Christopher Donovan: Ignoring the Jewish Lesbian in the Room

Christopher Donovan: Kevin MacDonald has done great blogging about Elena Kagan, who’s now known to be Obama’s pick for the Supreme Court.  She is, of course, Jewish, and stands as a spectacular example of the “Good Ol’ Jews Network” — her main qualification seems to be that everyone (as in, fellow power-Jews) gushes praise for her, which in turn causes more gushing.  Everyone wants to comment on the king’s fine new clothes.  This type of thing happens to wealthy Jews from the Upper West Side.  It does not happen to White Protestants from Oklahoma, no matter how smart they are.

Speaking of which, there are now no Protestants on the Supreme Court. One might think that white Protestants would bemoan this fact.  But they aren’t.  They’ve been trained not to, of course.  Which stands in sharp contrast to, say, the nomination of Sonia Sotomayor.  She’s supposed to be the Hispanic representative.  The Hispanic complaint was that they didn’t have anyone on the Supreme Court.  Obama fixed that.

So, all things being equal, white Protestants would have just as much of a complaint now that they’re on the outs.  But we all know that racial politics in America today aren’t about actual equality, they’re about pushing Whites off the stage. Elena Kagan will turn the Supreme Court into a “Sanhedrin”, in the phrase of some associates — 1/3 Jewish.  This reflects the shift in America’s powerbase from white Protestant to Jewish.

This has consequences:  policies that hurt whites are enacted, and Whites suffer.  It’s that simple, and that monumental. Yet the conservative legal blogosphere is completely silent on this point.  It is even censoring comments of anyone who mentions it.

At National Review — long discredited in any event, but worth noting as a gauge of the absurd — says nothing about it. Some of them are taken in by Kagan’s having reached out to the Federalist Society as a sign that she’s “not hostile” to conservatism.

This is a complete crock.  Kagan just grasps that it’s “hip” to hang with the Federalist Society because it shows your open-mindedness, but the Federalist Society has absolutely nothing to say on issues that affect Whites.  In fact, it’s a tool for the promotion of Israel-friendly “war on terror” policies.

Most “conservative” legal bloggers are, of course, themselves Jews, so they make sure to keep the focus on silly details.  Ted Frank and Eugene Volokh are good examples. See here, here, and here.

America no longer belongs to whites.  Its machinery is controlled by those hostile to their interests.  We need to recognize this fact and respond.

Christopher Donovan is the pen name of an attorney and former journalist. Email him.

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