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Aboriginal Worship and the Flight from Whiteness in Australia

Anti-White activism in Australia is becoming increasingly strident Results from the 2021 Australian Census revealed an astonishing 25 per cent jump in the nation’s Aboriginal population over the preceding five years. This confirmed the trend of the 2016 census showing a 19 per cent surge in the Aboriginal population. Over the last decade the self-identifying […]

Degas and the Jews

Edgar Degas: Self Portrait 1865-66 It is customary in our political circles to link cultural modernism (and its negative social consequences) to Jewish influence. While there are strong grounds for this stance, things are sometimes more complicated than this narrative would suggest. Take, for instance, the group of painters who made up the French Impressionist […]

Evil Genius: Constructing Wagner as Moral Pariah – PART 4

Go to Part 1. Go to Part 2. Go to Part 3. Wagner and National Socialist Germany Richard Wagner has long been reviled by Jews as the intellectual and spiritual precursor to Adolf Hitler who, according to William Shirer, once declared: “Whoever wants to understand National Socialist Germany must know Wagner.”[1] This line is spoken […]

Evil Genius: Constructing Wagner as Moral Pariah—PART 3

Scene from Barrie Kosky’s 2017 Bayreuth production of Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg with an outsize image of Beckmesser, the putative Jew Go to Part 1. Go to Part 2. Wagner’s Music Dramas as Coded Anti-Semitism T.W. Adorno and Wagner biographer Robert Gutman began a modern Jewish intellectual tradition when they proposed that Wagner’s antipathy to […]

Evil Genius: Constructing Wagner as Moral Pariah—PART 2

Jewish activists protesting the 2010 production of The Ring by the LA Opera Go to Part 1. Wagner’s Racial Thinking In addition to his concern about the baleful Jewish influence on German culture, Wagner, under the influence of Darwinism and the French racial theorist Arthur de Gobineau, became increasingly concerned about the fate of the […]

Evil Genius: Constructing Wagner as Moral Pariah—PART 1

Note: This is a greatly expanded and updated version of an essay that first appeared on TOO in 2012. A long line of books and documentaries have explored Richard Wagner’s anti-Semitism and his putative role as the spiritual and intellectual godfather to Adolf Hitler. In the Jewish-dominated cultural milieu of the contemporary West, this meme […]