The Moral Dimension of Rotherham: “We can’t carry on like this. We just can’t.”

Margaret Wente, “The Unspeakable Truth about Rotherham” (The Globe and Mail, Sept.4, 2014):

Andrew Norfolk, the Times journalist whose investigative reports prompted this inquiry and others now under way, has explained why this travesty is so toxic to Britain’s liberal elites. “The suggestion that men from a minority ethnic background were committing sex crimes against white children was always going to be the far right’s fantasy come true,” he wrote. “Innocent white victims, evil dark-skinned abusers. Liberal angst kicked instinctively into top gear.”

But of course, the anxieties of the right were never fantasies. The fantasy was the left’s ideology that there are no important differences between people, that race doesn’t exist, and that the bloody history of ethnic conflict would magically disappear when millions of Muslims immigrated to the UK.

But no amount of liberal angst will make this story go away. Current Home Secretary Theresa May has acknowledged that “institutionalized political correctness” has inflicted appalling damage on the innocent. And the broader failures of Muslim integration are now too obvious to ignore. It’s not just all the young men who run off to join the caliphate and saw off people’s heads. It’s the Birmingham school scandal, where it was discovered that dozens of secular schools had been targeted for Islamization by Muslim radicals. It’s the imported culture of violence and misogyny.

Right. It’s not just the Pakistani rape gangs preying on White girls, but the reality that the West has imported cultures of violence, misogyny, extreme ethnocentrism, political corruption, and hostility toward the West. As Wente notes, the effects of the campaign to displace the native British populations has resulted in moral travesty against the innocent.There is thus a powerful moral dimension here that should be exploited by patriots.

White populations have been endlessly lectured by the Left about the moral failures of the past — mainly slavery and colonialism. But the left has not only failed to provide a realistic assessment of the powerful currents of moral indignation that ended slavery in the West and which are unique to the West, it has failed to come to grips with the reality of what these other cultures are really like. Again, the West has imported cultures of violence, misogyny, extreme ethnocentrism, political corruption, and hostility toward the West.

As Dan Hodges (a professed liberal) wrote this week in The Telegraph: “We can’t carry on like this. We just can’t.”

Quite right. Cataclysmic changes must be made because the Left that has been culturally dominant throughout the West for decades is intellectually bankrupt; more importantly, it is morally bankrupt. Perhaps Rotherham and the other rape scandals around the UK will finally burst the Left’s aura of moral superiority to the point where advocating immigration and multiculturalism will make one a moral pariah and induce feelings of guilt among Whites.

It’s not guilt per se that is destroying the West. It’s guilt about advocating the morally legitimate interests of retaining the lands that Europeans have historically dominated. The disaster is that for decades Western elites have been hostile to the traditional peoples and cultures of Europe. And with the dominance of these elites has come the dominance of ideologies that induce guilt for advocating what every other people and culture always have always advocated.

Placing the moral onus on the Left is an important step forward because for so many White people, the need to feel that their actions are morally sanctioned is critical. During the Cold War there was a clear moral dimension to the forces of anti-communism, and it eventually succeeded. However, the Left morphed into rejecting Stalinism, mass murder, Gulags, and police state governments in favor of morally framed appeals on issues such as Civil Rights and slavery in the US and the holocaust and immigration as a moral imperative throughout the West. Throughout the West, the charge of “racism” became the most dreaded accusation imaginable.

It is no exaggeration to say that the moral capital gained from these causes continues to be decisive for millions of well-meaning White people. And it is certainly no accident that Hollywood — a paradigmatic institution dominated by an elite that is hostile to the traditional people and cultures of the West — continues to spew out movies and television on these themes while at the same time the media continues to under-report crime in which Whites are victims of non-Whites (recent example here).

Whites must come to realize that the immigration/multiculturalism onslaught is also deeply immoral because it is putting formerly homogeneous White societies in danger of the violence, hostility and other pathologies of these imported cultures, and even, in the case of Rotherham and many others, preventing prosecution of non-White criminals. Unless there are drastic changes, it will only get worse in the future as White political power declines.

Because of our unique evolutionary history, we need to feel part of a moral ingroup — a facet of Western individualism and de-emphasis on kinship. The events in Rotherham make it plain that the moral dimension is entirely on the side of those who want to rid the UK and the rest of the West of the plague of non-White immigration.

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