The Political Ideas of Anders Behring Breivik

A quite clear picture of Anders Behring Breivik emerges from this collection of his online posts. I thought the following quotes were reasonably representative; they are edited slightly for English usage.

These snippets portray a Geert Wilders-type of cultural conservative, very opposed to ethnocentrism as a strategy, very positive about the Vienna School, staunchly pro-Israel (which he sees as beset by militant Islam), and very hostile toward Islam—what in the U.S. is called a neoconservative. Breivik sees Islam as eventually taking over Europe via differential fertility if nothing is done, noting historical data on other areas (e.g., Turkey, Lebanon, Kosovo). Based on his reading of history, he believes that the triumph of Islam would unleash horrific repression and violence against Europeans and against all manifestations of traditional European culture. It would be the end of European civilization based on Christianity and ordered liberty.

He also has a 1500-page book, titled 2083: A European Declaration of Independence, suggesting his actions were intended to call attention to himself as a way of publicizing the book and maximizing its impact. See also the (very powerful) video below which is based on the ideas of the book. The video images strongly suggest that he identifies with historical figures like Charles Martel who fought to prevent the Muslim conquest of Europe in previous centuries. Note the many photos of Christian knights battling Islam (suggesting he sees Christianity [correctly] as a historically powerful force for the preservation of Europe rather than mainly about religious faith) and (at the very end) photos of himself in military dress and armed with automatic weapons.

In general, it must be said that he is a serious political thinker with a great many insights and some good practical ideas on strategy (e.g., developing culturally conservative media, gaining control of NGOs. and developing youth organizations that will confront the Marxist street thugs). (8/31/2016: Note to leftist idiots who quote from the previous passage [but leave out Breivik’s specific suggestions for strategy]: This is not an endorsement of his actions.) (Parenthetically, during a recent lecture tour of Sweden, I was struck by the elaborate security procedures that were taken out of fear of physical beatings by “Communists,” described to me as typically the children of leftist elites. It is no exaggeration to say that racially conscious Scandinavians feel physically intimidated.) It could well be that Breivik’s silence on Jewish hostility toward Europe and the West and his rejection of ethnocentrism (see here) are motivated by his strategic sense. 

In the excerpts below, note his hostility toward the Frankfurt School which he identifies with cultural Marxism, but never mentions that the Frankfurt School is a Jewish intellectual movement; nor does he mention the anti-European, anti-Christian attitudes that pervade Jewish elites in the West—as noted in Paul Gottfried’s recent vdare article and repeatedly emphasized here. He notes the failure of “ethnocentric strategies”  but ignores the role of Jewish intellectual elites  in pathologizing expressions of ethnocentrism by Europeans since WWII (particularly the Frankfurt School) and in combating the scientific basis of the legitimacy of racial/ethnic interests (Boasian anthropology; the video identifies cultural Marxism with cultural relativism, one of the main thrusts of the Boasian school). He is also highly critical of the media (without noting that the  Norwegian media is controlled by a Swedish/Jewish family). In my experience, racially conscious Scandinavians are quite aware of Jewish media control. Again, these may be tactical moves, although I rather doubt it.

In any case, he is certainly right in characterizing multiculturalism as an ideology of hate. Note particularly his anger at the action of the Labour Party in England in opening the gates of immigration in order “to humiliate the right-wing opponents of immigration.” As he notes in several places, multiculturalism is hatred of Europeans and their culture masked by humanism.

It remains to be seen what the long term effect of his actions will be. There is certainly great revulsion at the murder of young people. However, I suppose it is possible that in the long run European elites will understand that the glorious multicultural future will not be attained without a great deal of bloodletting (including themselves and, as in this case, their children) and realize they will have to change their ways. Indeed, one of his insights is that in the long run “the multi-cultural neocolonial regimes will either have imploded or have become very Stalinist.” I agree.

The fear is that Breivik’s actions are more likely to result in Stalinism in the immediate future than to lessen the grip of the forces of evil.

Anders Behring Breivik:

50 years of efforts by the ethnocentric organizations / movements (from 1960-2009) have failed completely. We know this and further focus, illumination of these strategies will only be counter-productive and potentially very damaging to the current Norwegian and European cultural conservative movement.

Ethnocentric movements like the BNP and National Front are not successful and will never be able to get over 10% support (GDP [i.e., the BNP] 5%, the UN [National Front] has 7%). One can not fight racism (multikulti) with racism. Ethnocentrism is therefore the complete opposite of what we want to achieve.

We have selected the Vienna School of Thought as the ideological basis. This implies opposition to multiculturalism and Islamization (on cultural grounds). All ideological arguments based on anti-racism.

This has proven to be very successful which explains why the modern cultural conservative movement / parties that use the Vienna School of Thought are so successful: the Progress Party, Geert Wilders, document and many others.

Ethnocentrism is contrary to the principles of the Vienna School of Thought which is why you surely have been censored in the past.

I have worked several years for the Progress Party and guarantee you that the Progress Party had less than 10% support if they had not chosen Vienna School of Thought as an ideological basis.

Yes, we will defeat the multiculturalism / kulturmarxisme finally (as it is very discriminatory and racist). But we must do it in the correct ideological grounds. …

I got the impression that the younger generations in Oslo do not quite manage to see the political context here. They see the racist attack but do not fully understand that this is Jihad (political / cultural attacks). They repay what they perceive as racism with racism.

My hope is that they will see the cultural / political context, but one should not ignore the fact that the new generations of young people are going in the direction of ethnocentrism.

Young people need solutions, and currently there are no anti-racist youth cultural conservative options. Some people choose the options that exist, that is, the ethnocentric. …

I have only been politically active for 13 years. I am førstegenerasjonsdhimmi (Generation Y). I was active in the Oslo FrP / FpU in the first 6-7 years (in the cultural conservatives + laissez faire capitalist / liberal camp) and contributed to the Progress Party’s success before I stopped. I felt my time was better spent helping to develop / promote the political doctrines abroad especially British, German, French, American). I ran a business a few years while I studied and earned a few million so I could finance a inntektsløs politically active life. I now use these funds to be able to work full time to further develop / promote the Vienna Academy (Vienna School of Thought) that Fjordman, Bat Yeor, Spencer + many others have already contributed so much to. The last three years I worked full time as a cultural conservative working to help further develop / promote these political doctrines further.

Anyway, I consider the future consolidation of the cultural conservative forces on all seven fronts as the most important in Norway and in all Western European countries. It is essential that we work to ensure that all these 7 fronts using the Vienna School of Thought, or at least parts of the grunlag for 20-70 year-struggle that lies in front of us.

The book is called, by the way 2083 and is in English, 1100 pages).

To sum up the Vienna school of thought:

– Cultural Conservatism (anti-multiculturalism)
– Against Islamization
– Anti-racist
– Anti-authoritarian (resistance to all authoritarian ideologies of hate)
– Pro-Israel/forsvarer of non-Muslim minorities in Muslim countries
– Defender of the cultural aspects of Christianity
– To reveal the Eurabia project and the Frankfurt School (ny-marxisme/kulturmarxisme/multikulturalisme)
– Is not an economic policy and can collect everything from socialists to capitalists

The Frankfurt School (kulturmarxisme) is a very ambitious unofficial ideology (and quite unknown to most); they have succeeded in most areas (except to smash capitalism, European Christianity and European identity, traditions, culture). The Vienna school is more a defense against this where we often use the Marxists’ own creations against them (sexual liberation, feminism, liberalism, anti-racism, anti-authoritarian arguments).

The Vienna School of Thought is far from a complete ideology but consists of principles and ideas that are constantly under development. …

There is not necessarily a very big difference between controllers and dominators. The common denominators in all historical case are dhimmitude + demographic warfare. Are non-Muslims on Furuset, Holmlia [areas of Oslo] today dhimmis? Yes, of course they are. Why do you think they systematically choose to move [away]?

Why do you think Furuset, Holmlia and other areas in Oslo will soon be emptied of non-Muslims? Enklaviseringen in Oslo East continues slowly but surely every day.

For those words must have it with a teaspoon (this may be fine with a small demographic history reminder now and then):

Kosovo demographical development [1]:

1900 40% Islam
1913 50%
1925 60%
1948 72%
1971 79%
1981 85%
2008 93%



Lebanon demographical development – (Christian/Muslim pop)[1]:

1911 – 21% Islam
1921 – 45%
1932 – 49%
1943 – 48%
1970 – 58% (Civil war 1975–1990 started when Islam reached 60%)
1990 – 65% (Christians lost the war)
2008 – 75%


1. Tomass Mark, Game theory with instrumentally irrational players: A Case Study of Civil War and Sectarian Cleansing, Journal of Economic Issues, Lincoln; June 1997.


Source 1

1948 85% Christians[1]
2006 12% Christians[1]

Source 2

1948 – 60% Christians[2]
1983 – 20% Christians[2]



Anatolia (Turkey)

1300 – 99% Christians
1450 – 90% (3 years before the fall of Constantinople)
1600 – 55%
1850 – 35% (Genocide/forceful conversions intensifies)
1900 – 20%
1920 – 15%
1945 – 6% (Focus shifts to persecution of Muslim Kurds)
1980 – 3%
2009 – 1%

2. See all sources from Historic Balkan and Anatolia demographics

Syria [1]

1920 – 33% Christians
2007 – 10% (would be less than 5% if it weren’t for Christian immigration from Iraq).


Pakistan (Hindu/Muslim population) [1]

1941 – 25% Hindus
1948 – 17%
1991 – 1,5%
2007 – 1%

Bangladesh (Hindu/Muslim population) [1]

1941 – 30% Hindus
1948 – 25%
1971 – 15%
1991 – 10%
2007 – 8%

2008 – Numbers and percentages of Muslims in many European cities (legal/illegal including city suburbs)[1][2][3]:

Marseilles 38%
Malmö 35%
Brussels 35%
Amsterdam 30%
Stockholm 20%
London 20%
Paris 20%
Oslo 20%
Moscow 16-20%
Berlin 18%
The Hague 17%
Copenhagen 17%
Utrecht 15%
Rotterdam 15%
Antwerp 15%
Hamburg 15%


3. notes that Brussels is 25.5% Muslim

Hva er så fellesnevneren i alle disse historiske tilfellene?

Islam + dhimmitude + demografisk krigføring [demographic warfare] (Jihad)…

This is only the beginning of a protracted campaign of psychological warfare against the Swiss people. The worst of all, it works very effectively, as we saw in Austria a few years ago. The Swiss people will succumb to demonization, as Østerikerne and Serbs before them.

The fact that cultural Marxism controls the Euro / U.S. MSM, 95% of NGOs and 80% of the political parties is perhaps the main reason that we must expect to struggle with multiculturalism (kulturmarxisme) and the Islamization of at least 20-70 years.

Until this happens, the Hårstad points out further polarization between kulturmarxistene (elites) and the cultural conservatives (the people). Muslims make today 20-25% of the Oslo and similar areas in other European capitals. 50-60% is the magic enklaviseringsgrensen and there are several cities that gradually approach this. Marseilles is the worst example in Western Europe at the moment with 38% Muslims. The city will have a Muslim majority within 20 years. It is thus conceivable that the battle for Islam’s future in Europe will unfold in France within 20 years. Perhaps the consequence will be that France breaks out of the nåværeden U.S. / Euro dominated multiculturalism wonderful world order and seeks a new political alliance with Russia and some other mini-nations (hopefully followed by several European nations).

20 years earlier, my bet (70 years maximum). So change will come, guaranteed, we just have to be a little patient. …

We know by the way all of what happened to the Christians Marxists in Lebanon. Lebanon was once a Christian country (80% in 1911). When the Muslims were in majority in 1970 (an increase of 40% in just 60 years), they declared war. The reason that they were in that situation was due to the Marxist appeasement policy (they allowed demographic warfare). Marxists thought that they would get an extra special dhimmi status, which of course did not happen. There are now fewer than 25% Christians in Lebanon and even the Christian Marxists are living in a difficult situation. Do you really think you will get a special dhimmi status in few decades in Western Europe when all the historical examples show that Christians Marxists being stabbed in the back end again and again? …

Most people here have nothing against Muslims in general, Muslims who do not follow the Quran that is. It is the political doctrine of Islam is the problem.

The problem is that key Islamic concepts such as al-taqiyya and naskh (Quranic abrogation) makes it more or less impossible to distinguish “moderate Muslims” (individuals who do not follow the Quran) from orthodox Muslims. …

Mini-nations such as Norway have never pursued an independent, sovereign foreign policy.

They, however, have always followed the big three European heavyweights — France, UK, Germany, to the letter. In other words, Norway has always copied these heavyweights and will always do so.

It is like comparing Belarus and Russia. We will always be Belarus, and Russia is our three tigers.

The UK is no different from Germany and France. They have all chosen multiculturalism. The fact that the UK is wary of the EU is not about multikulti but more motivated by the idea hat the UK will continue to have a special relationship with the U.S. (which is also 100% multikulti).

The only “Western” nations that refused to implement multikulti are Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and partly Finland.

Japan, South Korea and Taiwan have been protected from the EU / US ‘s witch hunt because they are not Europeans.

If they had been Europeans, they would have been demonized as Nazis, fascists and racists.

Why Norway is “more European” than the EU has something to do with “Little Man Syndrome”. It can be likened to “converts to Islam.” They are often much more fundamentalist than even conservative Arab Muslims because they themselves feel they have much to prove (the “Little Man Syndrome”)….

Before one at all can begin to discuss [the Arab-Israeli] conflict, one must first agree on the fundamental truths of Islam’s political doctrine.

Most people here have great insight on key Muslim concepts like al-taqiiya (political deceit), naskh (Quranic abrogation) and Jihad. The problem is that kulturmarxists refuses to recognize these concepts.

They can not recognize these key Muslim concepts. For if they do so, it erodes the primary argument that Israel is a “racist state” and that this is a race war (Israelis vs. Arabs) and not defense against Jihad (Kafr vs. Ummah).

The cultural Marxists choose to ignore the  fact that there are 40 different Jihad Fronts (wars) throughout the world. For them, Jihad does not exist. For them, these 40 ethnic fronts (40 race wars) have nothing to do with Islam. …

It is wonderful to reflect on the fact that multiculturalism is a self-destructive ideology. The European cultural conservative movement is small at the moment, but we are growing every day. And within 70 years, it’s time for regime change in Europe. At that point, the multi-cultural neocolonial regimes will either have imploded or have become very Stalinist.

Before that, we must focus on the following:

1. Creating a cultural conservative newspaper with national distribution
2. Regaining control of several NGOs
3. Develop and consolidate the cultural conservative intellectual movement
4. Build an “EDL” [English Defense League] type of youth….

The problem is that many kulturmarxists actually care very little about religious freedom and human rights. They are driven by contempt and hatred for the cultural conservatives, for European cultures, etc. Many are hiding behind the false doctrines of human rights and religious freedom because these ideas serve as the perfect obfuscation of their true motives.

Where have they been for the past 20 years with regard to criticism of Islam? Why have they been totally absent in this area? They have however, spent much of their time attacking Christianity …

It is very difficult to deal with individuals who deliberately use deception to advance their agenda. Kulturmarxism has for 40 years been hiding behind humanistic principles when their real agenda was to crush the European tradition, culture, identity and sovereignty of nations. All in the name of human rights …

You cannot have a dialogue if one side is deliberately lying, again and again. …

National Socialism has always been an extreme left ideology. Then why do they try constantly to strategically place it on the right?…

Funny to see every single European cultural Marxist “foam around the mouth” of hatred against Denmark and Italy—the only Western European countries that have a hint of wise leadership. …

People must learn what multiculturalism’s wonderful doctrines will do to Europe:

Systematic breakdown:

– European Christianity
– European tradition
– European Cultures
– European (national) identity
– Sovereignty

Of course, it is known that kulturmarxistene and humanists in Europe think they are going to reform Islam. But they will fail like all before them have. For our part, the cultural conservatives and anti-Marxist liberal, must focus on the basic problem: multiculturalism (kulturmarxisme) and how to combat this hate ideology. …

Four important tasks we have to work on the next twenty years are the following:

1. Have in place a cultural conservative newspaper with national distribution (which will be the only newspaper that will support the Progress Party in 4 years). For believe me, the Progress Party is going to be sabotaged and torpedoed.  Their voter base of 35% will be “scared” down to 20%.

2. Develop an alternative to the violent extreme Norwegian Marxist organizations Blitz / SOS Racism / Red Youth. This can for example be done by supporting the development of SIOE. Conservatives dare not currently air their views on the street when they know that extreme Marxists will club them down. We can not accept that Labour subsidize these violent “Stoltenberg Art” that systematically terrorize political conservatives.

3. Working to gain control of 10-15 NGOs (kulturmarxists controls currently 10-15 while we only have 2-3).

4. Initiate a partnership with the conservative forces within the Norwegian Church. I know that the liberal forces within the European anti-Jihad movement (Bruce Bawer, among others, and some other liberals) will have a problem with this but the conservative forces within the church are actually some of our best allies. Our main opponents are not the Jihadists but the facilitators—namely multiculturalists.

A nightmare scenario as I see it is if multiculturalists do an “Ataturk” in Western Europe. The result would be a long and painful death for Europe, as in Lebanon. … A Muslim population can restrain itself under an authoritarian regime to demand Sharia 100 years (or more) in the future as soon as the possibility presents itself. This ability for continued Islamic demographic warfare is going to end in disaster. …

Labour wants mass immigration to engineer multicultural UK, says former Blair and Straw adviser.

Labour threw open Britain’s borders to mass immigration to help socially engineer a “truly multicultural” country, a former Government adviser has revealed.

The former Labour adviser said the Government opened up UK borders partly to humiliate Right-wing opponents of immigration.

This proves therefore that some of the motivation for mass immigration is not based on humanism (a cloak) but more due to direct hatred of people with conservative values like us, the cultural conservatives. A large part of them hate all Europeans and want to destroy Europe through multiculturalism. Multiculturalism is an anti-European hate ideology designed to destroy European culture / traditions, identity, Christianity and national sovereignty. The goal is a utopian Marxist superstate. To accomplish this, the first all European culture must be annihilated. Of course there are genuine humanists (who are suicidally naive) but I suspect that a larger proportion of them are cultural Marxists (multiculturalists) with hateful intentions. …

We should immediately work towards joint establishment of a cultural conservative major newspaper (paper / online national distribution).

I know many of the Progress Party and know that there are strong forces there that want to develop “Progress,” the Progress Party newspaper. I also know of several cultural conservative investors.

What about working to consolidate the Progress of document (may + Get funding from strategic investors?

Call the newspaper: “Conservative” as the only cultural conservative media company in Norway. …

Primary Doctrines:

Critical of multiculturalism (Anti-kulturmarxistisk)
Pro Progress Party (maybe right)
Pro Israel (+ support for Armenia, Christian Copts / Maronite / Assyriere, cultural conservative Indians, support for the establishment of a Christian state in Biafra, Southern Nigeria and support to the establishment of a Christian state in Sudan, support for Russian / Thailand / Philippines / China + fighting Jihad)
Critical of  kulturmarxistiske media (all)
Pro free market
Pro Christian …

Kulturmarxistene managed to bargain crucial popular platforms that secured them victory:

– Sexual Liberation (weakening of the church / morals / patriarchy / nuclear family / birth rates)

– Feminism — positive and negative effects (weakening of the church / patriarchy / nuclear family / birth rates)

– Rights of workers — positive aspects

– Drug / alcohol / party of liberation (weakening of the nuclear family / moral / birth rates)

– Multi-Culturalism—sold in as the introduction of exciting offers / food / experiences (negative aspects: mass immigration, Islam, ghettofication-> enklavisering, crime-murder / rape / robbery / violence, weakening of the identity / culture / unit / nation etc.. )

Too much of these elements (with a few exceptions) will help to draw us towards a Marxist utopia (chaos).

The only pragmatic thing we can do is work on cultural conservative consolidation in the next 10/20/30/40 year so that we can avail ourselves of the window that will surely open up (Fjord Man scenario.) …

Four weeks of Jihad in Gøteborg, Sweden. European media companies are refusing to report. This case and the Muslim riots in United Kingdom (also categorically ignored by 90% of journalists) could have influenced the Norwegian election. How can a democracy work when 98% of Western European journalists openly sympathize with “cultural Marxism”? These deliberate “media blackouts” are authoritarian in nature. …

The problem is that the assumptions for the discussion is not present in Norway and Western Europe. We, the cultural conservatives, are already being branded as fascists / racists / Nazis by the political and media establishment because we dare to criticize multiculturalism (cultural Marxism) which is totally unacceptable. It is as bad as the persecution of the Jews for 30 years or under the Inquisition. No / very few thus wish to share the solution-oriented ideas / concepts in an open forum at this stage as this can help to stigmatize people further in the future. …

The main focus should be on an intellectual platform consolidation of European cultural conservative organizations / individuals. This alliance should have as its main focus to de-legitimize multiculturalism (cultural Marxism) of the “European ideology of hate” it actually is. Its purpose (or indirect result) is known to completely destroy western civilization, nation-states, Western culture / norms / traditions, Christianity – European / Norwegian identity. …

I encourage you to read books that explain the ideology multiculturalism, Frankfurt School and its origin. You can for example start with the book “Defeating Eurabia”.

The main problem in Western Europe is that there is only one accepted alternative, namely PC (PC = cultural Marxism / multiculturalism).

Those who dare to criticize multiculturalism (and supporting cultural conservative views) are now branded as fascists / Nazis / racists. The problem is that the doctrines which form the basis of political correctness will not or can not allow alternative ideas and are thus very intolerant.

Progress Party is a victim of this intolerance. …

The question you should ask yourself is, if cultural differences were too great for the Christian Norwegians and Swedish Christians to live together, how can we expect that Norwegians and Somalis can live together peacefully?

The ideology of multiculturalism (cultural Marxism) is an anti-European hate ideology whose purpose is to destroy European culture, identity and Christianity in general. I equate making multiculturalism with the other hate ideologies: Nazism (anti-Jewish), communism (anti-individualism) and Islam (anti-Kafr).

Japan, South Korea and Taiwan refused to implement multiculturalism (the only three Western countries that still have monokulturalisme). They argued that “societal Cohesion” is synonymous with harmony within a society. They still look with amazement at this strange European experiment. …

Such cases must be considered together with similar cases where the media consistently ignores issues related to Muslim riots.

All remember the July riots in Marseilles and other French cities where the media were instructed not to report the news.

One can only wonder how many riots have been in France or other countries that we have never heard of. A trend is developing in Western Europe where there is full acceptance that the media can suppress such cases.

Estimated damage from the July riots in France: 800-1500 burnt-out cars, dozens of buildings burnt out, several people injured (including police officers). Not a single article in the MSM. I called both TV2 and NRK but they thought it was not “news worthy” … Maybe not so strange when 90-95% of all European journalists are in favor of multiculturalism and do not want to contribute to the injury “integration process” by conveying the truth.

This is a very frightening development and documents further how the media serves as propaganda machinery for multiculturalism.

The orders of “media blackout” have been strictly applied. Le Monde refused to respond, citing “ministerial instructions.” “Yesterday morning, every journalist who came, even for the smallest piece of news, to the firemen, or gendarmes or police, heard the same answer: ‘No fires’. In fact, the truth is quite different. Some of those we questioned admitted under their breath: ‘We cannot say anything about the fires. We have received orders.” In Lyons, the daily Le Progrès reports the same blackout: “Orders not to speak to the press were given to firemen, gendarmes and police.” …

I strongly doubt that your theory is correct. The whole conflict between the BNP and EDL started with a change of leadership in the EDL for a few months ago. They threw out the racist and denounced the BNP. They chose instead an ideological basis for SIOE that is more or less a mainstream view on the right side in Western Europe now (Vienna School of Thought).

Nick [Griffin] was very offended and began to demonize the EDL. Although they are now attacking each other, they don’t compete at all as these are two quite different fronts. 90% of all votes in the EDL continued BNP (since this is the only alternative to multikulti in the UK) and 90% of BNP support the EDL regardless of what Nick thinks. …

The tactics of the EDL are now out to “entice” an overreaction from Jihad Youth / Extreme-Marxists—something they have succeeded in several times already. The reaction has been repeatedly shown on the news which has boosted the EDL. This has also benefited BNP. Win-Win for both.

But I must say I am very impressed with how quickly they have grown. This has to do with smart tactical choice by management.

The EDL is an example and a Norwegian version is the only way to prevent Flash / SOS to harass Norwegian cultural conservatives from other fronts. Creating a Norwegian EDL should be No. 3 on the agenda after we have started up a cultural conservative newspaper with national distribution.

The agenda of the Norwegian cultural conservative movement over the next 5 years therefore consists of the following:

1. Newspaper with national distribution
2. Working for the control of several NGOs
3. Norwegian EDL

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