Christopher Donovan: Pick Your Poison: Death, or a Civil Rights Lawsuit

Life in multiracial America presents us with stark choices:  live in an urban area with a short commute and risk mugging or murder, or live in the suburbs and spend hours of your life behind the wheel.  Send your kids to public school and leave them uneducated and terrorized by blacks and Hispanics, or send them to private school, and work long hours to pay for it.

The choice for a food delivery person in an inner-city area:  risk getting shot in the stomach for your Chinese food delivery cash, or risk being sued and called a racist.  (“Delivering food is a risky joby, but denying service could be catch-22, experts say.”)  Some might say the latter is worse.  A black, corn-rowed thug with a gun, or a Jewish lawyer whining about “hate and intolerance” and deposing you… it’s a tough call.  (I personally suspect that the targeting of Chinese food delivery people is a form of hate crime:  the black robbers assume that the Chinese will be meek and give it up easily.)

I’ve read that some pick a third option:  go home.  This is apparently what many Koreans in the Los Angeles area have done.

We whites, of course, don’t have the option of returning home in order to escape this madness.  This is our home. We’re stuck.

The lesson is getting clearer and clearer:  we cannot continue to live like this.  It’s going to kill us.  We need to move toward something else, whether it’s some form of separation or a greater white consciousness that serves as a much stronger bulwark against black violence and theft — and other anti-white ethnic attacks.

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