Punched for Listening to Rap: Amy Biehl Syndrome Strikes Again

A  favorite theme of mine is “Amy Biehl Syndrome“, whereby whites who seek to prostrate themselves before non-white cultures end up getting physically hurt or killed in the process. The outcome is the opposite of what they expected: Amy Biehl, for instance, was hoping to be lauded as a liberal white hero who selflessly threw herself into the cause of black rights in South Africa. Instead, blacks killed her for being white. The reality of racial differences is a sharp rock that smashes the balsam-wood boats of racial equality and harmony fantasies. Another recent occurrence of “Amy Biehl Syndrome” took place in Florida, where a 14-year-old black male struck a 22-year-old white male for listening to rap music.

Whatever sincere enjoyment of rap music this white male had, it’s safe to presume that he also thought listening to rap would make him cool in the eyes of the world, especially blacks. He’s not one of those backward whites who listens to country music — oh no. He’s down with the brothas because he listens to rap. Of course, as Jared Taylor so eloquently notes, whites and blacks do not see these issues the same way. Other whites might admire this white male, but this black male obviously did not: he felt that the white male had invaded on his black turf. Rap “belongs” to blacks, not whites. So, he punched him. The lesson is that no matter what whites try, they’re not going to be appreciated by non-whites. Whether you’re Eugene Terreblanche or Amy Biehl, you stand a chance of getting hurt or killed by nothing more than proximity to non-whites. Does a move toward peaceful racial separation sound so radical by comparison?

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