Fall Issue of The Occidental Quarterly, and a Call for Papers

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The Spring issue of TOQ will be on the topic of “Collapse: Perspectives on the Impending Crisis of the West.” Thinkers on the political right have been prophesying the collapse of our current political and economic system for some time, but recent developments seem to make this a realistic possibility. The problems leading to the this crisis are daunting and quite possibly insoluble without a political cataclysm: Exploding and unsustainable debt at all levels of government;  unsustainable levels of immigration requiring unrealistic levels of economic growth to prevent chronic high unemployment; endless costly foreign wars fought to appease the Israel Lobby; a corrupt financial elite that has plunged the Western world into its worst economic crisis since the Great Depression; rapidly expanding populations of low-IQ non-Whites requiring unsustainably high levels of social support; large numbers of Whites inchoately angry about their impending displacement and the fact that they are being forced to adjust to a multicultural world they do not desire. This multicultural world promises increased racial conflict (a characteristic of all multicultural societies) and diminished political and cultural influence for Whites.

Our position as White racial communitarians is weak at this time, but we should certainly plan for possible future scenarios, including the possibility that such a cataclysm would speed up the triumph of an explicitly anti-White regime and all the dangers that that would entail.

Appropriate papers deal with any aspect of this possible cataclysm, including the possibility that the present regime will prevail without major changes.

The deadline for submission of papers is January 15, 2012. Authors are paid $250.00 for accepted articles.

Fall, 2011 Issue of TOQ


Dr. Kerry Bolton

“How America Helped to Bolshevize Russia, by Kerry R. Bolton

Bolton is a prolific writer on a wide range of subjects. He is a Fellow of the Academy of Social and Political Research, Athens, and a Contributing Writer for The Foreign Policy Journal. He concludes his article as follows:

The White forces were literally stabbed in the back by the machinations of the Allied politicians, and the “vested interests,” to use Wilson’s term, that saw bright prospects for business dealings with their supposed arch-enemies.

The lessons of US duplicity in regard to aiding supposed friends, and particularly those in conflict with communism, could have been a warning to those finding themselves in similar circumstances and who succumbed because of American betrayal, from China to Cuba to Nicaragua to Tibet, where on each occasion the USA scuttled at the crucial juncture. The tendency towards treachery that remains a factor of American foreign relations, which continues the Wilsonian doctrine for “world order,” is something that still needs learning by those who would “sup with the devil.

“Going against the Tide” by Kevin MacDonald

I had an a condensed version of this article posted at VDARE.com; the TOQ version is considerably more detailed and includes a presentation of an alternative theory that supplements Duchesne’s perspective. I conclude my review as follows:

The Uniqueness of Western Civilization is a brilliant critical review of an incredibly wide range of scholarship covering the entire span of Western history. It is a book that is essential reading for anyone interested in understanding the vitality and creativity of Western civilization—and for understanding its current malaise as it struggles for survival against the forces of darkness.

Eternal Strangers: Anti-Jewish Musings History (Part II of III), by Thomas Dalton

Dalton continues his three-part scholarly review of anti-Jewish comments throughout history. Part 1 dealt with anti-Jewish writing in the ancient world. Part 2 deals with anti-Jewish writing beginning in 4th century with the rise of the Catholic Church (e.g., St. John Chrysostom, St. Augustine) , the Middle Ages (e.g., St. Thomas Aquinas), the Reformation (e.g., Martin Luther), the Enlightenment (e.g., Voltaire), and concluding in the 19th century with German commentators, including Kant and Schopenhauer. This is a very informative review. Dalton notes:

More broadly we can infer that the critics are citing objective, concrete characteristics of the Jewish people, ones that are largely independent of the Jewish religion per se. These negative qualities may well be rooted in the genetic (i.e. racial) constitution of the Jews, and this suggests an explanation for their persistence across cultures and over time.

Free to Lose: Jews, Whites, and Libertarianism, by Brenton Sanderson

TOO writer Brenton Sanderson provides  a chilling conclusion:

Thus, it is this very libertarian individualist agenda favoring the free global movement of people, in conjunction with the openly anti-White and anti-Western agendas of the cultural Marxists that have facilitated the demographic transformation of Western nations in the past few decades. Because of their denial of the significance of race, libertarians are never going to be allies in the fight to save White populations from demographic and political eclipse. The growth in popularity of libertarian ideas among Whites is as likely to undermine White racial solidarity as effectively as any of the more openly anti-White nostrums of the left. As White racial nationalists and activists we urgently need to convey to patriotic White libertarians that racial collectivism is the only effective means to promote our group interests now and into the future. It is lesson that was learned many centuries ago by those that have worked tirelessly to promote their own group evolutionary interests at our expense — with Judaism being the classic example.

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