James Murray: NAACP official legitimizes killing White police

James Murray: Seattle NAACP leader James Bible has demanded a role in selecting the new police chief (and justified Black terrorist attacks on police) because the Seattle Police department is a racist force of “occupiers.” Bible made this statement during a press conference in Seattle on Thursday (1/21/10), and it was broadcast on KIRO-TV during the 5:00 Evening News segment. The same report was rebroadcast during the KIRO-TV 6:00 pm news segment but with the statement about the police as a force of “occupiers” deleted. The same clip appears on Fox Q-13 at 9:00, again with the “occupiers” clip omitted. 

Bible made it clear that resistance to the police “occupiers” is legitimate. It is always legitimate to fight White racism, it seems. 

Among the radical Black and other supremacists, the new idiom for the United States is “Occupied America.” In minority supremacist magazines in Seattle like ColorsNW (“The Northwest’s premier diversity resource”) (which turns up in BING but not GOOGLE), the “Occupied America” ideology is advanced by a mixture of Mexican supremacists, Black supremacists, Asian supremacists, and Muslim supremacists, (including Muslims like Majid Al-Masaari, son of the CDLR (i.e., “Committee for the Defense of the Legitimate Rights in the Kingdom”) director Mohammed Al-Masaari who was Osama Bin laden’s personal representative until 9/11, and who was in charge of medical records security at the University of Washington Medical Center until he was deported, if he ever was deported). 

So when Black Supremacists kill five police officers in Seattle and Tacoma (see here and here) we have local NAACP and National Action Network leaders asserting the legitimacy of the attacks, asserting the precise moral equivalency of the Black racist murderers and their all-White police victims, and then demanding to pick the new police chief. 

I suppose it is now racist to oppose the Black supremacist murders of White police. But I refuse to accept these murders are, as the NAACP claims, legitimate self-defense against the “Occupiers.”

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