James Murray: Arctic Circle Collective—Copkilling Blooms, Tikkun and Post-Matrix Anarcho-Zionism

In the wake of a series of shooting deaths by local police forces in Seattle, Tacoma and the metropolitan region, most clearly justified, but with at least one seemingly something of a tragic mistake, local Anarchist groups are going wild, calling for more copkillings. (This in fact echoes the call of local NAACP Pres. James Bible justifying the killing of “occupying force” cops, in the midst of a copkilling spree that left five local European-American police officers dead at the hands of two Black Supremacists. Of course, the only real racists, the Seattle Police Chief gravely intoned as five of his officers lay dead at the hands of Black Supremacists, are those who think race played a role in the Black Supremacist rampages.)

One rather nasty local anarchist group, the Arctic Circle Collective, simply calls for the massacre of Cops. (see their Seattle Cops Kill; Fuck the Police, and Fuck Calming Down! at arcticcirclecollective.info, August 31).

I have read through all of the Arctic Circle Collective website and it is clear that this group is Zionist. On their Distro page they have a document called “Bloom Theory”, an ideological statement (41 pages no less, written in an incoherent Situationist/Joycean style) in which they state their goal that every member of the working class should evolve into a Elser/Bloom (Bloom is the main character of Ulysses). Elser/Bloom, to be specific, is Johann Georg Elser, who, the Arctic Circle Collective asserts, is “an exemplary Bloom in every respect”; he was a German Jew who tried to assassinate Hitler in 1939. For Arctic Circle, assassinating Hitler is the decisive act of revolution and anyone killing a cop is both assassinating Hitler and increasing anarchy. In a very real sense, Arctic Circle argues, to live under a [non-Jewish] state is to be, like Elser/Bloom, a Fuhrerssonderhaftling (an exceptional prisoner of the Fuhrer). Of course, as Zionists, by definition, they worship Israel, the Jewish state: This is clear because while anarchist groups are constantly demanding the murder of police everywhere in the world, but no anarchist group ever advocates assassinating Israeli police.

In their manifesto “About Us” they describe anarchism as a fog that obscures and ultimately obliterates the State: It is through the process of killing Hitler again and again that the “fog” of anarchism can be thickened, ultimately creating the worldwide Anarcho-Zionist utopia, a sort of Israeli world empire, the ultimate, final and eternal Tiqqun (they use the French transliteration from Hebrew, Tiqqun, instead of the English transliteration Tikkun). I think calling it “fog” is a kind of in-joke, because one of their overriding operational goals is to conceal the fact that they are Zionists.

Oddly enough, this is essentially the same ideology as that of Neo-Con Christophobe David Frum (George W. Bush’s speechwriter who put the word “Crusade” in Bush’s mouth to describe the Wars for Israel and the phrase “Axis-of-Evil” to designate the enemies of Israel). Frum is obsessed with cop killer Leonard Peltier. Even after Jews have become the ruling class in the United States, their young cannot resist the temptation to play revolutionary, always aware that they will never be faced with the consequences of their racial terrorism.

As the then Acting Chief of Police stated after the murder of Seattle police officer by a self-avowed Black Supremacist, anyone who thinks there is anything to be learned from this act of terrorism is a racist. And in the silence imposed by the Government to protect those who stand behind this terrorism, more police will be murdered.

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