was an Israeli war, fought for Israel by American mercenary armies (in the tradition of the Middle East): With Jewish militants shouting about the rise of Jewish Civilization on the ruins of Christian and Muslim civilizations it seems as if people would realize that at least three civilizations are involved: Christian, Muslim and (still inchoate) Jewish. Of course, in Huntington’s terms (and I do not fully agree with all of his parsing of the world), certainly Iran’s Shiite civilization (which Jews seek to destroy) and India’s Hindu civilization are involved in this Clash…. but the inchoate Tamil civilization has just been defeated and will not rise again for at least a generation.

In Seattle, a Christian priest who works in a foolish interfaith effort with a Jew and a Muslim made a true observation: He said that Islam may not be a religion of peace, but it is no more violent than Christianity or Judaism. This is basically true, since no successful religion refuses to defend itself. But his comment certainly doesn’t apply to contemporary Christianity. For generations Christians have unilaterally disarmed. In the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and western Europe this has coincided with the rise of an intolerant (the term is “zero tolerance”) oligarchic, substantially Jewish ruling class and a class of political syncophants who obey them. That’s why 70% plus of Americans oppose illegal immigration while the Attorney General, in one federal lawsuit after another, is outlawing anything that creates obstacles for the invasion of illegal aliens.

Any democracy in which supermajorities are routinely ignored is no longer a democracy: It is an Oligarchy. The Oligarchs have ruled the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and western Europe for generations to centuries and their control of the mass media ensures that no one even knows their name.

There are several clear indications of the powerlessness of Christian supermajorities in all of our homelands. (The only exceptions are certain states of the former Soviet Union; others, like Georgia, have simply become colonies of Israel.)

  • The failure to rebuild the only place of worship destroyed on 9/11: an Orthodox Church;
  • Oligarch Bloomberg setting Christians and Muslims at each other’s throats by backing both the Cordoba Mosque in New York and the Quran burning in Florida (echoing George Soros’ support for Bosnia and Kosovo, aimed at making conflict between Christians and Muslims in Europe permanent);
  • The burning of Bibles by the US Army to please Muslims in Afghanistan (see Military Burns Unsolicited Bibles Sent to Afghanistan);
  • Routine Bible burning in Israel which has been going on for decades but is ignored in the Christian world because of Zionist influence on the media (see below: Bibliography of Bible Burning in Israel). Neo-cons never mention Israelis burning Bibles, but focus on episodes of Bible burning by Muslims (see below: Muslim Burn Bibles Routinely and Often).

9/11 is an appropriate kind of “Holy Day” for the European-Christian people who built America because the fall of the two towers is a major defeat. Ten years later they remain confused and manipulated, stumbling towards mass graves, through a cloud of smoke from the burning of Bibles by Muslims and Jews. In a brutal three way war, they are leaderless and disarmed. A people whose monuments celebrate only their victories are a childish people.

Like Southern Whites whose history began again with defeat, European-Americans are destined to know defeat. 9/11 has not resulted in most European-Americans realizing the nature of the game that is afoot, and their lack of awareness will allow their rulers to inflict new defeats on them. The defeats will come until we as a people are able to stand up and explicitly advance our own interests: Smashing a country like Iraq as ordered by Israel is no victory for us. It is simply a measure of our slavery.

Burning Qurans in Gainesville, Florida does not help the cause of European Christians.  (I noticed on CBS News today that the sign for the Dove World Outreach Center was smashed by terrorists last night, but no one is concerned by terrorist attacks on Christians.) However, building the Cordoba Mosque at Ground Zero is a lot like the mass colonization of the United States by Somali illegal aliens after the military defeat of the United States by Al-Itihadd Al-Islamiyah in Somalia (the precursor of today’s Al-Shabaab). It is planting the flag of Somali conquest in our cities and of the Arabs at the site of the great Muslim victory in Manhattan.

And we are powerless to do anything to oppose it, so far, even as a multitude of Muslims in the United States seemingly spending every waking hour seeking an excuse to scream: Racist! Islamophobe!

I have often said that the War on Terrorism has two parts: The fun part, where the United States has infinite Chinese money to do anything it wants to do with impunity—smash their cities, slaughter their wedding parties, machine-gun their children, even as Affirmative Action Sub-Prime Mortgages gave millions of houses to minorities and illegal aliens.

And then there is the unfun part, when we lose interest in the war, have no more Chinese money to fight it, are paying $500 million in interest a day to China, and the Muslims begin the same kind of conquest the Somalis have waged against our cities and communities for 15 years.  (Here in Seattle, the Mayor is planning to lay off city workers to meet increased welfare demands by the myriad Somali illegal aliens living free in vast new blocks of public housing.)

My Spanish ancestors fought for 700 years to free Spain of Muslim (and Jewish) rule. In that struggle, the first great Holocaust in history, the mass murder of Mozarabs (Spanish Catholics culturally assimilated by Islam) in Spain was undertaken by Muslims: One third of the Spanish nation was exterminated. (In the last thousand years, only the Qing extermination of the Dzhugarians was more complete.) The reconquest of Spain for Christendom secured it for half a millennium, a period of security that has ended with the collapse of Christendom and the triumph of the ideology of Cultural Marxism known as Multiculturalism, everywhere in the West.

Time is running out for European-Americans, even as their Afrikaner kin in Black South Africa are starving to death in virtual concentration camps in South Africa.

So 9/11, with its planned Israel victory monument at Ground Zero, and the Cordoba Mosque, both to celebrate their respective victories over European-America, are just symbols for a defeated people. The real question is whether European-Americans even want to have a future—even when the alternative offered to European-Americans by the Cultural Marxists is slavery.  Slavery, even with drugs, video games and cable television, will not live up to the hopes of  the many degenerate people craving it. Voluntary Extinction, as advocated by Asian-American terrorist James Lee who attacked the Discovery Channel a few days ago, does not have to be our fate.

Our future lies in what made our ancestors great. Live your life as if you believe in the future and bring your family and friends with you. We only have to be willing to fight for the future of our children.


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