TOO Annual Fundraiser for 2013: Much to be optimistic about

It’s time for our annual year-end fundraising appeal—our only appeal of the year. I’d like to first thank those who have contributed during 2013. Much appreciated. With your generous support, we have been able to put out well over 200 articles and blogs in the past year.

A very promising trend is that we are attracting many excellent writers—people like Domitius Corbulo whose review of Filipe Fernandez-Armesto’s Pathfinders is has recently been our featured article. Armesto’s book is typical of the cultural Marxism that pervades the academic world: lack of concern for the empirical evidence and seething with hostility to Europeans, their history and their culture. The good news is that we now have a critical mass of writers on this site and on other like-minded sites—writers who are on board with our issues and are willing and able to write articles that provide insight into our malaise and provide the sort of cultural confidence that is necessary for long-term success. One of the exciting things about the present state of the Internet is that there are quite a few excellent outlets for White advocacy and other sites opposed to the constant barrage of propaganda from the mainstream media on all things related to immigration and multiculturalism.

Most recently, the Internet was a godsend in the mania surrounding the recent death of Nelson Mandela, serving as an antidote to the wall-to-wall propaganda aimed at reinforcing contemporary elite opinion on the moral imperative of of multiculturalism and the illegitimacy of White power (see Sterling Cooper’s “Reflections on Nelson Mandela and a post-Mandela South Africa“). Mr. Cooper relies on R. W. Johnson’s  South Africa’s Brave New World for his comments on Mandela’s failings and the state of present-day South Africa; it’s worth noting a statement by Johnson in the wake of Mandela’s death:

The beginning of wisdom is to realize that there has, for a long time now, been an enormous Western longing to find and celebrate a Third World leader and saint. Lenin, Stalin and Mao enjoyed such acclaim at various stages, but so did Nkrumah, Ho Chi Minh, Amilcar Cabral, Fidel Castro, Che Guevara, Hugo Chavez ,and various others. In every case, they were found to have feet of clay or worse. In the modern era, two men have enjoyed uncritical acclaim: Gandhi and Mandela. Yet Gandhi was a failed lawyer who had to leave India for South Africa to make a living. He denounced railways, doctors, modern medicine, hospitals and most other elements of modern life. He also regarded South African blacks as mere savages and defended the Indian caste system. Similarly, Nelson Mandela had his full share of failings. [“The Mandela myth“; Johnson is an emeritus fellow of Magdalen College, Oxford.]

There has also been a noticeable increase on criticism of Israel. I notice that in the fundraising letter for last year, I wrote that “one has the feeling that Jewish organizations are on the defensive, particularly about Israel. Israel is increasingly showing its Jewish character as a hostile, aggressive, ethnonationalist state with all of the characteristics that make organized Jewish Diaspora communities in the West such formidable foes.”

Unlike the left (the source, after all, of the most effective anti-Israel pressure), we at TOO emphasize the hypocrisy of the mainstream Jewish community. We posted 8 articles on Jewish double standards in their attitudes on issues like immigration and the idea of an ethnostate in Israel versus the Diaspora. We also emphasize the huge costs of American support for Israel, both in terms of lives lost and ruined in wars promoted by the Israel Lobby as well as the enormous financial burden of these wars and the continuing economic and military aid to Israel. The usual reply to critics of Israel is that these critics “single out Israel” and don’t mention other coutnries with less than stellar human rights records. But the U.S. and the West are not sacrificing thousands of lives and trillions of dollars in support of these other countries.

The increasingly pariah status of Israel is obvious. Just recently, the American Studies Association voted overwhelmingly to boycott academic meetings in Israel despite heated objections from the usual suspects, among them Abraham Foxman and Larry Summers. The fraying of support for Israel in the academic world is an important indicator that elite opinion is turning against the Jewish state because of its behavior toward the Palestinians.

Also noteworthy is the recent Counterpunch interview with Roger Water, of Pink Floyd, where Waters states “The situation in Israel/ Palestine, with the occupation, the ethnic cleansing and the systematic racist apartheid Israeli regime is un acceptable. So for an artist to go and play in a country that occupies other people’s land and oppresses them the way Israel does, is plain wrong.” Waters also calls attention to the intimidating power of the Israel Lobby and its influence in the U.S. media:

Where I live, in the USA, I think, A: they are frightened and B: I think the propaganda machine that starts in Israeli schools and that continues through all the Netanyahu’s bluster is poured all over the United States, not just Fox but also CNN and in fact in all the mainstream media. It’s like a huge bucket of crap that they are pouring into the mouth of a gullible public in my view, when they say “we are afraid of Iran, it is going to get nuclear weapons…”. … The fact of the matter is no Israeli government has been serious about creating a Palestinian state since 1948. They’ve always had the Ben Gurion agenda of kicking all the Arabs out of the country and becoming greater Israel. …

I read some piece the other day where it said “apparently only the Secretary State of the United States, believes that these current peace talks are real, no one else in the world does”.

The Israel Lobby has also suffered some serious setbacks, both on Syria and Iran. (I am proud that my article on Syria drew the ire of the ADL.) The Obama administration has resisted the most extreme calls for war by the Israel Lobby (bombing Iran), and popular opinion was dead set against bombing Syria, despite the desires of the Obama administration, despite the support of much of the mass media, and despite  the strong support of the Israel Lobby.

Nevertheless, the Lobby and Israel continue to pressure the Obama Administration, including tightening the sanctions on Iran, which may well lead to Iran repudiating the agreement. This could then be used as a rationale for war.

This reminds me of a recent TIME article on the role of two Jewish activists, Harry Dexter White, a communist spy, and FDR’s Secretary of the Treasury Henry Morgenthal Jr. (author [along with White] of the infamous Morgenthau Plan which would have led to the death of 10 million of Germans after World War II) in provoking the Pearl Harbor attack by Japan. According to the TIME article, the motive was to prevent a Japanese attack on the Soviet Union, but it’s apparent  from the quote below that another important motive was to draw the U.S. into war with Japan and Germany—a major goal of the American Jewish community at the time. As in the case of ramping up the Iran sanctions while supposedly seeking an agreement, the strategy was to leave Japan with no alternative except war:

White was able to turn U.S. policy toward Japan in an increasingly belligerent direction. When FDR almost agreed to relax a U.S. oil embargo in return for Japan’s gradual evacuation of China, White drafted a hysterical letter for Morgenthau’s signature:

To sell China to her enemies for the thirty blood-stained coins of gold, will not only weaken our national policy in Europe as well as the Far East, but will dim the bright luster of America’s world leadership in the great democratic fight against Fascism.

Instead of compromising, the United States demanded that Japan withdraw from China immediately, neutralize Manchuria, and sell three-quarters of its military and naval production to the U.S. Perceiving the demand as an insult and a threat, the skittish Japanese government concluded that war was inevitable. They moved ahead with a contingency plan for an attack on the Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbor and the Philippines….

Touching on recent events related to another TOO theme, there has also been a great deal of encouraging news from Europe with the rise of several nationalist parties opposed to immigration.  Writing in the Telegraph, Euroskeptic Ambrose Evans-Pritchard notes that

Events are moving very fast in Europe, overtaking the debate in Britain. Advocates of the historic nation states – L’Europe des Patries — are gaining ground across the Continent. Superstate romantics are on the back foot almost everywhere. The Hegelians are hated. … [In Holland] Geert Wilders Freedom Party is leading the polls with calls to “control our borders, our economy, our currency”. The cities of Rotterdam and The Hague have vowed openly to breach EU law on social security rights for Balkan migrants. …

France is the pivotal country as the drama unfolds. All signs are that the Socialist leadership is deeply alarmed by the prospect of a perma-slump under a fixed-exchange system that offers no hope of cutting unemployment. They know that the Socialist Party itself could be destroyed, going the way of Greece’s PASOK if it accepts its fate passively. Huw Pill from Goldman Sachs says France will have to endure a 40pc decline in relative living standards against Germany to rectify imbalances within EMU, a task that becomes much harder as the eurozone flirts with deflation. If he is right, I cannot see how Franco-German rupture can be avoided.

This is playing into the hands of Marine Le Pen’s Front National, now leading the polls with calls for a return to the franc and economic self-rule, and pulling votes from Socialist working class bastions. A Polling Vox survey found that 42pc of French voters are willing to consider backing the Front National. She has shaken off the stigma. …

[Italy] is likely to join Britain’s UKIP, the Front National, Wilder’s Freedom Party and a host of radical groups from Austria, Scandinavia and the Balkans in sweeping the European Parliament’s elections next May.

Italy’s premier Enrico Letta fears a “disaster” as the firebrands seize the stage, and speak for the new Europe. Some would retort that it looks like a splendid outcome, a thundering slap in the face for elites who thought they had a teleological mandate to run ahead of their democracies. [my emphasis]

The EU control over immigration is clearly a major issue, along with economic imbalances between Germany and the rest of the EU. For example, to maintain the European Monetary Union, France would have to have a relative decline of 40% compared to Germany—obviously untenable.

But immigration is an obvious concern. Working class Europeans are increasingly drawn to nationalist parties because of the failure of the traditional alternatives. A recent Times (London) article notes the shift of the working class to the National Front and quotes Marine Le Pen is predicting huge social upheaval as a result of the policies of the EU. “France is on the brink of full-scale insurrection and bankruptcy after decades of selling out to immigrants and opening its borders to foreign trade, … [She warns] that the country would be ‘put to the fire and the sword.’”

Opposition to immigration is also front and center in the UK where the Labour Party has completely turned its back on its traditional base and the Conservatives have long ago made their peace with the multicultural status quo.

None of these emergent parties is explicitly racial, but the first step is to establish populist governments responsive to the interests of the native European majorities who never asked to be inundated with an invasion of non-Europeans. This is a critical first step, and it finally seems to be happening.

As we have said several times, the revolution will begin in Europe. One can barely imagine the horrified reaction that American elites would have with if indeed the EU broke up and parties favoring strong national identities based on traditional peoples and cultures and opposition to immigration emerged. “Diversity is our greatest strength” would be a very difficult sell indeed.

Nevertheless, America is undergoing some of the same shifts as seen in Europe but in a far more muted way — what we at TOO call the racialization of American politics. There were five articles on the topic in 2013, including articles on the future of the Republican Party as the party of White Americans and implicitly White movements of secession and shutting down the government.

Another encouraging theme of 2013 is that I have met a great many young, intelligent, well-educated, and well-spoken people at conferences dedicated to activism on behalf of the interests of White America —the exact opposite of the image of uneducated, violent males sporting swastikas and missing a couple teeth that has been so carefully crafted by our hostile elites. Despite growing up with a constant barrage of multicultural, anti-White propaganda beginning in elementary school, these individuals “get it” — they understand that at this point America is an unfolding disaster as Whites are increasingly displaced throughout the economic and political spectrum.

While a great many older Whites are comfortably entering retirement and have relatively little reason to question the current system, these  young Whites are well aware that in the America of 40-50 years from now, Whites will be a minority with diminished prospects and increasingly victimized by the non-White majority, many of whom retain historical grudges against White America. (Here a Black activist advocates more immigration to increase Black power.) It is very likely that the America of the future will be beset with chronic conflict among different racial/ethnic groups. The idea that America or the West can avoid such conflicts as their societies get ever more fractionated is magical and Utopian.

Finally, another theme of TOO revisited several times in 2013 is the incredible Jewish infrastructure made possible by Jewish wealth and willingness to contribute to ethnic causes. Without exaggeration, this is the key lynchpin of Jewish power. The Jewish ethnic infrastructure provides ample opportunities for careers for Jews and non-Jews like if they support Jewish causes. (Non-Jews are particularly welcome because they provide a non-Jewish veneer to what are essentially Jewish movements.) This is notoriously the case for the neoconservative foreign policy establishment that is so central to the Israel Lobby. As Scott McConnell, noted,

There are dozens of twenty-something, thirty-something, forty-something and older neocons throughout Washington, working at think tanks, editorial pages, in government and elsewhere. I could probably count on two hands the number of youngish national-security types I know in town who I could strain to call realists. This imbalance among foreign-policy elites helps create the mistaken impression that there are lots of neoconservatives in America generally, which there aren’t. Neoconservatism really is a head without a body.

One might also note that being a Jewish activist pays very well (see “It sure pays to support Israel!“). The lowest salary of the top ten activists is $504,000, with Abe Foxman coming in at a paltry $688,188 compared to the top-salaried Yeshiva University President Richard Joel ($855,000) who is “famous for smiling on a Yeshiva University stage as Sheldon Adelson said Obama should nuke Iran.”

These salaries are exorbitant and reflect the power of our hostile elite. However, we need to build a similar (moderately remunerative) infrastructure that can provide attractive career opportunities as writers and activists, as well as provide a safety net for people who run afoul of the thought police. TOO is part of this emerging pro-White, pro-European infrastructure.

The page with information on donations is here. This page has been updated to provide greater clarity. There are two sections, the top section for tax deductible donations and the bottom section for non-tax deductible donations respectively. Let me know if any of the instructions are unclear.

Thanks for thinking of TOO. And Merry Christmas!

Kevin MacDonald

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