Mark Potok and Terry Gross: Two Well-Funded Jewish Supremacists Discuss ‘Extremism’

“Fresh Air”, the NPR program hosted by Terry Gross (see past criticism here), last week gave its platform to one of America’s foremost haters of whites, the SPLC’s Mark Potok.  (Listen to the show here.  Note that in the copious comments, not everyone’s a blind worshipper of the SPLC.)  Needless to say, Gross, a liberal Jewish woman, never once disagreed with Potok, or even asked a semi-skeptical question (Potok apparently had a Jewish father and leads a life perfectly consistent with Jewish aims).  The entire program was a love-fest between two powerful figures who act in mutually reinforcing ways:  The SPLC provides “news” for NPR to report, and NPR, by quoting the SPLC, confers upon it the status of “respected civil rights group.”

A hundred points could be made:  Gross and Potok ignore the evidence of violence and threats of violence from the left (including the cancellation of American Renaissance), they paint with a broad brush everything to the right of Mao as “extremism”, and of course never delve into whether any particular frustrations are justified.  Toweringly, the same reduction of a movement or people to nasty names is exactly what the SPLC is practicing itself.  If it’s “extreme” to say Obama is a “socialist”, isn’t it just as “extreme” to say that tea partiers are “racist”?  But any conservative might make such observations.

An equally important point is that Gross and Potok are strongly identified with secular Jewish lifestyles and political aims.  Both NPR and the SPLC are as important to Jews as the Temple Mount. When they both report for work in the morning, their desks are essentially cockpits of jet fighters that rain down hostile fire on Whites, and Jews are as happy to fund NPR and the SPLC as they are Birthright Israel.

Potok is right on one point:  the “rage on the right” is indeed largely driven by White frustration, something the “tea party” set won’t admit.  But here’s a suggestion for the tea partiers:  Frustration is in fact the source of your anger, and there’s nothing wrong with that anger.  You, as a White person, have every right to be angry about a Black president who wants a health care program that forces you to subsidize non-whites.  They’re going to call you a racist anyway — so you might as well be honest, right?

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Christopher Donovan is the pen name of an attorney and former journalist. Email him.

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