USDA Contributes to White Dispossession

The Seattle Weekly is a very poor excuse for a newspaper, and mainly serves to advertise prostitutes, promote homosexuality, and sow
hatred of the European-American majority in every way possible. It also worships Israel whenever it gets a chance.

However, one news story was very interesting: “USDA Looks Good To Washington’s Hispanic Farmers “, August 3, 2010, p. 9, by Nina Shapira, a strong advocate of illegal immigration.

The story describes how the Department of Agriculture Farm Service Agency is operating a segregated, Mexican-only program that buys out struggling, traditional European-American farms and then hands them over to the Mexicans at near zero interest rates. (One reason the European-American farms struggle is they have no access to credit.)

One area targeted for ethnic cleansing is the very productive Yakima Valley in Eastern Washington. Since segregated, Mexican-only NGOs
like the Rural Community Development Resources, run by Luis Gutierrez, provide the conduit to the funding, it is all going to

One example of how the program works is that of Sergio Marquez who came up from Mexican to work on a 200-acre apple orchard, and within years was given ownership of the orchard by the federal government with no down payment and sub-market rates of interest.

Finally, the federal government guarantees that it will buy 100% of production from these privileged Mexican operations, and then in turn donates it to food banks.

Who would have thought ethnic cleansing would be so profitable?

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