Christopher Donovan: Sullivan & Cromwell's Jewish Elite

Christopher Donovan: Once upon a time, power-hitting New York law firm Sullivan & Cromwell was as WASP a bastion as Princeton or the CIA.  Today, the Jews have taken over. 

The managing partner title recently passed from H. Rodgin Cohen, a Jewish lawyer, to Joseph C. Shenker, who’s not only Jewish, but a rabbi. 

To read through the cast of characters upon whom their success is built — like the overwhelmingly Jewish client Goldman Sachs — is to observe the Jewish power structure writ large.  Would the New York Times in its fawning coverage of Shenker’s clever deal-making poke around any connections to the mortgage collapse?  Probably not.  Would it talk about a “Jewish power structure”?  Certainly not. 

A good question to ask is whether men like Cohen and Shenker do Whites any good, and why we’re so unthinkingly ceding power positions to Jews.

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